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Transformations: Smart Application Migration to XPages


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Migrating legacy applications with XPages without using any third party tools can be hard. Your code that was built and maintained over the years should be reused and ported to a current XPages environment. Oliver Busse will show you how to benefit from the possibilities of using Java in XPages to reproduce the functionality you already have and extend it to the next level, including:

-User profiles: create, use, and maintain
-Application profiles: reinvented
-Getting user and environment information: made easy and smart
-Transformation of the full-text search to a "facetted search" all over your application(s)

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Transformations: Smart Application Migration to XPages

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  3. 3. Who We Are • Teamstudio’s background is in creating tools for collaborative computing in mid-size and large enterprises, primarily for IBM Notes • Easy-to-use tools for developers and administrators • 1600+ active customers, 53 countries • Offices in US, UK, and Japan • Entered mobile space in 2010 with Unplugged: easy mobilization of Notes apps to Blackberry, Android and iOS
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  6. 6. XControls • Set of Controls for IBM Domino XPages developers working on new XPages apps and on app modernization projects • Re-write of the Teamstudio Unplugged Controls project, but adds full support for PC browser-based user interfaces as well as mobile interfaces • Enables XPages developers to create controls that are responsive • Learn more:
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  12. 12. Upcoming and Recorded Webinars 4 • May 14th App.Next - The Future of Domino App. Development • View Previous Webinars (use url above)
  13. 13. New Extension Library Release • New xe:mapValuePicker and xe:collectionValuePicker tags for the Value Picker Control – There are two new data providers for the Value Picker • New inPlaceForm Simple Action – allows for displaying or hiding an inPlaceForm control • New Responsive Web Design Functionality – There are three new controls to be used with the bootstrap theme. • Carousel Control • Dashboard Control • Navbar Control – New Application Layout configuration focused on a responsive design • Responsive Design Demonstration Application: ToDo.nsf • New “suppress” option for dataView control • New URL Parameters in the REST Calendar Service 5 Download the Extension Library at
  14. 14. Asking Questions – Q and A at the end 6 Use the Orange Arrow button to expand the GoToWebinar panel Then ask your questions in the Questions pane! We will answer your questions verbally at the end of the webinar
  15. 15. Your Presenter Today: 7 #XPages Oliver Busse We4IT @zeromancer1972
  16. 16. Transformations Smart Application Migration A presentation of Oliver Busse @ Engage.UG in March 2015 Broadcasted in the TLCC & Teamstudio Webinar April 21, 2015
  17. 17. Agenda •About me •Overview •Preamble •Migrate database and user profiles • Legacy profile documents vs. Java Beans • Value lists made available over the whole application •User and environment information • What can a user see and use? •Extending Fulltext search to a facetted search • Filtering your data with meta tags
  18. 18. Oliver Busse • „Bleeding Yellow“ since 2000 • Working for We4IT Group • OpenNTF Board Member • IBM Champion for ICS in 2015 • @zeromancer1972 •
  19. 19. Overview •What‘s this? • Transforming & re-using commonly used legacy patterns in XPages • Don‘t fear Java  • Avoid @Formulas in SSJS • Ideas for best practices •What‘s it not? • An XPages Introduction • A Java beginner‘s guide • A complete application migration strategy
  20. 20. Preamble •Why not to use SSJS „excessively“? • SSJS is interpreted at runtime • SSJS is compiled at runtime (every time you call it!) • Compiled SSJS is hard to debug while executed
  21. 21. 6#engageug Migrating database and user profiles
  22. 22. What we find in legacy apps: profile documents Disadvantages • You cannot see them without using tools • You can edit and create them only programmatically • Sometimes replication issues • Unwanted Caching ;-) Advantages • Quick access without using lookup views • Caching
  23. 23. What we missed in many cases DatabaseScript != Global Declarations Encapsuled, no access from outside (except Database Events)
  24. 24. Performance-Killer Numerous usage of those formulas slow down the app one of many...
  25. 25. Transformation Item1=Values1 Item2=Values2 Item3=Values3 ... NotesDocument Key1=ValueMap1 Key2=ValueMap2 Key3=ValueMap3 ... HashMap NSF-based, view lookup Memory-based, direct access
  26. 26. Ingredients •Transformation of profile documents to „standard“ documents 1. Create a corresponding lookup view 2. Optional: corresponding forms for maintenance 3. Create the Java Bean classes 4. Define those Bean classes in faces-config.xml
  27. 27. Preparation: Lookup Views •Key for Database Profiles = dbprofile •Key for User Profiles = Canonical User Name •Key for Value Lists = free but unique
  28. 28. Preparation: Java Beans • 3 Classes: • DatabaseProfileBean • AppConfigBean • UserProfileBean • The DatabaseProfileBean initializes the document if it doesn‘t exist • The UserProfileBean initializes the document when the user saves it for the first time
  29. 29. faces-config.xml <faces-config> <!-- Database Profile Bean --> <managed-bean> <managed-bean-name>dbprofile</managed-bean-name> <managed-bean-class>com.icsug.DatabaseProfileBean </managed-bean-class> <managed-bean-scope>application</managed-bean-scope> </managed-bean> <!-- User Profile Bean --> <managed-bean> <managed-bean-name>userprofile</managed-bean-name> <managed-bean-class>com.icsug.UserProfileBean </managed-bean-class> <managed-bean-scope>session</managed-bean-scope> </managed-bean> <!-- Application Configuration --> <managed-bean> <managed-bean-name>application</managed-bean-name> <managed-bean-class>com.icsug.AppConfigBean </managed-bean-class> <managed-bean-scope>application</managed-bean-scope> </managed-bean> </faces-config>
  30. 30. Digression: Bean Scopes & Lifecycles •Request • Lives beginning with the request to creation of the response •View • Within a page until changing the page, even during partial refreshes •Session • Per user session •Application • During the life time of th application (after 30 minutes it is dropped by default)
  31. 31. DEMO
  32. 32. 17#engageug User and Environment Information
  33. 33. User and Environment Information Name variations Access Level ACL Options notes.ini variables Environment Bean
  34. 34. faces-config.xml: EnvironmentBean 19#engageug <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <faces-config> <!-- Environment Bean --> <managed-bean> <managed-bean-name>env</managed-bean-name> <managed-bean-class>com.icsug.EnvironmentBean </managed-bean-class> <managed-bean-scope>view</managed-bean-scope> </managed-bean> </faces-config>
  35. 35. Example: Username Variations <p> <xp:label value="#{javascript:env.userName}" id="label1"> </xp:label> </p> <p> <xp:label value="#{javascript:env.commonUserName}" id="label2"> </xp:label> </p> <p> <xp:label value="#{javascript:env.abbreviatedUserName}" id="label3"> </xp:label> </p>
  36. 36. Example: ACL Options The delete button is only visible if the user can delete documents
  37. 37. Even in themes! 22#engageug <theme extends="flatly" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="platform:/plugin/ kits/schema/stylekit.xsd"> <!-- display a submit type button only if user can create documents via ACL --> <control> <name>Button.Submit</name> <property type="boolean"> <name>rendered</name> <value>#{env.createDocuments}</value> </property> </control> </theme>
  38. 38. DEMO
  39. 39. 24#engageug Extending Fulltext-Search to a Facetted Search
  40. 40. Facetted Search „Faceted search, also called faceted navigation or faceted browsing, is a technique for accessing information organized according to a faceted classification system, allowing users to explore a collection of information by applying multiple filters.“
  41. 41. Facetted Search
  42. 42. „Well-known“ Examples cyberharbor muse
  43. 43. Facetted Search with Domino? 1. Fulltext Search 2. Filtering result from extra meta data 1. Meta data search with facet selection 2. Fulltext Search in results
  44. 44. FacettedSearchBean (Session scoped) FacetsSearch Term FacettedSearch Bean DocumentCollection (ArrayList<SearchResultEntry>)
  45. 45. 30#engageug DEMO
  46. 46. Facetted Search: Outlook & Alternatives •Using OpenNTF API‘s Graph-DB functions •Using a 3rd party Graph-DB like Apache Solr 31#engageug
  47. 47. Want to get the DEMO? Grab it from my Bitbucket repo (also contains an NTF): It uses the following plugins available on OpenNTF: XPages Extension Library ( Bootstrap 4 Xpages: OpenNTF Domino API: API 32#engageug
  48. 48. Other Resources
  49. 49. Questions???? 8 Use the Orange Arrow button to expand the GoToWebinar panel Then ask your questions in the Questions panel! Remember, we will answer your questions verbally
  50. 50. #XPages @zeromancer1972 @TLCCLtd @Teamstudio @PaulDN Upcoming Events: MWLug User Group Meeting, Aug. 19-21, Atlanta Question and Answer Time! 9 Teamstudio Questions? 978-712-0924 TLCC Questions? 888-241-8522 or 561-953-0095 Howard GreenbergPaul Della-Nebbia Courtney CarterOliver Busse