25.2 2012


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25.2 2012

  1. 1. Daily Speak Question 1-12-11 In what country was there an earthquake one year ago? This earthquake has affected over 3 million people, a 1/3 of the population of the country? Haiti
  2. 2. The Great Depression and the New Deal
  3. 3. Roosevelt acts Immediately 1932 Election- Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) wins. 1933- Roosevelt and Congress get to work trying to fix the nation, Known as the Hundred Days  creates the New Deal
  4. 4. New Deal Programs that battle the Depression and help the economy recover.  Regulate banks  Employee millions  Provide temporary aid for those in need  Establish programs that still exist today!!
  5. 5. Presidential Comparison Herbert Hoover  FDR Raised in Iowa  Raised in NY, on a farm family was Pro-Business loaded $$ Did not want to  Thought it was provide gov’t aid gov’t role to help to individuals businesses and the individual
  6. 6. Hoover or Roosevelt?“The test of our progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have a lot. It is whether we provide enough to those who have little.”
  7. 7. Hoover or Roosevelt?“The people should support the government, but the government should not support the people.”
  8. 8. Roosevelt knows his alphabet! New Deal programs TVA FERA FSA CCC NYA FLA CWA RA FMP FTP PWA FCC FWP SEC FAP WPA NLRB and more…
  9. 9. Tennessee Valley Authority Built dams and generators that provided electricity Electricity attracted new businesses to the area = more jobs
  10. 10. Works Progress Administration Put people to work! Construction, buildings, roads, airports, schools, libraries, musicians, students, and many more… Effected over 9 Million people by the end of the program.
  11. 11. Social Security Act Provided government aid to retired and unemployed Still around today
  12. 12. National Youth Administration Provided part-time jobs to students.
  13. 13. More alphabet soup REA- Rural Electrification Act  Provided electricity to remote areas and farmers CCC- Civilian Conservation corps  Planted millions of trees to help stop soil erosion and help environment FHA- Federal Housing Authority  Helped people buy houses and get affordable housing.
  14. 14. Emergency Banking Relief Act Businesses failed because of failed banks Gov’t only allowed “healthy” banks to stay open Restores people’s confidence in banks, people feel its okay to deposit again.
  15. 15. So did the New Deal work? Some criticized the ND  Protect peoples savings saying it gave the Prez today. too much authority.  Provided hope to Some programs ruled Americans unconstitutional by the  Some programs still in Supreme Court effect today NO YES
  16. 16. Now its Your Turn! I want you to research a New Deal Program  Use your book pg 785  What problem does it address ? Create an informational poster  Name  Two sentences on what the program does  Logo/ symbol for the organization that represents what they do.
  17. 17.  Get to work on your NEW DEAL poster for 10 minutes!!!!! Name of program Sentence to describe it Logo/ symbol
  18. 18. Daily Speak Question 1-14-10If you could be alive during any time period in all of history, when would you choose to live and give me three reasons why?
  19. 19. Quiz Time! Take out a sheet of paper, you won’t need very much.
  20. 20.  1. Businesses and Americans were hurt by the stock market crash because they A. lost their savings in banks that closed B. had lent money to foreign countries and were not paid back C. had no workers to make goods D. were forced to cut back production but could not fire workers
  21. 21.  2. Americans regained faith in banks after the Emergency Banking Relief Act into law because the act A. allowed only healthy banks to remain open. B. gave people the right to withdraw all their money without a penalty or waiting period. C. authorized the government to immediately deposit $1 billion in banks to guarantee peoples’ deposits. D. required the federal government to pay back in full the customers of any bank that failed.
  22. 22.  3. Herbert Hoover lost the election in 1932 mainly because Americans A. thought he would raise taxes B. thought he would spend too much government money C. lost confidence in him or blamed him for the Depression D. worried about his priority on foreign policies instead of domestic issues.
  23. 23.  4. The TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) is significant because it hired people to A. deliver food to the soup kitchens B. build dams and generators that provided electricity C. hired musicians to put on concerts D. work in the automobile industry to increase mass production
  24. 24.  5. Which of the following best describes Black Tuesday? A. Half a million workers lost their jobs B. Hoover lost the election C. The stock market crashed D. Over 2,000 banks closed
  25. 25.  6. People who could not afford to buy stocks at full price began ___ A. Using mortgages B. Trading in their cars and homes for $$ C. Using the Emergency Banking Relief Act D. buying on margin