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"Infrastructure Security Practice" by Wasis Adi Putranto (OLX Indonesia)


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Wasis Adi Putranto is a Practice Lead for DevOps at OLX Indonesia, the world’s leading classifieds platform, with a presence in more than 40 countries around the globe.

This slide was shared on Tech in Asia DevTalk : “Kick-ass Recipe Security for Your Product" in collaboration with PHP Indonesia Community on 22 March 2017.

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"Infrastructure Security Practice" by Wasis Adi Putranto (OLX Indonesia)

  1. 1. Infrastructure Security Practice Wasis Adi Putranto March 2017
  2. 2. ~$ whoami • Network/System Engineer • Openstack Engineer • DevOps Engineer • Practice Lead
  3. 3. Security source:
  4. 4. Infrastructure source:
  5. 5. Infrastructure Security • Secure upper & lower layer • Every layer has their own strategy & tools • Be selective in what you accept from others • Be open in what you send to others
  6. 6. Lower Layer Strategy • Network Separation Public: LB, Proxy Private: Web, DB, Cache • Bastion Host Main & the only one enterance Guard it well
  7. 7. Lower Layer Strategy • OpenSSH SSH key is a MUST, no password 2048-bit key pair will be better Permit login root no Treat like your personal belonging
  8. 8. Lower Layer Strategy • IPTables & IPSet, Security Group, Network ACL Ingress: Open needed port and from specific network only if necessary. Be careful with UDP. Egress: ALLOW ALL
  9. 9. Overview
  10. 10. Upper Layer Strategy • Non-root user No login, no shell • Application PHP disable_functions Upload limit & validation Put behind reverse proxy
  11. 11. Upper Layer Strategy • OpenSSL SSL termination with nginx TLS only, disable gzip in v1.0 Pick chiper suite carefully • 3rd party Firewall, NG-Firewall, WAF CDN
  12. 12. Using Docker • Service Isolation Better isolation than chroot/jail Can't easily get host-level access • Immunable Infrastructure Always have fresh and stable infra
  13. 13. Thank you • •