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Presenting Data – An Alternative to the View Control


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In this webinar, Paul Della-Nebbia, an IBM Champion, will show how to implement a different alternative for displaying information from Domino views. Paul will cover how to use the Dojo Data Grid (included with XPages) to display a data grid that provides unique features like infinite scrolling, click to sort column headers, adjustable column widths, filtering, and the ability to drag and drop column headers to reorder. As the user scrolls through, the view data is retrieved as needed which improves performance and usability.

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Presenting Data – An Alternative to the View Control

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  14. 14. Your Presenter Today: 6 #XPages Paul Della-Nebbia @PaulDN
  15. 15. Dojo DataGrid Features • Infinite scrolling • Adjustable, re-orderable, sortable columns • Hover and selection highlighting • In-Grid editing feature • Enhanced DataGrid: Filtering plugin 7
  16. 16. Dojo DataGrid control - System Requirements • Release 9 Domino and Designer – Built in to release 9 • Available for Release 8.5 after installing one of the following … – IBM Upgrade Pack 1 for Release 8.5 - or - – XPages Extension Library from OpenNTF 8
  17. 17. Steps to Create 1. Create a REST Service to provide a data source for the Grid 2. Add the Dojo DataGrid control to the page and bind it to the REST Service 3. Add Dojo DataGrid Column controls into the grid for the field data to display 9
  18. 18. Step 1: Create the REST Service i. Add the REST Service control to the XPage ii. Choose one of the following service types: xe:viewJsonService – read only service xe:viewItemFileService – read/write service iii. Set the appropriate properties for the service – databaseName and viewName – contentType=“application/json” – defaultColumns=“true” – sortColumn – var – And others depending on the application iv. Set the pathInfo property for quick testing of the service 10
  19. 19. Step 2: Add the Dojo DataGrid control i. Add the Dojo DataGrid control to the page ii. Bind the DataGrid to the REST Service iii. Set the appropriate properties for the DataGrid – autoHeight – rowsPerPage – And others depending on the application iv. Add dojoAttributes to the DataGrid – autoWidth=“true” – columnReordering=“true” – canSort 11
  20. 20. Step 3: Add the Dojo DataGrid Column controls i. Add a Dojo DataGrid Column controls into the DataGrid and set these properties – field – label – width – And others depending on the application ii. Repeat to add additional columns 12
  21. 21. Disabling Column Sorting • For all columns • For a specific column 13
  22. 22. Create a Custom Column in the REST Service 14
  23. 23. The arguments[0] object • Represents a row object in the DataGrid • Is passed to the onRowClick, onRowDblClick and onStyleRow events 15
  24. 24. Adding a column formatter function 16
  25. 25. Search and Filter properties of xe:viewJsonService 17 • search • searchMaxDocs • categoryFilter • keys • keysExactMatch
  26. 26. Enabling In-Grid Editing 18 1. Must use xe:viewItemFileService (read/write) – Set jsId=“restServiceObj” for client-side access 2. Add Dojo Data Grid, bind to REST service and … – Set jsId=“gridObj” for client-side access – Optionally set singleClickEdit=“true” 3. For each column to enable in-grid editing … – set editable="true" 4. To save changes call in a client-side script …; 5. To cancel changes call … restServiceObj.close(); gridObj._refresh();
  27. 27. In-Grid Editing with Style 19 OnStyleRow fires … • New row is added • Row is hovered • Row is selected • Row is changed
  28. 28. Deleting Selected Entries in a Dojo Data Grid 20 gridObj.selection.getSelected() restServiceObj.deleteItem(selectedItem)
  29. 29. Creating Entries Directly in a Grid 21 1. Must use xe:viewJsonService 2. Set jsId=“restServiceObj2” for client-side access 3. Add Dojo Data Grid, bind to REST service and … – Set jsId=“gridObj” for client-side access 4. Add a Dialog control to enter the values for the new entry and code a Save button … var rsStore = restServiceObj2; rsStore.newItem(newEntry);; rsStore.close(); gridObj._refresh(); …
  30. 30. The Dojo Enhanced DataGrid and the Filter Plugin 22 1. Must use xe:viewItemFileService 2. Add the following Dojo Modules and StyleSheets 3. Add the dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid type and the filter plugin in the Dojo properties for the grid
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  32. 32. Questions???? 24 Use the Orange Arrow button to expand the GoToWebinar panel Then ask your questions in the Questions panel! Remember, we will answer your questions verbally
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