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Introduction to the                             NAviGATiNG ThE CAMpuS pOrTAL                                              ...
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Parent Portal


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Parent Portal

  1. 1. Campus Portal for Parents Effective 1/25/2010 Student Grade Book Now Available! Log in Today to Access Grades Online Dear Parents and Guardians, We are committed to keeping you informed about your child’s education. On January 25, you will have access to academic performance information for your child through Campus Portal for Parents (CPP). Parents of students in grades 1–12, will have access to class schedules, attendance records and grades by accessing this easy-to-use, secure communications tool. Additionally, CPP enables parents to verify household information, including their email address, home address and telephone numbers. CPP can be accessed online using any Windows PC or Mac computer that has Internet access and one of the following Web browsers: • Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer • Firefox 1.0 or newer • Safari 3.1 or newer Schools will provide parents with information on how to create a CPP username and password. Parents will be required to collect CPP login information in person. To ensure that all student information remains secure, parents must provide a valid photo ID (driver’s license, state ID card, or passport) before receiving login information. Parents should contact their school to get a copy of the schedule for retrieving CPP login information. Once parents receive login credentials, they can go to to create a username and password. Thank you for allowing APS to make a difference in your child’s education. We are committed to delivering a world-class education to our students. * Charter Schools and North/South Metro are not included as part of the grade book deployment.
  2. 2. Introduction to the NAviGATiNG ThE CAMpuS pOrTAL Navigating the Campus Portal is easy. The Family Calendar link displays school and district notices, special events orCampus Portal for Once logged in, an index of accessible “no school” notices. The Student Parents information for each student is listed on the left navigation panel. The parent’s Calendar link will only show information related to the selected student.Beginning this year, parents can keep name will appear under the Campus Portaltrack of their child’s class schedule, header. Each student assigned to the user • Class Schedule – The class scheduleattendance records and grades via is listed below with links to their school lists the student’s classes in eachCampus Portal for Parents (CPP). information. period and each term along with theAdditionally, CPP enables parents to time and location that the class meets.verify and update household information, School and District Notices If a school uses a rotating day orincluding your e-mail address, home When viewing the Campus Portal for alternating day schedule, only the dayaddress and telephone numbers. All APS Parents, posted notices are displayed in that the class meets will be listed.parents and/or guardians with students in the main frame of the screen. Notices aregrades 1-12 will have access to the tool. • Attendance – Attendance is entered organized by APS-wide messages or by school specific messages. for each class for middle and highACCESS TO ThE CAMpuS pOrTAL school students. Attendance is enteredCPP can be accessed online using any The following links are listed under the left daily for all elementary schools. ParentsWindows PC or Mac computer that has navigation: will be able to view attendanceInternet access and one of the following • Family – This is the demographic information as soon as the data hasWeb browsers: information about your family, such been entered. When viewing attendance as address, email, phone and a list of through the portal, specific codes• Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer other members within the household indicate the status of an absence• Firefox 1.0 or newer (family unit). The household’s physical (excused, unexcused, etc.). APS policy • Safari 3.1 or newer and mailing address and all individuals determines the definitions of the terms designated as part of that household below for the color coding systemSchools will provide parents with are viewable in this section. The for attendance.information on how to create a CPP household is primarily based on the WhiTE: Excused – Parents notified theusername and password. Once parents relationships established between the school with a reason for the absence,have received a login (activation key), they student, parents, guardians and such as illness, funerals, medicalcan go to siblings. For example, in some families appointments, and/or college visits.and select the link that reads “…have been there may be one household with two rEd: Unexcused – The District hasassigned a Campus portal Activation parents, the student and siblings living determined these are not excused Key” under the “First time using Campus at one address with both parents having absences. (Includes family vacations)portal?” heading. full access to all information. yELLOW: Unknown – The school has not been contacted with a reason for theSECuriTy FEATurES In other family situations, a student may absence.The Campus Portal incorporates the be listed in two households at different GrEEN: Exempt – These are usuallyhighest level of security. Users can see only addresses and with different sibling school-sponsored events such as fieldinformation related to the students that structures. The school can give access trips, concerts, or athletic activities.they are authorized to view. In addition, the rights to all parents/guardians; thesystem has a number of built-in security school can also provide specific rights • Other Links – Additional links availablefeatures, including forced password resets to one parent or guardian, if necessary. via the Campus Portal include:and session timeouts. The system will This authorization structure is established Access Log – This tool lists the IP addressautomatically end any user session that has when the custodial parent or guardian from which parents previously accessedbeen dormant for 10 minutes. informs the schools of the rights of each the portal, and the time it was accessed. parent or guardian to this information. Change Account Info – Parents are givenThe Campus Parent Portal allows APS to Currently, the setup in CPP is driven by the rights to change their accountforce strong password usage by all users. APS enrollment form information and information online. Parents can onlyAll passwords are case sensitive and at other legal documentation that has been change the password, not the username.least eight characters. Five unsuccessful provided to your child’s school.login attempts will deactivate the portal • Log Off – When finished using theaccount. In order to regain access to • Calendar – There are two calendars portal, parents and students must clickthe portal after an account has been listed in this section: Calendar under the the log-off option.deactivated, parents are required to Family heading and Calendar under the contact the CPP support desk. student’s name.FOr ALL Cpp SuppOrT iNFOrMATiON, GO TO (01-22-295)