Equine Sports Breeding (ESB) summary


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The ESB program is pioneering the sport of eventing by helping to produce the quality horses as well as the riders. If you would like to know more or contribute your expertise, please feel free to contacts us!

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Equine Sports Breeding (ESB) summary

  1. 1. TheEquine Sports Breeding & Training Centre<br />Is creating a legacy for future event riders to achieve their goals.<br />We are NOT JUST a stud and <br />we don’t just sell horses and stand stallions at stud. <br />We actually want our youngsters to reach their potential and achieve international level competition which is what they have been bred for. <br />However, we have bred the horses but not the riders.<br />Which is why we are on a mission to find the next generation of Olympic riders who have the skill, commitment, dedication, strength and focus and that have what it takes to break through the barriers against all odds to fight and work for their passion.<br />We are launching our Equestrian Sports Management program and<br /> if you meet the above criteria then we want to know you!<br />WE WILL HELP TO CREATE THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE RIGHT RIDERS.<br />
  2. 2. ESB Irish Anna (RID)<br />The foundation mare of the ESB breeding program<br />ESB Irish Bea (ISH)<br />By Na WakWa(TB)<br />ESB Irish Enough (ISH)<br />By McCartney (TB)<br /> < Is the Dam of ><br />Who is the Sire of:<br />Who is the Dam of:<br />ESB Irish Descent<br />By McCartney (TB)<br />ESB Irish Endeavour<br />Out of Tolsay (TB)<br />Kirby Park Irish Hallmark<br />By Balmoral Boy (TB)<br /> Kirby Park Irish Jester<br />Out of Yellow Empress (TB)<br />Kirby Park Irish Imperial<br />By Balmoral boy (TB)<br />ESB Irish Edition<br />Out of Crescent Bay (TB)<br />
  3. 3. ESB Irish Enough (ISH)<br />The sire of Olympic medal winner <br />Kirby Park Irish Jester, KP Irish Jamie,<br />ESB Irish Endeavour and many others.<br />His sons ESB Irish Edition and Kirby Park Irish Jordan<br />carry on his name and his bloodlines.<br />
  4. 4. ESB Irish Enough<br />Ranked 7th in the world in 2008 by the <br />World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses <br />and the sire of Olympic medal winner, Irish Jester<br />Sons of ESB Irish Enough - bloodlines like these just don’t get much better!<br />ESB Irish Endeavour (gelded)<br />Competing four star with Will Enzinger<br />– some frozen semen available<br />Kirby Park Irish Jordan (dec)<br />Sire of Kirby Park Irish Friday<br />Standing at stud with Megan Jones<br />ESB Irish Edition<br />Standing at stud with Vanessa Hawkins<br />For more information visit<br />www.equineportsbreeding.com.au<br />
  5. 5. ESB Irish Descent (ISH)<br />The sire of all these<br /> and more with the best still yet to come!<br />
  6. 6. ESB Irish Edition (ISH)<br />The sire of all these<br /> and more with the best still yet to come!<br />
  7. 7. ESB Irish Endeavour (ISH)<br />The sire of all these<br /> and more. A limited amount of frozen semen is still available.<br />
  8. 8. The ESB nursery of champions. They all love visitors.<br />
  9. 9. Just some of the many riders who enjoy horses with ESB bloodlines<br />
  10. 10. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SUPPORT AND THAT SPECIAL HORSE?<br />If you are serious about achieving your competition goals, then don’t spend hours travelling the countryside looking for horses which aren’t what they advertised and wasting money on multiple vet checks, start with a visit to ESB.<br />ESB horses are bred and raised to event at international level<br />and have proven that they do!<br />WE HAVE THE HORSES WHO ARE WILLING AND ABLE TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE & WE WANT TO HELP YOU!<br />Would you like to have a Kirby Park Irish Jester in your stable?<br />CLICK ON THE LINK TO READ MORE OF THE STORY.<br />THEN CONTACT<br />Vanessa Hawkins<br />03 5432 2446 or 0417 363 710<br />Email: vanessa@equinesportsbreeding.com.au<br />www.equinesportsbreeding.com.au<br />