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Expanding Service Management Beyond IT


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Discover how organizations leverage the service catalog to offer services that go beyond the scope of IT! Service Manager and Cireson can be a perfect point of contact for all your teams including facilities, telecom, finance, HR and more. In this workshop you will learn real-life scenarios that demonstrate the integration of these service-oriented departments taking advantage of the native automation of Microsoft System Center and Cireson, all while saving the business money and improving overall company satisfaction. We will review:

• Security considerations around separate groups using the same Service Manager system
• Ideas around different methods of work item intake
• Separation and sharing of work between groups
• Best practices around branding and customization for different groups

Learn how easy it can be to build a single point of contact for your entire organization!


Michael Aidinovich - Cireson
Greg Wojtkun - FyrSoft

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Expanding Service Management Beyond IT

  1. 1. #Innovate151 EXPANDINGSERVICEMANAGEMENT GOINGBEYONDIT Michael Aidinovich, Solutions Architect, Cireson Greg Wojtkun, Principal, FyrSoft
  2. 2. #Innovate152 AGENDA  Benefit of Automation  Understanding Automation Return on Investment  Beyond IT  End User Security  Understanding Service Manager Work Item Framework  Understanding Service Manager Activity Framework  Automation Technologies  Leverage Native SCSM Service Catalog, Orchestrator, and Power of Cireson Portal to bring it all together  Demonstration  Q & A
  3. 3. #Innovate153 BENEFITOFAUTOMATION • Standardization • Immediate Results/Outcomes • Customer satisfaction • Allows IT to Focus on Strategic Projects • Soft Benefits
  4. 4. #Innovate154 SOFTBENEFITS Knowledge Management Training Human Error Auditability Compliance and Regulation
  5. 5. #Innovate155 UNDERSTANDINGAUTOMATION RETURNONINVESTMENT • Common Repetitive Task • Manual Cost Calculation • Automation Development Cost
  6. 6. #Innovate156 Manual Process Cost Calculation Time Spent on manual task Frequency of performing task per month Cost Per Hour 12 Months Annual Cost Per Hour
  7. 7. #Innovate157 Manual Process Cost Calculation Time 15Min Frequency Per Month 60 Cost Per Hour $48 12 Months Annual Cost $8,640
  8. 8. #Innovate158 Development Cost varies for each Automation Routine Automation Development Cost Manual Cost Development Cost
  9. 9. #Innovate159 Application Request IT Service Catalog/Automation Computer Request Incident Network Access Virtual Machine Request Etc…
  10. 10. #Innovate1510 Service Catalog/Automation Human Resources On/Off Boarding Facilities Facilities Request Accounting Marketing Attorney / Legal Staff Conflicts Records Legal Industry Office Services
  11. 11. #Innovate1511 IT Department Non-IT Department AUTOMATIONTODAY
  12. 12. #Innovate1512 IT Department Business Process Non-IT Department
  13. 13. #Innovate1513 Attorney Acquires Client / Matter New Client/Matter Entered in Accounting System with Status Conflict Check Complete Conflicts Check Change Acct Client/Matter Status Create Client / Matter in ECM System Create Client/Matter in Records System Create Client/Matter in Cost Recovery System Change Acct Client/Matter Status with Ethical Wall Create Client/Matter in ECM System Create Client/Matter in Records System Business Case Accounting Dept Attorney / Legal Staff Conflicts Dept IT Dept Records Dept Office Services Dept IT Dept Records Dept Create Client/Matter in Cost Recovery System Office Services Dept
  14. 14. #Innovate1514 IT Department Business Process Non-IT Department
  15. 15. #Innovate1515 BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION ROI Time 45Min Frequency 100 Cost Per Hour $48 12 Months Annual Cost $43K Support Staff
  16. 16. #Innovate1516 BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION ROI Time 10 Min Frequency 100 Cost Per Hour $300 12 Months Annual Revenue $61K Billable Professionals
  17. 17. #Innovate1517 BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION ROI $43K $61K Billable Professional Revenue Increase Support Staff Cost Savings
  18. 18. #Innovate1518 •Service/Request Offering security to only allow users required Services •Allow Department Heads and/or Users to Queues/Views – Not Recommended •My Request and Team Request Views End User Security
  19. 19. #Innovate1519 Shared process optimization: System Center – Cireson - FyrSoft + + + =
  20. 20. #Innovate1520 GOALS  Understand SCSM Work Item Concepts  Understand the Technologies Involved  Bridging Service Management Concepts & Technologies  Shared Service Delivery Use Cases  Demo
  21. 21. #Innovate1521 QUICKCONTEST
  22. 22. #Innovate1522 SCSMACTIVITYFRAMEWORK Approve Automate Manual Depend Sequence Parallel
  23. 23. #Innovate1523 SCSMWORKITEMFRAMEWORK Incidents Problems Releases Changes Service Requests
  24. 24. #Innovate1524 ITSMCONCEPTS& TECHNOLOGIES OperateAutomate Deliver Design Build Optimize+Human Factor Technologies
  25. 25. #Innovate1525 SHAREDSERVICEDELIVERYUSECASES  Asset Procurement  Employee Onboarding  Non IT Workflows
  26. 26. #Innovate1526 PROCUREMENT Packaged Software = Yes Cloud Software = Yes Laptop = Yes New Software = Yes Pre – Form Filled After – Form Filled
  27. 27. #Innovate1527 EMPLOYEEONBOARDING Use of Sequential Activities
  28. 28. #Innovate1528 BEYONDIT:LAWFIRMCLIENT/CASEINTAKE Notice the Automation!
  29. 29. #Innovate1529 DELIVERTHESERVICE– CIRESONPORTAL  Service Catalog & User Friendly Forms  Complete Your Activities  View / Update Parent Request Details  View Team Requests  Restrict Access to Sensitive Work Items / CMDB Objects  Manage Assets / View CMDB  Got questions? Browse the Knowledge Base
  30. 30. #Innovate1530 DELIVERTHESERVICE– CIRESONPORTAL Service Catalog & Knowledge Base
  31. 31. #Innovate1531 DELIVERTHESERVICE– CIRESONPORTAL User Friendly Request Forms / Work Item Intake
  32. 32. #Innovate1532 DELIVERTHESERVICE–CIRESONPORTAL Activity Management Work Item Handling Team Requests Restrict Access to Sensitive Work Items / Assets!
  33. 33. #Innovate1533 DELIVERTHESERVICE–CIRESONPORTAL Complete Activities Review Work Item Details
  34. 34. #Innovate153434 LET’SSWINGOVERTOTHEDEMO
  35. 35. #Innovate1535 INNOVATE 15 BROUGHT TO YOU BY