Introduction To Windows Power Shell


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The session will provide an Introduction to PowerShell for IT professional to automate Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista client administrative activities. The session will explore the features and capabilities of PowerShell, customer scenarios to manage day-to-day server and client administration activities, and Command Line syntax usage.

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Introduction To Windows Power Shell

  1. 1. Introduction to Windows PowerShell™ Level 200
  2. 2. What Will We Cover? • The Purpose of Windows PowerShell™ • Features and Capabilities of Windows PowerShell • Windows PowerShell Command Syntax • Management and Security
  3. 3. Agenda • Introducing Windows PowerShell • Using Cmdlets • Automating Administrative Activities • Reviewing Security
  4. 4. The Purpose of Windows PowerShell Command- Line and Scripting Tool New Extensible Scripting Language Object - Consistent Oriented
  5. 5. Features and Capabilities More Than 120 Built-In Tools Object Pipeline .NET Scripting Support Compatible with Current Tools Leverage Existing Automation and Instrumentation
  6. 6. Windows PowerShell Architecture Other Exchange PS Shell Hosting Application Hosts Hosting Interfaces Session Script Parser state Extended Pipeline Processor PowerShell Engine type system Error Command handling Processor Windows PowerShell Engine cmdlet Interfaces cmdletProviders cmdlets (get, set, copy, push) cmdletProvider cmdlet Provider Interfaces cmdletProviders (file system, registry)
  7. 7. Windows PowerShell V2 Features Remoting Modules and Packages Debugger Events and Transactions Constrained Runspaces Out-GridView Graphical Environment Split and Join Operators Data Language Metadata APIs Script Background Jobs Internationalization
  8. 8. Agenda • Introducing Windows PowerShell • Using Cmdlets • Automating Administrative Activities • Reviewing Security
  9. 9. Windows PowerShell Syntax Argument Name String Verb Noun PS> get-service –name “*net*” Command Parameter Property Names Status Name DisplayName ------ ---- ----------- Stopped NetLogon NetLogon Running Netman Network Connections Property Values
  10. 10. Common Cmdlets Productive cmdlets Utility cmdlets Get-Help Format Get-Help Get-Process Get-Service | Format-List Get-Command Sorting Example Get-Process | Sort-Object -Property CPU Get-Member Redirecting Output Get-Service | Get-Member Get-Service | Out-File – Restart-Service FilePath C:tempservices.txt Restart-Service IISADMIN
  11. 11. demonstration Introducing Windows PowerShell Use Help to Get Started   Use Basic Windows PowerShell Commands  Format Output
  12. 12. Agenda • Introducing Windows PowerShell • Using Cmdlets • Automating Administrative Activities • Reviewing Security
  13. 13. Windows Server 2008 Management Installation Optional Feature in Windows Server 2008 Activities View Event Viewer (Get_Eventlog -logname system -newest 1000) Stop and Start Services (Stop_Service iisadmin, Start_Service iisadmin) Monitor Server Processes (Get-Process winword, Stop-Process winword)
  14. 14. Windows Vista Management Installation Free download from Activities File System Navigation (cd, dir, ls) Registry Navigation (cd hklm:, dir, Get-ItemProperty) Desktop Settings (Get-WmiObject win32_service -computer fabrikam)
  15. 15. demonstration Using Windows PowerShell Work With the Event Log  Work With Services  Work With WMI 
  16. 16. Agenda • Introducing Windows PowerShell • Using Cmdlets • Automating Administrative Activities • Reviewing Security
  17. 17. Security and Windows PowerShell Default Execution Policy Is Restricted Execution Policy Can Be Modified • Set-ExecutionPolicy • Group Policy Policy Effects Restricted No scripts AllSigned All scripts must be signed RemoteSigned Local scripts, remote signed Unrestricted Nothing signed
  18. 18. demonstration Managing PowerShell Security Check Execution Policy  Set Security Policy to Activate Scripts 
  19. 19. Session Summary • New Command-Line Tool and Language • Powerful Scripting Capabilities • Security Improvements
  20. 20. Where to Find More Information Visit TechNet at: Also check out TechNet Edge: and TechNet Spotlight: Or visit: for additional information about this session
  21. 21. Supporting Publications For more titles, visit:
  22. 22. Training Resources Course ID Title Windows PowerShell for 50025A Administrators Automating Windows Server 6434 2008 Administration with Windows PowerShell For more training information:
  23. 23. Become a Microsoft Certified Professional • What are MCP certifications? Validation in performing critical IT functions • Why certify? Wide recognition of skills gained through experience More effective deployments with reduced costs • What certifications are there for IT Pros? MCTS, MCITP
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