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Each year at Shapeways, we like to do a roundup of amazing accomplishments in the rapidly evolving 3D Printing world — often powered by the innovations and creativity of our community. We’ve been digging in and must admit, 2013 was quite the year!

To date, we’ve 3D Printed 2.2 million products — that’s 61,000 boxes worth of Tic Tacs! We are so proud to have 13,500 Shapeways shops...and counting (a growth of 75% from 2012). And the number of people creating products on Shapeways has doubled in the past year.

The 3D printing industry as a whole has also experienced incredible growth. We’re seeing more retailers, like our friends at UPS, offer in-store 3D printing. The price of 3D printers for the home and office continues to drop. And 3D printing is constantly making stock market headlines.

Basically, this incredible technology is shaping industries far and wide—from healthcare and electronics to aerospace and home construction. And we’ll continue to see this impact in the coming years.

The industry couldn’t make such strides without wildly imaginative, creative, thoughtful, and fearless people like the ones in our community, who continue to upload nearly 100,000 new products per month. Our community helps us push the limits of what’s possible to 3D Print, creating products from gorgeous to quirky to functional, and continue to wow us with how they use new materials.

It’s a beautiful world when anyone can create and get what they want, not just what’s available in stores.

Check out our Slideshare for 3D printing trends, stats & more of our exciting year in review.

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Shapeways 2013 3D Printing Year in Review

  2. 3D Printing for Everyone Now more than ever, 3D printing enables anyone to take an idea and turn it into a physical reality. It’s changing how products are made and by whom. Here’s how...
  3. Anyone Can Create Free Tools + Access to Dozens of Materials = Creativity Unlocked 50% + Shapeways Shop Owners are self-taught 3D modelers 100% Growth in number of people creating products
  4. ...Even a 12 Year Old! “Proof that @shapeways is for everyone: I’m a 12 yr old designer, and made my own iPod case with #3DPrinters” - @iPhonical “I had many ideas of what I would do if I could make anything. Who wouldn’t want a life size toy giraffe? As I thought about it, I realized, I don’t. I wanted something I would use every day. Something that would be helpful and useful in my everyday life. I thought, What do I use every day? Then I realized: Who doesn’t use their iPhone every day? How about their iPod? At that point, I had my mind set.” - BRENDAN CHANG, 12-YEAR-OLD SHAPIE
  5. But You Don’t Have to Know How to 3D Model Because of growing apps and businesses that help people turn ideas into 3D designs into reality. Here are some examples...
  6. Collaborations Help Dreams Come True Shapeways member, Alexander worked with designer and 3D modeler Glenn Slingsby to make his daughter’s birthday wish come true: Building an interactive, 1/12 scale, true-to-life Nautilus ship from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  7. Say Hello to the Future “Garage Entrepreneur” More and more, individuals are starting businesses on Shapeways 13.5k Shapeways shops, a 75% growth from 2012 — one for every yellow cab in NYC 84% Shapeways Shop Owners want selling on Shapeways to be their full-time job It costs us no more than a few bad dates to bring a product to market. - GOTHAMSMITH
  8. They’re as Diverse as Queens, NYC* Shop Owners range from teenage hobbyists to engineers with 25+ years modeling expertise. ORNAMENTS by Maundy RINGS by Azzodesign 3D JEWELRY by sorhain CHESS SET by Collective 3D * Queens, NYC is known as one of the most diverse places in the world + we have a factory there!
  9. TUNISIA And Have Access to an Even More Global Marketplace Shapeways has amazing customers in 113 countries. 220% CHINA 196% Top Growth Countries (2012 vs 2013) LUXEMBOURG Top Countries 170% United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, France, Australia, and Italy TAIWAN 152%
  10. Jewelry 13% Miniatures 23% Art 17% With 3D Printing, Niche is the New Normal Shapeways products span a wide range of interests. Other 4% Home 15% Games & Toys 11% Parts & Gadgets 17%
  11. From the Long Tail, to the Infinite Tail... JEBEDIAH KERMAN OF THE KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM Limitless possibilities of 3D printing means every passion can be served. MODEL TRAINS DRONE ACCESSORIES EDUCATIONAL ART ANCIENT FLUTES
  12. Including Wade’s Wish to Be a Superhero July 2013 Fearless 6-year-old Wade Sharp, who has brittle bone disease, wanted to see how video games are made and to become a video game character. The Make-A-Wish Foundation responded. After spending an afternoon at Robot Entertainment, Wade received a 3D Printed figurine of himself, Wade the Super-Master!
  13. 3D Printing is Helping People Go from Prototype to Market — Fast BitWise’s KeyBit, a key ring Mac adapter holder, “would not exist without 3D printing.” 3D printing has given him freedom to • Iterate design and materials quickly. • Produce high quality details at small scale. • 3D print in steel, the material used for both his prototype and final product. Entrepreneurs like Jonathan use 3D printing to quickly prototype (and Shapeways to open up shops). “The product went from idea to the printer in a single morning before work, and 3 weeks later I had a product for myself and to share around the world.” - JONATHAN BOBROW, FOUNDER, BITWISE
  14. The Technology is Shaping Countless Industries ELECTRONICS HEALTHCARE Working Loudspeaker First Steps Taken by Cornell University Lab’s Fab@Homes 3D printers by Researchers to 3D Print Human Organs AEROSPACE CONSTRUCTION GE Aviation to use 3D printing to produce a fuel nozzle Contour Crafting entire 2500 square foot homes
  15. Even in High Fashion All Printed by Shapeways Dita Von Teese’s Custom 3D Printed Dress Designed by Michael Schmidt & Francis Bitonti Victoria’s Secret Snow Angel Lindsay Ellingson in 3D Printed Lingerie Designed by Bradley Rothenberg Kimberly Ovitz Jewelry Designed by Kimberly Ovitz
  16. Material Innovation >> Unlimited Creation. No way! You can 3D print in steel and coat it in polished gold? And in ceramic!? 40 Materials and finishes available as of 2013 ANDROMEDA NECKLACE by Summerized KLEIN BOTTLE OPENER by Bathsheba UNSTOPPABLE T-REX by Ryan Kittleson
  17. Better Quality, Lower Costs Compare the cost of a Shapeways 3D Printed iPhone case: $70 In 2008 $20 Today
  18. Complexity is Free The “unmakeable” is now possible Espresso Cups Nautilus Mobius Mobile by KSpaho by jaobaldwin by Marco Mahler and Henry Segerman Have you tried weaving ceramic before? It’s hard. Real hard. A mobius, especially an interlocking one, cannot be manufactured any other way. Made of 1,365 pieces, this would take a lot of time and patience to assemble.
  19. A “memingful” Year Memes continue to become reality. Doge by Ryan Kittleson Grumpy Cat by edrice Unstoppable T-Rex by Ryan Kittleson Obama Riding Raptor by kspaho Ornamant: Twerk by Kimotion Jesus Meme by LincolnK Twerking Einstein by Ryan Kittleson Cat Gasp by pc_gamedev_rules Feel Like a Sir by Ewoud Success Kid by Ryan Kittleson
  20. Shapeways 2013 Numbers 2,200,000 total products printed to date = 61,000 boxes of Tic Tacs. 100,000 new products uploaded per month (> total consumer 3D printers sold in all of 2013*) 13,500 Shapeways shops — one for every yellow cab in NYC. * According to Gartner’s “Forecast: 3D Printers, Worldwide, 2013” 204,000 yards of tape/year to ship boxes to 113 countries, enough to circle the earth 5 times. 45 football fields of floor space squeegeed annually to clean up powder at our factories. 10: the number of times every model is handled by Shapeways staff.
  21. Thank you to the Shapeways community that’s made this all possible so far. We can’t wait to spend 2014 with you! For Press Inquiries: