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TechM GIS Telecom


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TechM GIS Telecom

  1. 1. Connect to the world around you Connect to the world around you
  2. 2. A map was once a simple piece of paper. Its information was limited by time and scale. With the onslaught of various technologies that we live with today, things have changed. A map is now a living document. And as the world changes, your maps adapt. Global trends like smartphones, context- and location-based search, climate change, crowdsourcing and so on have brought GIS to the cross-roads of various technology lanes. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Experts say that 70-80% per cent of all forms of data/information in this world possesses some geographical reference and GIS becomes immediately relevant here. Matured IT standards and interoperable systems have expanded the scope of GIS across many applications. The global GIS engineering applications market will see double digit growth till 2016, as per Geospatial Today magazine. Our vision is to continuously collaborate with our customers and partners to achieve proliferation of GIS applications across the world, across all channels—desktop, web and mobile. Our GIS practice combines the power of GIS technology with extensive domain knowledge to develop powerful spatial technology solutions that integrate seamlessly with your IT framework. At our GIS group, we are constantly striving to provide innovative solutions and solve your problems leveraging our multiple years of GIS, IT and vertical play. Be it the operational improvement of public utilities, telecom network planning, logistics optimization or vehicle telematics applications, we pride ourselves on having worked with some of the world's best organizations and governments – world's second biggest Municipal Corporation, India's largest corporate group – all have been our clients. Through our cross-functional synergies across multiple domains, we are able to bring the best of all the worlds together to provide you simple and frugal solutions to your complex problems. Welcome to the GIS world of Tech Mahindra! Connect to the world around you
  3. 3. GIS Service Offerings for Telecom We offer a wide range of GIS based services that include consulting, pilot projects, database design and development, application design and development, enterprise systems integration, Internet GIS and implementation. Tech Mahindra offers an array of GIS based solutions for the telecom industry: - Network Planning can be enabled through network congestion studies and capacity calculations. - Plant Engineering benefits from outside plant (OSP) network design and it simplifies facilities management, reporting and data modeling. - Field Engineering using rich and focused functionality offered through GIS based solutions that can be accessed on the field with laptops and smartphones. - Wireless Network Engineering through wave propagation modeling, 3D rendering and spatial analysis. - Wireless Network Optimization by adjusting network parameters offers the ability to improve network performance through integration with planning tools and visualization and analysis. - Customer Service through wireless coverage locators, store locating and WiFi hotspot locating for customers. - Sales Support by mapping existing customers and new prospects to the backbone. The system allows pre-defined queries, prospect-to-backbone distance calculations, data visualization and automated reports and maps for the sales force to be more efficient and productive in targeting prospects. Solutions
  4. 4. Why Us? Tech Mahindra has over 13 years' experience in offering innovative GIS based solutions to customers around the globe. We have: We follow a technology driven, service led approach to solution delivery. We follow well defined processes and deliver best-in-class solutions. Over the years, we have developed, tested and implemented a variety of pre- built and reusable solutions that can offer significant productivity improvements and reduce cost. We are committed to: - Delivering the highest quality standards - Reducing cycle times - Implementing cost effective solutions - Executed 50+ projects - Significant experience across consulting, project management, application - Over 900 person-years' experience in GIS development, implementation and training, testing, maintenance and support, SDM and- 50+ application consultants system upgrades - 500+ associates working on Spatial Data - Expertise in GIS technologies such as ESRI, GEManagement (SDM) Smallworld, Autodesk and OpenGIS - Expertise Domains like Telecom, Energy & - Alliances with leaders in GIS such asUtilities, Government, Transportation and Autodesk, ESRI and GE SmallworldHealthcare - A team that has been involved in the product development of Smallworld since its inception
  5. 5. Case Study 1: Telenet, Belgium Brief: Smallworld GIS upgrade Telenet is the largest provider of broadband cable services in Belgium. Telenet provides cable television, high speed internet and telephony services primarily to residential customers in Flanders. Telenet also offers services to business customers all across Belgium and in Luxembourg under its brand Telenet Solutions. Telenet offers its residential services through the combination of its cable network, which passes some 1.6 million homes in Flanders, and through its long-term usage rights on cable networks which pass a further 0.8 million homes in Flanders. Telenet has direct relationships with all of its internet and telephony customers. Telenet also offers voice, data and internet services to its business customers through its fiber backbone, which covers all Belgium and Luxembourg. Telenet required an upgrade of its existing network inventory system from Model.IT2.0.1 to Physical Network Inventory (PNI) 4.0 for managing their vast fiber network. However, the upgrade posed a major challenge because a direct upgrade of the database was not possible. The database was initially upgraded to Model.IT 2.0(2) which is based on GE Smallworld Core product 3.1 SP1. A series of other upgrades were performed to upgrade the database to PNI 4.0. Apart from the database upgrade, we: - Re-wrote all customized models from Model.IT for the upgrade - Ported all applications to PNI 4.0 - Re-developed applications that did not have the source - Developed a host of new applications like Street Locator, Easy Browser as per requirements - Deployed the Smallworld database on a powerful new server - Synchronized network data to an Oracle database We used the following tools for the project: - Spatial Object Manager - DXF Translator - Dimension Toolkit - Lightpath Case Studies Highlights - Developed thousands of OSP models - Reduced reloading efforts significantly - Automated configuration by over 40% - Effort completed entirely offshore - Used ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and Telcordia Network Engineer
  6. 6. Case Study 2: British Telecom Brief: Outside Plant (OSP) Model Building British Telecom required a comprehensive (OSP) Model Builder for all outside plant elements. The primary requirements were: - Validating and automating the loading of OSP data - Adding new models to support the expansion of telecom models - Maintaining the database of existing facilities - Loading OSP data to Network Engineer (NE) Highlights - Improved data capture - Easier data sharing - Efficient planning and design of fiber network - Better response time for complex data validation - User friendly HMI for easy usage Case Studies
  7. 7. Case Study 3: Singapore Land Authority – Land Hub Brief: Wireless@SG Coverage Map Wireless@SG Coverage Map is a free service that allows users to search Wireless@SG coverage areas and to locate them on a map. The tool allowed users to search for and find the nearest Wireless@SG hot zones and hotspots in their vicinity or other locations. The tool allows users to: - Search for land parcels and find out whether they are private or public - View wireless coverage and non-coverage areas (Wireless@SG) - Get information about wireless points available by clicking wireless hotspot points (Wireless@SG) We used the following tools to develop the application: - Microsoft .net 2005 - ArcGIS Server 9.2 - ArcSDE 9.2 - Oracle 10g Case Studies
  8. 8. For more information; write to Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology services and solutions, enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise™. We are a USD 2.7 billion company with 84,000 professionals across 49 countries, helping 540 global customers including Fortune 500 companies. Our Consulting, Enterprise and Telecom solutions, platforms and reusable assets connect across a number of technologies to derive tangible business value. We are part of the USD 16.2 billion Mahindra Group that employs more than 155,000 people in over 100 countries. The Group operates in the key industries that drive economic growth, enjoying a leadership position in tractors, utility vehicles, information technology and vacation ownership. About Us