Ask the XPages Experts


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Three IBM Champions each give a short presentation, then spend the remainder of the time answering XPages questions.

The brief presentations are from XPages experts:
-Mark Roden on "Speeding Up Designer"
-Jesse Gallagher on "Recycle: When, where, why, how and the OpenNTF Domino API"
-Ulrich Krause on "Using Dojo with Multi-Lingual Apps"

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Ask the XPages Experts

  1. 1. Ask the XPages Experts Tweet about this event: #XPages and mention us: @teamstudio @TLCCLTD @MarkyRoden @Gidgerby @Eknori April 10, 2014
  2. 2. @teamstudio @TLCCLTD Courtney Carter Inbound Marketing Specialist
  3. 3. Who We Are • Our background is in creating tools for collaborative computing in mid-size and large enterprises, primarily for IBM Notes • Easy-to-use tools for developers and administrators • 2300+ active customers, 47 countries • Offices in US, UK and Japan • Entered mobile space in 2010 with Unplugged: easy mobilization of Notes apps to Blackberry, Android and iOS
  4. 4. Teamstudio Unplugged • Your mobile Domino server: take your Notes apps with you! • End-users access Notes applications from mobile devices whether online or offline • Leverages existing skills and technology – XPages – a replication model you already know • Unplugged 3.0 recently released
  5. 5. Unplugged Templates • Continuity – Mobile offline access to BCM programs • OneView Approvals – Expense approvals; anywhere, anytime • CustomerView – lightweight CRM framework for field sales and field service teams • Contacts – customer information database • Activities – customer activity log • Media – mobile offline file storage and access
  6. 6. • Next Wireless Wednesdays webinar: Part 4 on May 7, 2014 o jQuery Mobile • Next Teamstudio/TLCC webinar: May 13, 2014 o It’s Not Infernal: Dante’s Nine Circles of XPages Heaven • Promotion: o Demo the administration interface for Unplugged and be entered to win a Galaxy Tab 3
  7. 7. Ask the Xpages Experts 1 #XPages Your Hosts Today: Howard Greenberg TLCC @TLCCLtd Paul Della-Nebbia TLCC @PaulDN
  8. 8. TLCC Courses and Services • The Leader in Notes and Domino Training since 1997 • Self Paced Distance Learning Courses for Notes/Domino – XPages, Development, and Administration (user too!) • OnSite Private Classes • Mentoring/Consulting Services • Free demo courses – Intro. To XPages Development – Application Development 1 2
  9. 9. Upcoming and Recorded Webinars 3 Webinar Schedule It’s Not Infernal: Dante’s Nine Circles of XPages Heaven – May 13th Bootstrap4XPages – June 17th View Previous Webinars (use url above)
  10. 10. Administrator Webinar • Tell Your Admins! • Webinar on April 24th – Topic: Replication – With Kim Greene and Ben Menesi • Register at: webinar?opendocument 4
  11. 11. Asking Questions 5 Q & A at the end! Type in your questions as they come up
  12. 12. Your Presenters Today: #XPages 6 Jesse Gallagher Recycle: When, where, why, how and the OpenNTF Domino API Ulrich Krause Using Dojo with Multi-Lingual Apps Mark Roden "Speeding Up Designer" @Gidgerby @Markyroden@Eknori
  13. 13. FIRST MISCONCEPTION • Recycling is not about memory management! • It’s more akin to managing network connections • It’s not uncommon to have both at once, but that’s because programmers playing fast and loose with in-scope objects may ALSO play fast and loose with recycling
  14. 14. SECOND MISCONCEPTION • It’s not just when writing Java! • SSJS Domino objects are Java Domino objects and have the same rules about recycling • Only LotusScript is safe. Still not worth it
  15. 15. WHEN MUST YOU RECYCLE? • Short answer: mostly when looping • Normal Java contexts (namely XPages) will recycle the session at the end of execution/request • Recycling an object recycles all children, and everything is a child of Session • Looping can create thousands of objects • Not just the documents/entries – a loop can spew Names, DateTimes, and Items • .replaceItemValue returns an Item!
  16. 16. SO BASICALLY View tests = database.getView("Tests"); Document doc = tests.getFirstDocument(); while(doc != null) { Vector<?> columnValues = doc.getColumnValues(); // do stuff here doc.recycle(columnValues); // as well as any DateTimes or Names otherwise created Document tempDoc = doc; doc = tests.getNextDocument(doc); tempDoc.recycle(); }
  17. 17. OR, BETTER • Use the OpenNTF API! • You don’t have to recycle when using the API • It hooks into Java’s normal garbage collection smarts to auto-recycle for you • Strike an entire category of bugs off of your problem list • …plus all of the other stuff the API brings you! • Documentation • Helper classes • New methods • Standard Java interfaces • Happiness
  18. 18. Ask The XPages Experts Ulrich Krause, 10-Apr-2014 Using Dojo with Multi-Lingual Apps
  19. 19. Ask the XPages Experts About: Ulrich Krause Administrator /Developer since 1993 Senior Software Architect Blog Twitter: @eknori Mail: IBM Champion 2011/2012/2013/2014
  20. 20. Ask the XPages Experts Agenda A few words about multi-lingual applications What is the issue with multi-lingual applications ? How can we fix it ?
  21. 21. Ask the XPages Experts A few words about multi-lingual applications
  22. 22. Ask the XPages Experts What is the issue with multi-lingual applications ? Language Settings can be: • Fixed • Depend on browser language • User can choose a language
  23. 23. Ask the XPages Experts How can we fix it
  24. 24. 1 Speeding Up Domino Designer Dr. Mark Roden Senior Consultant, PSC Group LLC 10th April 2014
  25. 25. About Marky • Over 16 years IBM Notes Domino® work • Engagement manager at PSC Group • Web Developer • Project Leader • Contact Information • Blog: • Email: • Twitter: @markyroden • Skype: marky.roden @pscgroup 2
  26. 26. Agenda • Speeding up Domino Designer • Don’t Use Resources • Better Use of Custom Controls • Use Resources ! 3
  27. 27. Agenda • Speeding Up Domino Designer?How can jQuery plugins solve my requirements 4
  28. 28. Don’t use resources • All resources are loaded into designer as you work – slows you down 5
  29. 29. Better use of Custom Controls • Code looks simple enough 6
  30. 30. Better use of Custom Controls • Screen harder to work with 7
  31. 31. Better use of Custom Controls • Use Design Definition to make XPage more readable and prevent code being loaded and rendered 8
  32. 32. Use Resources ! • Move your resources to a Custom Control and using Design Definition they will not be loaded 9
  33. 33. • Questions and Answers twitter: @MarkyRoden
  34. 34. Questions???? 7 Use the Q&A pane in WebEx to ask questions We will answer your questions verbally
  35. 35. Upcoming Events: 4/23 Webcast on Mail Next with IBM 4/24 - Administration Webinar on Replication 5/7 – Wireless Wednesday with Teamstudio 5/13 – TLCC XPages Webinar 6/16-17 – Social Connections in Prague 8/27-29 – MWLug in Grand Rapids, MI Question and Answer Time! 8 Teamstudio Questions? 877-228-6178 TLCC Questions? 888-241-8522 or 561-953-0095 Howard Greenberg Courtney Carter #XPages @TLCCLtd @Teamstudio @PaulDN Paul Della-NebbiaMark RodenUlrich KrauseJesse Gallagher