Pay-As-You-Throw Workshop


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Pay-As-You-Throw Workshop

  1. 1. Pay-­‐As-­‐You-­‐Throw  Workshop   Cal  Cunningham   Mike  Wrenholt   Les  Evans   Greg  Peverall   Joshua  Kolling-­‐Perin   October  23,  2013  
  2. 2. Agenda   1 Discussion  of  Best  PracHces   2 Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   Breakout  Sessions:   Program  Design  Analysis   2  
  3. 3. Best  PracHces  for  Pay-­‐As-­‐You-­‐Throw   WasteZero  can  provide  a  range  of  program  services  and  community  support  to  help  municipal  leaders  with   their  waste  reducHon  program,  both  during  the  program’s  launch  and  on  an  ongoing  basis.   WasteZero  Trash  Metering™   Program   Management   Provides  the  municipality  with  a  main   point  of  contact  from  WasteZero   Program  Services   Custom  Bags     and  Packaging   Manufactures  highest  quality,  drawstring   bags  with  custom  imprin=ng  and  packaging   Retail  Store   DistribuHon™   Stocks  municipal  bags  in  local  retail  stores   for  convenient  residen=al  purchase   AccounHng  and   Financial  ReporHng   Provides  logis=cs  and  full  accoun=ng  to   manage  the  inventory  of  bags   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   Community  Support   Program  Website   Provides  cri=cal,  program-­‐related   informa=on  to  residents   Toll-­‐Free  Number   Supplements  the  website,  par=cularly   for  residents  without  Internet  access   Launch   Announcements   Informs  residents  of  the  program’s   launch  and  provides  vital  informa=on   EducaHonal   Materials   Explains  the  program  and  provides   recycling  and  waste  reduc=on  =ps   Media  Briefing   Package   Prepares  officials  to  communicate   effec=vely  and  consistently  with  media   Progress  Reports     and  Case  Studies   Helps  officials  communicate  and   celebrate  the  program’s  successes   3  
  4. 4. Custom  Bags  and  Packaging     Custom  Bags     WasteZero  will  produce  bags  made  of   recycled  content,  which  can  be  customized  in   many  ways,  including:   !   External  color   !   The  municipality’s  approved  seal,  logo,     or  art   !   Prin=ng  (e.g.,  toll-­‐free  phone  number,   website  informa=on)   !   More   Custom  Packaging       WasteZero  will  supply  its  bags  in  custom   packaging,  including  plas=c  sleeves.     Packaging  may  contain  customized  program   informa=on  for  residents’  reference.     WasteZero  will  apply  for  and  manage  UPC   codes  as  well.   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   4  
  5. 5. Retail  Store  DistribuHon   Retail  Store  DistribuHon™     Through  its  Retail  Store  Distribu=on  program,   WasteZero  will:   !   Warehouse  enough  trash  bags  to  support   the  program   !   Monitor  and  control  bag  inventory   !   Provide  logis=cs  and  A/R  collec=ons   !   Act  as  the  municipality’s  sales   representa=ve,  selling  bags  to  retailers  who     —  Wish  to  stock  the  product  on  their  store  shelves     —  Comply  with  the  applicable  WasteZero  policies  and  procedures   —  Maintain  their  accounts  in  good  standing   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   5  
  6. 6. AccounHng  and  Financial  ReporHng     AccounHng  and  Financial  ReporHng   WasteZero  will  track  and  manage  its   inventory  of  trash  bags  for  the  program  in   the  following  ways:   !   Invoice  retailers  for  each  delivery   !   Address,  and  if  necessary,  suspend   delinquent  accounts     !   Provide  full  accoun=ng  of  program   revenue,  along  with  the  payments  to   WasteZero  and  the  municipality—every   month   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   6  
  7. 7. Program  Management   At  the  program’s  outset,  WasteZero  will  assign  a  representaHve  to  serve  as  the  program’s  manager  who  will   act  as  the  community’s  main  point  of  contact  and  assist  in  a  number  of  important  ways.   Program  Manager  Services   !   Answering  program-­‐related  ques=ons   and  ac=ng  as  the  community’s  primary   point  of  contact   !   Suppor=ng  all  aspects  of  the  program’s   services  and  supplies   !   Ensuring  =mely  delivery  of  all  services   and  supplies   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   7  
  8. 8. Website   A  customized  website  provides  key  informaHon  to  residents  and  is  part  of  each  WasteZero  Trash  Metering™   program.    WasteZero  uses  its  customizable  template  to  develop  the  site  and  takes  care  of  hosHng  and  updates.   Program  Website   Default  Content   !   Municipality  name  and  seal   !   Municipality  contact  informa=on   !   Program  toll-­‐free  number   !   Program  overview  and  benefits   !   Bag  prices  and  sizes   !   Retail  loca=ons   !   Basic  FAQs­‐state   Custom  Content   !   Custom  FAQs   !   Recycling  and  trash  collec=on   guidelines   !   Addi=onal  informa=on  on  municipal   trash/recycling  services   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   8  
  9. 9. Toll-­‐Free  Number   WasteZero  provides  a  program-­‐specific  toll-­‐free  telephone  number,  offering  criHcal  informaHon  to  residents,   parHcularly  those  who  may  not  have  easy  access  to  the  Internet.   Toll-­‐Free  Number   !   Operates  24  hours  per  day,     7  days  per  week     1-­‐855-­‐123-­‐4567   !   Provides  self-­‐service,  pre-­‐recorded   informa=on  briefs  on  topics  that  include   —  Where  to  buy  bags   —  Bag  sizes  and  cost   —  Website  address   —  Other  program  informa=on  as     specified  by  the  municipality   Press 1 to learn what items you may recycle at the curb. Press 2 to learn which retailers sell official trash bags. Press 3 to speak to a customer representative. Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   Live  sample:   888-­‐329-­‐8550   9  
  10. 10. EducaHonal  Materials   A  library  of  community  educaHon  materials  helps  residents  beber  understand  their  waste  reducHon   program,  as  well  as  become  more  effecHve  at  reducing,  reusing,  and  recycling.   EducaHonal  Materials   !   Wrieen  in  a  friendly,  easily  accessible  tone   !   Customized  with  the  municipality’s  name   and  municipal  seal   !   Made  available  to  the  municipality  in   electronic  format  for  easy  prin=ng   !   Can  be  posted  to  the  program’s  website   !   Covers  a  range  of  useful  topics   !   Helpful  for   —  Residents   —  School  groups   —  Community  organiza=ons   —  Environmental  organiza=ons   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   10  
  11. 11. Launch  Announcements   WasteZero  provides  materials  to  help  municipal  leaders  announce  the  program’s  launch  to  residents.    These   materials  are  developed  using  WasteZero’s  template  and  are  customized  with  the  community’s  name  and  seal.   Launch  Announcement  Postcard   !   Announces  the  program’s  start  date   !   Outlines  the  program’s  benefits   !   Provides  cri=cal  contact  informa=on,  such  as  the   program’s  toll-­‐free  number  and  Web  address   !   WasteZero  provides  prin=ng  (color  on  front,  black   and  white  on  back)   !   Municipality  handles  postage  and  mailing   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   Launch  Announcement  Flyer   !   Provides  the  same  informa=on  as  the  post  card,  but  adds     key  retail  store  loca=ons   !   WasteZero  provides  an  electronic  file  to  the  community  for   prin=ng   11  
  12. 12. Media  Briefing  Package   For  municipal  leaders,  providing  clear  and  consistent  messaging  to  the  media  regarding  the  program’s  benefits   and  logisHcs  is  important.    WasteZero  offers  a  media  briefing  package  to  help  leaders  do  this  effecHvely.   Briefing  Package  Components   Talking  Points   !   Program  talking  points  for  municipal  leaders  and  officials,  covering   —  The  value  and  benefits  of  the  program   —  Key  logis=cal  issues   —  Frequently  asked  ques=ons  (FAQs)  with  clear,     concise  answers   Press  Releases   !   Press  releases  designed  to   —  Outline  the  programs  launch   —  Address  and  reinforce  key  messages   In  addi6on,  the  WasteZero  public  rela6ons  team  can  assist  municipal  leaders  in  speaking  with  the  media  if   needed.    WasteZero  will  only  speak  to  the  media  during  a  program  launch  with  the  municipality’s  knowledge   and  approval,  and  only  aDer  a  message  planning  session  has  been  conducted.       Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   12  
  13. 13. Progress  Reports  and  Case  Studies   As  the  program  generates  significant  and  posiHve  results,  WasteZero  can  help  municipal  leaders   communicate  that  to  the  media  and  to  residents.   Progress  Reports  and  Case  Studies   !   Regular  repor=ng  to  the  municipality  regarding   program  results  (requires  the  municipality  to   share  some  ongoing  data  with  WasteZero)   !   No=fica=on  when  key  milestones  are  achieved     !   Press  releases  outlining  the  achievement  of  key   milestones   —  For  the  municipality  to  release   —  For  WasteZero  to  release,  as  well,  with   municipal  approval   With New Waste Reduction Program !   Development  of  a  case  study  highligh=ng  the   program’s  success   WasteZero  and  municipal  leaders  will  agree  on  a  repor6ng  frequency,   meaningful  milestones,  and  the  level  of  ongoing  support  required.   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   13  
  14. 14. More  in  Return™     More  in  Return™   As  an  op=onal  part  of  a  WasteZero  Trash  Metering™   program,  More  in  Return™  provides  a  way  to  return     a  por=on  of  the  program  bag  revenue  to  residents,   thereby  enhancing  public  approval  and  keeping   residents’  costs  low.   !   The  municipality  decides  what  percentage  of  the   net  bag  revenue  to  allocate  back  to  residents.   !   Eligible  households  receive  rebates,  in  the  form     of  a  prepaid  debit  card,  on  a  schedule  to  be   determined  by  the  municipality.   !   Bag  revenue  will  be  escrowed  in  such  a  way  as  to   prevent  any  party  from  withdrawing  money  in  a   manner  inconsistent  with  the  purpose  of  the     More  In  Return™  program.     Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   14  
  15. 15. Best  PracHces  for  ImplementaHon   The  most  successful  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐throw  programs  are  those  that  are  implemented  with  the  understanding  that  the   municipality  is  conducHng  smart  change  management.   Resident   Engagement   Sound   Program  Design   •  Proac=ve  outreach   •  Educa=on  campaigns   •  Based  on  current  and  desired   infrastructure  and  technology   •  Easy  to  understand  and  adopt   Appropriate   Pricing  Model   •  Understanding  star=ng  point   Ø  General  Fund,  Enterprise  Fund   or  blend?   Ø  Visible  or  hidden  fee?     •  True  costs  vs.  required  revenues   •  Residen=al  impact   PosiHve   Feedback  Loop   ImplementaHon   •  Dedica=ng  effort  to  the  few   weeks  before  and  immediately   aler  program  commencement   •  Media  and  community   outreach  at  milestone  points,   heralding  success  of  program   In  the  aggregate,  planning  thoughFully  for   pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐throw  is  itself  a  best  management  prac6ce.   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   15  
  16. 16. Program  Design   We  recommend  several  steps  in  the  program  design  process:   1   Preliminary  Financial  Es=mates   2   Mul=-­‐Year  Financial  Projec=ons   3   Poten=al  Opera=onal  Savings   4   Stakeholder  Engagement  &  Poli=cal  Approval   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   16  
  17. 17. Preliminary  Financial  EsHmates   Change  in  Amount  of   Waste  and  Recycling   Retail  Pricing     of  PAYT  Bags   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   17  
  18. 18. Preliminary  Financial  EsHmates   WasteZAP  (WasteZero  AnalyHcs  Pladorm)   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   18  
  19. 19. Preliminary  Financial  EsHmates   Change  in  Amount  of   Waste  and  Recycling   Retail  Pricing     of  PAYT  Bags   Number  of     PAYT  Bags  Used   Overall  Financial   Impact   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   19  
  20. 20. Preliminary  Financial  EsHmates   Know  Your  Number  Widget   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   20  
  21. 21. MulH-­‐Year  Financial  ProjecHons   Program  Design  ConsideraHons   WasteZero  Trash  Metering™  programs  can  be  customized  in  several  key  ways,  including  those  below.  WasteZero   collaborates  with  municipaliHes  to  design  a  program  that  best  meets  the  unique  needs  and  objecHves  of  the  city.   •  Par=cipa=on  Requirements   –  Would  small  businesses  with  city  trash   collec=on  be  required  to  par=cipate?   –  Would  mul=-­‐family  dwellings  be  included   in  the  program?   •  Bag  Sizes   –  To  what  extent  would  the  city  benefit   from  including  an  8-­‐gallon  “senior”  bag?   •  Bag  Pricing   –  What  solid  waste  revenue  goals  does  the   city  have?   –  How  should  revenue  be  balanced   between  flat  fees  and  bag  sales?   Illustrative Waste  Zero  Trash  Metering™   Preliminary  Scenarios   •  ConservaHve:    30%  waste  reduc=on   •  Moderate:    38%  waste  reduc=on   •  Aggressive:    46%  waste  reduc=on   We  then  model  a  range  of  preliminary  scenarios  to  show  expected  program  outcomes,     which  may  change  slightly  depending  on  how  the  program  is  ul8mately  structured.   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   21  
  22. 22. MulH-­‐Year  Financial  ProjecHons   Projected  Disposal  Impact   By  factoring  in  populaHon  growth  forecasts,  contractual  changes  in  disposal  costs,  and  complimentary   iniHaHves  (e.g.,  organics  programs),  we  can  then  refine  the  preliminary  esHmates  into  a  mulH-­‐year  projecHon.   Illustrative 30,000   25,000   Disposal  Savings    $1,000,000     24,215   22,565   23,758   Status  Quo   Scenario   20,000   15,000   10,000   Expected  Total  =   75,000  tons  diverted   5,000   WasteZero   Trash   12,823   Metering™   Disposal  Savings   Annual  Tons  of  MSW  Disposed   Projected  MSW  Disposed   Expected  Total  =     $4.1M  Saved    $800,000     (+/-­‐  $1.0M)    $600,000      $400,000      $200,000     (+/-­‐  20,000  tons)   0    $-­‐     10   12   14   16   18   20   22   Conserva=ve  (30%)   Moderate  (38%)   Aggressive  (46%)   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   Fiscal  Year   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23   Aggressive  (46%)   Moderate  (38%)   Conserva=ve  (30%)   Fiscal  Year   22  
  23. 23. PotenHal  OperaHonal  Savings   Reducing  the  amount  of  solid  waste  disposed  allows  municipal  haulers  to  complete  their   collecHon  routes  more  quickly,  freeing  them  up  to  respond  to  other  issues.   !   Bag-­‐based  PAYT  provides  communi=es   with  municipal-­‐operated  collec=on   addi=onal  benefits.   —  Short-­‐Term   •  Increased  poli=cal  value  and  resident   sa=sfac=on  by  more  quickly   responding  to  complaints  and  needs   •  Reduced  fuel  costs  with  shorter  trips   —  Long-­‐Term:    If  the  municipality   decides  to  restructure  its  DPW   opera=ons,  addi=onal  benefits  may   be  realized:   •  Reduced  maintenance  costs  to  run  its   solid  waste  collec=on  fleet   •  Lowered  capital  expenditures  for  new   equipment  purchases   Case  Study  —  NaHck,  MA1   PROGRAM  OVERVIEW   Residents  pay  $1.75  for  a  33-­‐gallon  bag  and  $1.00  for   a  15-­‐gallon  bag.  Recycling  is  free.   WASTE  REDUCTION   •  Solid  waste  down  30%  from  9,811  to  6,830  tons   •  Recycling  up  15%  from  2,938  to  3,383  tons   OPERATIONAL  BENEFITS   •  The  town  reduced  collec=on  routes  by  one  day   per  week,  enabling  bulky  waste  to  be  collected  on   designated  days  without  requiring  over=me.   •  DPW  personnel  were  able  to  more  quickly   respond  to  complaints,  fill  pot  holes,  trim   branches,  etc.     “[The  DPW  was]  able  to  go  down  to  four  day  routes  once   the  Pay-­‐As-­‐You-­‐Throw  went  through,  and  they  can  now  use   Mondays  just  for  bulky  waste.”  –Terry  Miller,  chairman  of   Na=ck’s  Recycling  Study  &  Advisory  Commieee   1Murphy,  Ian.  B.,  “The  payoff  of  pay-­‐as-­‐you-­‐throw.”     MetroWest  Daily  News.  March  4,  2011.     Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   23  
  24. 24. PAYT  Breakout  StaHons   For  the  rest  of  the  arernoon,  we’re  happy  to  answer  any  quesHons.    Everyone  can  freely  rotate   through  several  breakout  staHons  related  to  the  design  and  implementaHon  of  PAYT  programs.   1   Preliminary  Financial  Es=mates   2   Mul=-­‐Year  Financial  Projec=ons   3   Poten=al  Opera=onal  Savings   4   Stakeholder  Engagement  &  Poli=cal  Approval   Copyright  ©  2013  WasteZero   24