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DC Action Design Meetup - March 2013


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This is a talk I gave at the DC Action Design Meetup on BJ Fogg's Behavior Model, Persuasive Technology / Design Principles. I use some pragmatic examples from the Speek user experience and also talk about common growth and conversion tactics that leverage the M+A+T intersection for persuading users as taught by BJ Fogg.

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DC Action Design Meetup - March 2013

  1. 1. PersuasiveDesignDanny Boice, Co-Founder -
  2. 2. BJ FoggProfessor at StanfordFounded Stanford “Captology”Research Lab (1998),Persuasive TechnologyConsults with Industry on BehaviorChangeHolds regular “Bootcamp” trainings
  3. 3. What Is It?BrainNinja
  4. 4. What Is It For Realsies?Persuasive design is the process of creating“technology that is designed to changeattitudes or behaviors of the users throughpersuasion and social influence, but notthrough coercion.”- BJ Fogg
  5. 5. Basic Tenets (M+A+T)Persuading users requires motivation, abilityand a trigger.● Motivation and ability● Use insights from psychology● Triggers must be present and contextually relevant
  6. 6. Pretty PPT Chart
  7. 7. SpeekBehavior Change:Dialing digits to join conference calls.
  8. 8. SpeekOur Solution:Use a personal link instead of dial-ins.Example:
  9. 9. SpeekThe Psychology:Show users the light - albeit slowly.
  10. 10. How We Did It
  11. 11. Other Triggers
  12. 12. Social Validation
  13. 13. Press Validation
  14. 14. Teaser