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LEAD from the Middle.


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Leadership presentation that outlines 4 leadership styles and describes a 4-step L-E-A-D process that most people can follow. This talk was presented at the 2016 STC Spectrum conference Leadership Day, presented by STC Rochester in April 2016 at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

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LEAD from the Middle.

  1. 1. Lead from the Middle Todd DeLuca @STC_Rochester #spectrum16 @TechCommTodd
  2. 2. Contents • An Introduction • An Opening Scene • Some Characters (4 Leader Type) • Some Examples and Lessons • A Summary • An Ending
  3. 3. About Me • Tech Comm Manager (Black Knight Financial Services) • STC Associate Fellow • STC Community Leader • STC Summit Chair • Presenter & Speaker @TechCommTodd
  4. 4. This story starts on a farm... Things just are the way they are. Everyone has a job. Each member has their place. There are 4 leader characters, each with a distinct leadership view.
  5. 5. Above Leader the Boss ‘aka’ owner, executive, general @STC_Rochester #spectrum16 @TechCommTodd
  6. 6. Leading from Above • Position of ownership. • Manages bigger picture. • Gives general direction. • Provides guidance and sets rules. • Expect people to follow orders. • Maps out strategy.
  7. 7. Front Leader the Enforcer ’aka’ supervisor, manager, lieutenant @STC_Rochester #spectrum16 @TechCommTodd
  8. 8. Leading from Front • Position of authority. • Implements what ‘boss’ wants. • Directs team. • Gives instruction or orders. • Enforces the rules. • Gets people compliant. • Makes things happen in the field.
  9. 9. Behind Leader the Elder ‘aka’ senior member, consultant @STC_Rochester #spectrum16 @TechCommTodd
  10. 10. Leading from Behind • Position of influence. • Encourages direction. • Connects different groups. • Acts as ‘coaxer.’ • Does not give orders or set action. • Doesn’t do heavy lifting.
  11. 11. Middle Leader the Worker ‘aka’ liason, lead, private @STC_Rochester #spectrum16 @TechCommTodd
  12. 12. Leading from Middle • Most common job or role. • Position of observation. • Does what other leaders direct. • Acts as enabler or supporter. • Works with others to achieve goals.
  13. 13. Do these ‘types’ make sense? What do you think?
  14. 14. LEAD from the Middle – 4 Step System • L • E • A • D
  15. 15. L = Look • Find opportunities or ‘gaps’ • Problems to solve, issues to fix. • Something people complain about. • A task that can be done better. • An alternative solution.
  16. 16. E = Engage • Identify partners. • Seek out influencers. • Initiate contact. • Work with others. • Find common ground. • Speak their language.
  17. 17. A = Assist and Act • Offer help to partners. • Give useful feedback. • Propose ideas. • Plan and outline actions. • Do something helpful. • Initiate or lead activity. • Start working together.
  18. 18. D = Deliver • Be dependable. • Follow through. • Perform regularly. • Establish pattern. • Get group on same page.
  19. 19. Is this for you? • Do you like to work with others? • Do you mind having help? • Are you OK sharing responsibility? • Are you OK letting others get credit? @STC_Rochester #spectrum16 @TechCommTodd
  20. 20. LEAD Examples? • Document processes or procedures. • Offer services to others. • Create and maintain an FAQ or newsletter. • Random acts of kindness.
  21. 21. Be the Pig! LEAD from the middle. A little pig goes a long way.
  22. 22. What are some other examples? What is your experience?
  23. 23. What can you learn from the middle? • You don’t have to accept your ‘job’. • You have more freedom and capability than you realize. • With others you can make a difference. • Doing the unexpected will get you noticed. • You can increase influence and change how things are. • You can earn more responsibility by taking initiative.
  24. 24. In Summary • Look for opportunities to help or correct a problem. • You’ll go further working with others. • Success doesn’t happen overnight. • You’ll be recognized for your efforts. • Leading from the middle works! @STC_Rochester #spectrum16 @TechCommTodd
  25. 25. That’ll Do
  26. 26. Contact Me LinkedIn: techcommtodd Twitter: @techcommtodd Mail: