Customers 101 : Understanding Customer Segmentation and Portraits


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Check out this class that I taught recently at 1776 in DC on Customer Acquisition. The focus was on customer segmentation and portraits / personas. I also covered some common concepts from The Lean Startup, Steve Blank's Customer Development, and BJ Fogg's Behavior Model. This is a great deck for someone learning to growth hack or otherwise learn the basics of web and mobile product user acquisition

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Customers 101 : Understanding Customer Segmentation and Portraits

  1. 1. Customers 101 Understanding Customer Segmentation and Portraits
  2. 2. About Me Speek Co-Founder & President Harvard & MIT Exited First Startup in 2006 Georgetown Professor Forbes Columnist @DannyBoice
  3. 3. About Speek $6 Million In Venture Capital 2 Years Old Hundreds Of Thousands Of Users Millions Of Calls Exponential Growth @SpeekApp
  4. 4. How To Do Startups Good
  5. 5. A (Successful) Startup Requires 3 Things Product Users Money
  6. 6. Product
  7. 7. “Most startups fail because they build something nobody wants.” You should build a product that people want.
  8. 8. Get It Right And You See This
  9. 9. Users
  10. 10. Build a product that lots of people want. Find cheap ways to market it to those people.
  11. 11. Get It Right And You See This
  12. 12. Money
  13. 13. Build a product that lots of people want. Find cheap ways to market it to those people. Get people to pay you more $$ than its costs you to build / maintain.
  14. 14. Get It Right And You See This
  15. 15. What is Customer Segmentation?
  16. 16. Customer Segmentation Customer Segmentation is the subdivision of a market into discrete customer groups that share similar characteristics. Customer Segmentation can be a powerful means to identify unmet customer needs.
  17. 17. In English… Figure out what your best customers look like. Group them based on characteristics. Sell to them.
  18. 18. Example Consulting (19%) Media (13%) Marketing Firms (11%) Our top 5 Customers By Industry: Not For Profit (10%) Healthcare (9%)
  19. 19. Portraits / Personas
  20. 20. Portraits / Personas Portraits / personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. Marketers may use personas together with market segmentation, where the qualitative personas are constructed to be representative of specific segments.
  21. 21. In English… Give your best customer a name. Get to know them very well. Sell to them.
  22. 22. Example Director of IT Jen Jen describes herself as “A jack of all trades but master of none.” Jen does a variety of tasks, including managing servers, networks, communications, software, personal computers, and the overall IT for the company. She is a problem solver, when people have a problem they come to her for a solution. Her daily tasks revolve around ensuring that all of the teams have what they need and managing the IT budget and cuts costs where he can.
  23. 23. Director of IT Steven Title: Director of IT ! Time in Job: About 6 years ! Works directly with: Manages company IT Infrastructure for employees, answers to executives/owners. ! Daily tasks and responsibilities ! • Managing IT infrastructure (communication, servers, networks, laptops, • Managing company software for all the departments. • In charge of the IT budget
  24. 24. Director of IT Steven Frustrations, pressures, and concerns ! • Keeping the remote working environment efficient • Staying on top of newest software solutions to help the work environment ! Level of tech savviness: Very tech savvy ! Needs (topics, gaps in knowledge) ! • Newest and best software solutions for his business • How to run an efficient remote working environment • Best collaboration tools and software for remote working environments ! Role in buying process: Influencer, Tester, Decision Maker (what she says usually goes)
  25. 25. Director of IT Steven Where Speek can help? ! • Online education about small business software: collaboration software, • Online education about how to create effective remote working environments, • “Managing the IT budget” information. Budgeting best practices, and good computers) organizational software, communication software, file sharing, etc. • Remote working environment best practices. • Methods to cut costs.
  26. 26. Segments and Personas Pre-Product
  27. 27. Pitch Method (QuickMVP)
  28. 28. Customer Dev (GOOB)
  29. 29. Segments and Personas w/ a Product
  30. 30. Identify Best Users
  31. 31. Analyze Best Users
  32. 32. Define Personas
  33. 33. Buying Cycle
  34. 34. Acquisition Channels
  35. 35. Questions?