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Using Teamstudio Analyzer for Your Rewrite or Migration


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- Are you trying to improve application performance but you're not sure where to start?
- Are you planning to migrate to a web app but you're unsure if there's code in your app that won’t work?
- Are you looking to move your app to a different server or domain, but you're unsure if there are references to the old server in your code?
- Have you been asked to provide Design Documentation for your apps?

If you’ve asked yourself these or any similar questions about your IBM Notes applications, then this is a must-see webinar! Learn how to analyze your application’s design; easily search through the entire design for code inconsistencies, dependencies on external programs, or troublesome areas for migration to other technologies.

We'll demonstrate how to use Teamstudio Analyzer and show what to do with the output from the analysis. Learn how to identify problem areas in your existing design to rapidly improve your IBM Notes apps.

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Using Teamstudio Analyzer for Your Rewrite or Migration

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  3. 3. Teamstudio Analyzer §  Analyzer is a database design analysis tool.
  4. 4. Design Documenta9on §  Analyzer can be run at any 9me to provide an accurate and 9mely overview of all aspects of a database design. © 2017 Teamstudio, Inc.
  5. 5. Using Analyzer for Your Rewrite §  Applica9on performance §  Search for code inconsistencies §  Search for dependencies on external programs, servers © 2017 Teamstudio, Inc.
  6. 6. Using Analyzer for Your Migra9on §  Before migra9ng to a web app, determine whether there's code in your app that won’t work © 2017 Teamstudio, Inc.
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