TechBA Seattle- USMCOC NW March 2012


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This was presented t the US-Mexico Chamber of Commercer NW Chapter Business Breakfast

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TechBA Seattle- USMCOC NW March 2012

  1. 1. The US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce NW Chapter Itzam De Gortari TechBA-Seattle March 29, 2012 TechBA, a Success model forTechnology Companies Going Global
  2. 2.  TechBA Branches Vancouver Montreal SeattleSilicon Valley Detroit Phoenix Madrid Austin
  3. 3. SeattleWhat is TechBA Seattle? Information Technologies • 90,000 employees • Puget Sound International Hub • 150 Companies • 30 billions (usd) Aerospace Biotechnology • 72,000 employees • 190 companies • 737 line of production • 16,000 employees • New 787 Dreamline • 10 billions in revenues • AFA Washington Clean Technology • High environmental concern Film & Music • Clean Tech Cluster, ranks # 1 • 1 billion in revenues by number employees around • 12,000 employees this sector Gaming Largest key players in the Logistics industry, 497 millions • 3rd largest shipping 9,200 employees center in USA
  4. 4. ECOSYSTEM FEDERAL GOVERNMENT STATE OF WASHINGTON • enterpriseSeattle •  City of Bellevue •  University of Washington • International Trade and Economic Development ASSOCIATIONS TECHBA COMMUNITY •  US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce NW • Create relationships through business not the •  Port of Seattle other way around • Center of Advanced Manufacturing Puget •  Sells/business driven Sound •  Business culture is direct • Venspark •  Merits •  Private companies
  5. 5. TechBA ResultsCreated in 2005, under the mandate to provide anenvironment that encourages innovation•  150 technology companies have reached $ 160 MM usd of internationalsales and $ 1 B usd combined, national and international•  3,500 new high-value positions generated• High Value Technology Sectors:IT, aerospace, automotive, life sciences (biotechnology, medical devices), energy, high manufacturing
  6. 6. Facts of TechBA Seattle•  45 Mexican companies have participated in TechBA Seattle (2010-2011)•  10 companies have been incorporated in the US•  2 companies starting patent registration•  4 companies have hired US nationals•  15 Local Consultants / Coaches•  12 work spaces available in our offices•  5 strategic partners: City of Bellevue, enterpriseSeattle, Trade Development Alliance, US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce NW, and Venspark
  7. 7. TechBA Acceleration Program BootCamp   Pre-­‐accelera)on   Acelera)on  1  and     Acelera)on  2            •  Customergeneration • Marketing Plan•  Hypothesis • Implementation • Sales increasedefinition Business   • Sales increase Case  •  Smoke test•  MVP 5  weeks   8  to  12  months   12  months  
  8. 8. BootCamp 201210 Companies: VG, Mobile and Web app’s5 weeks In two mayor stepsObjective: Place a product in the market
  9. 9. Lean StartupLearning process
  10. 10. 6  Accelera:on  Pillars   Product   Distribu:on   Market   Elevator  Pitch   Business  Case   Opera:onal  Plan   Business  Model   Technology   Resources  Quantify andReplicate
  11. 11. BootCampClosure …
  12. 12. BootCamp 2012Before and after …
  13. 13. MVP:  minimum  viable    product  
  14. 14. BootCamp 2012other Outcomes …
  15. 15. Quick summary Persona Hypothesis Customer Smoke testLean Startup MVP Metrics 6 pillars Get specific Venspark / Company Make decision TechBA Take Actions
  16. 16. Companies Portfolio 2009 3.23%   Aerospace Aeronau:co   4.03%   Automotive Automotriz   4.84%   Biotecnología   Biotechnology 4.03%   0.81%   BPO BPO   Energy Energía   MANUFACTURA   Manufacturing Mining Mineria   80.65%   Quimica   Chemicals TIC   ITC
  17. 17. IndicatorsSource:
  18. 18. IndicatorsSource:
  19. 19. TechBA Principles• Technology intensive business and concentrated core business•  Well established structure with a clear vision that permeates at all levelsof the organization•  As VC’s, we select people with DNA of an entrepreneur•  Product is important but excellence in management makes it big•  Competitive advantages: find what makes you better thananyone else in the market•  Test the market as soon as possible and be ready to adapt, test your alpha with friends and your beta with customers•  Self assessment
  20. 20. Context  The  company  develops  applica:ons  for  mobile  phones  for  Android  plaVorms,  iOS,  Blackberry  and  Windows  7    Company  Achievements  under  the  TechBA  program       $       . Sales and Growth    Barriers   1 out of 6 …Publisher  dependent  market  High  cost  of  distribu:on        
  21. 21.    Context  Scio  is  an  Interna:onal  full-­‐service  consul:ng  firm  that  specializes  in  so^ware  development.    Provides  outsourced  product  development  and  IT  services  for  ISVs  and  businesses  with  internet-­‐based  services  and  applica:ons  that  support  on-­‐demand  businesses  and  So^ware  as  a  Service  (SaaS)  specializing  in  Microso^  technologies.    Company  Achievements  under  the  TechBA  Program  •  Microso^  Cer:fied  Partner  as  Vendor  ID  in  less  than  3  months  •  Contract  to  develop  training  programs  for  Microso^  Azure    Barriers  •  Vendor  consolida:on  •  Saturated  market  (China  and  India)  •  Market  long  sales  cycle  •  Customer  acquisi:on      
  22. 22. Context  Kaxan  is  a  company  conformed  by  more  than  100  people,  focused  on  intellectual  property  development,  mainly  through  films,  animated  series  and  video  games  produced  by  its  two  divisions:  Kaxan  Studios  and  Kaxan  Games.        Company  Achievements  under  the  TechBA  program  •  Company’s  exposure  in  the  media.  Promo:on  of  Kaxan  Games  and  achievements  in  the  local  and  interna:onal  media:  Kaxan   Developed  3  iOS  games  published  and  released  by  Chilingo:  Taco  Master,  Finger  Shoes  and  Torture  Bunny.  Taco  Master  is  the  #1   downloaded  app  in  the  iTunes  store  in  Mexico  on  iPhone  and  iPad  (ahead  of  such  brands  as  Plants  vs.  Zombies  and  Angry  Birds).  •  Taco  Master  is  one  of  the  top  100  Arcade  games  in  the  US  iTunes  App  Store  Barriers  •  Corporate  governance  •  Licensing  process  •  Limited  resources  for  films        
  23. 23.    Context  Xibalba   is   an   independent   company   with   a   global   vision   devoted   to   crea:ng   innova:ve   games   by   using   the   latest  gaming  technology  to  achieve  the  highest  quality  standards  Company  Achievements  under  the  TechBA  Program  •  Award   winning   Mexican   company   that   has   developed   the   game   Icebreakers,   offered   for   sale   via   digital   distribu:on:   Intel,   Desura,  OnLive,  direct2Drive  •  Icebreakers  was  awarded  the  :Level  Up  2010”  awards  for  Character  Design  and  Best  Laptop  Game”  from  Intel  •  Has   secured   their   first   extended   development   contract   with   a   major   mobile   games   indy   developer   publisher   to   assist   in   the   development  of  new  and  exis:ng  F2P  (Free  to  Play)  mobile  games  for  iOS  and  Android.  •  Development   of   the   value   proposi:on   of   Xibalba   Studios   for   Games   Connec:on   in   Lyon   France   to   be   used   with   various   publishers  •  Poten:al  contract  with  Big  Fish  Games  to  publish  future  :tles  Barriers  Publisher  dependent  market  High  cost  of  distribu:on        
  24. 24.  Poten)al  Success  Case    Context  Anfexi   is   a   company   that   provides   so^ware   solu:ons   for   the   loan   and   credit   industry.   It   has   20   specialized   products   with   a   scope  that  goes  from  the  lead  genera:on/loan  origina:on  to  the  loan  management/collec:on  and  recovery    Company  Achievements  under  the  TechBA  Program  •  Anfexi  refined  its  business  strategy  •  Found  and  got  in  contact  with  poten:al  financial  services  ins:tu:ons  •  Closed  a  contract  with  Sco:a  Bank  •  Is  nego:a:ng  a  poten:al  partnership  with  a  partner  to  provide  services  to  credit  unions  in  the  U.S.    Barriers  •  Lenders  have  the  need  to  sell  more  loans  and  reduce  the  cost  of  manage  them.        
  25. 25.  Poten)al  Success  Case    Context  Locomocion  3D  is  a  Mexican  company  that  provides  Mo:on  Controlled  Camera  Services  and  recently  it  has  been  involved  in  game  development  through  the  planning  of  a  virtual  studio    Company  Achievements  under  the  TechBA  Program  •  Development   of   a   new   and   improved   business   plan   including   sales   materials   focusing   on   key   ac:ons   to   enabling   partnership   opportuni:es  •  Locomocion  3D  had  a  business  mee:ng  with  Microso^  having  an  excellent  outcome  with  the  purpose  of  using  Kinect  in  B2B   applica:ons.  •  Iden:fied  poten:al  partners  and  engagement  for  company’s  sales  exten:on  opportuni:es  Barriers  Publisher  dependent  market  High  cost  of  distribu:on        
  26. 26.  Poten)al  Success  Case    Context  Kokonut  Studio  is  an  independent  and  crea:ve  Mexican  game  studio  driven  by  their  desire  to  innovate  mobile  experiences    Company  Achievements  under  the  TechBA  Program  •  Ability  to  execute  a  competent  product  development  in  the  video  games  sector  •  Development  and  valida:on  of  a  new  posi:oning  around  “Context  Based  Games”  •  Access  to  10  major  poten:al  publishers  or  distribu:on  partners  •  Nego:a:ons  with  distribu:on  partners  Barriers  Publisher  dependent  market  High  cost  of  distribu:on              
  27. 27. Take away•  Accelerator model successful for economic development based on push strategies: especial emphasis in sales• People, structure and operations•  Facilitators, based on consultants promoting: • Key business relationships in the new market• Hubs: education, political structure that understands business needs and Financial institution willing to invest in innovation
  28. 28. Thanks