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Becoming a New Manager - Todd DeLuca - STC Summit 2015


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Becoming a New Manager - Todd DeLuca - STC Summit 2015

Have you wondered how to transition from a sole contributor to a manager? What if there are few opportunities to advance? How do others recognize your potential? Maybe you’ve just been thinking about that ‘leap’ but don’t know if leading others is for you.

If you’re not sure where to start, then review this informative session and learn from someone who has been there. Todd DeLuca outlines his experience of being a lone writer to leading a Technical Communications department. More specifically, he describes activities and actions that helped him demonstrate his capability to decision makers that helped him stand out as a potential leader (to get the job) !

Everyone’s leadership path follows its own course. After viewing this session, you’ll have pointers on how to pave your own path and receive some ‘newbie’ advice on what you should do when you reach your destination.

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Becoming a New Manager - Todd DeLuca - STC Summit 2015

  1. 1. Becoming a New Manager Todd DeLuca @TechCommTodd @STC_Summit #stc15
  2. 2. @TechCommTodd Becoming New Manager #stc15 Join the conversation
  3. 3. Why are you here? What we’ll cover: •My journey •Preparing for theTrip •Settling In •Questions •Classroom pic
  4. 4. Leadership is a journey, not a destination. @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  5. 5. My Background • Master’s Degree inTech Comm • 15Years in Software Development • Manage team ofTechWriters • Active STCVolunteer • Conference Speaker • Past Chapter President (Philadelphia Metro)
  6. 6. My Journey • SeniorTechnicalWriter • LoneWriter • NoTechnical Communications team • No manager position • Worked remotely • New boss
  7. 7. Be the driver of your career, not just a passenger. @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  8. 8. Getting Prepared: Take an Inventory @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  9. 9. Getting Prepared • AskYourself Questions • Prepare a Checklist • Write DownYour Goals
  10. 10. Getting Prepared • Think of Decision Maker Questions • PutYourself inTheir Shoes • Conduct Mock Interview
  11. 11. Getting Prepared: ChartYour Course @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  12. 12. Getting Prepared • Examine Surroundings • Chart a Course • Where do you want to go?
  13. 13. Getting Prepared • Look for Others • Who else is on the road? • Where do you stand?
  14. 14. Getting Prepared • Identify people who can assist in your journey • Find navigators, passengers, and copilots
  15. 15. Getting Prepared: Hit the Road @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  16. 16. Hit the Road • Talk AboutYour Plans
  17. 17. Hitting the Road • Be a courteous driver • Use turn signals • Let others in your lane
  18. 18. Hitting the Road • DocumentYour Current Role • Write down processes and procedures
  19. 19. You don’t need a title to be a leader.Why wait? @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  20. 20. Settling In: You’ve Arrived. Now what? @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  21. 21. Is it right for me? • Being a manager is different • Are you comfortable with the changes?
  22. 22. Start with Basics • Look Around • Learn Responsibilities • Get to know your team
  23. 23. Adjust to the Role • Expect ups and downs with initial discomfort • Start slow and give yourself time
  24. 24. Own It • It’s a job, like any other • Your mileage will vary • You will improve with time and patience • It’s worth the experience
  25. 25. Are you ready? Pack up and put it in Drive. @TechCommTodd #stc15 Becoming a New Manager
  26. 26. Feedback Fill out a Summit Survey (please) Presentation Info Lanyrd stc15 SlideShare stc15 stc summit 2015 techcommtodd
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Let’s Connect @TechCommTodd TechCommTodd TechCommTodd