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Team Echo - Enhancing Cooperation


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Team Echo - Enhancing Cooperation

  1. 1. Enhancing Cooperation Using Web 2.0 Applications
  2. 2. CooperationWin-Win SituationNetwork Effect: value of network depends on # ofusers
  3. 3. Media SharingMedia Sharing: Sharing of pictures, videos,audio, and presentations
  4. 4. NetcastingNetcasting: aka podcasting, distribution of digitalmedia, such as audio or video via syndicationfeeds for playback or digital media players
  5. 5. Social BookmarkingIssue: people have difficulty finding info and thenfinding it again at againSocial Bookmarking: allows users to shareInternet bookmarks and to create categorizationssystems
  6. 6. Social CatalogingSocial Cataloging: creation of a categorizationsystem by users
  7. 7. TaggingTagging: manually adding metadata to meida orother contentMetadata: data about data
  8. 8. GeotaggingGeotagging: knowing where a photo was taken[Can be seen visually on a map]