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Lives Turned Upside Down: The Impact of Sarcoidosis


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Lives Turned Upside Down: The Impact of Sarcoidosis

  1. 1. LIVES TURNED UPSIDE DOWN THE IMPACT OF SARCOIDOSIS Sarcoidosis is a rare inflammatory disease that can affect almost any organ in the body. 200,000 It’s estimated that 200,000 people are living with sarcoidosis in the United States. OVER 20% of patients get diagnosed with sarcoidosis within the first three months of symptoms yet for over patients it takes over five 14% of years to be diagnosed.* “Sarcoid has turned my life upside down with me no longer being able to work or do anything physical and just about most of the things I was used to doing, and has left me a shell of a man.” "I don't feel like a whole as a wife, mother, and grandmother part of me feels like it's missing. I am not that queen that my family had before the illness." What are the top burdens or negative effects that sarcoidosis has had on your life overall?* FATIGUE SIDE EFFECTS OF MEDICINE 72% 39% UNABLE TO WORK 31% DEPRESSION 29% AFFECTED FAMILY LIFE 31% BED RIDDEN 2% * Based on January 2014 online survey conducted of members of the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research/Inspire Stop Sarcoidosis Support Community ( The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research ( is dedicated to finding a cure and improving care for sarcoidosis patients. The FSR's new Patient Registry will be an online database where patients record their own information and experiences with sarcoidosis to aid research. Inspire ( is the trusted place for patient engagement. Our online community of 450,000 patients and caregivers, organized by medical condition, helps industry connect with patients in order to accelerate and improve research. Find out more at, or by contacting us at