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pisces - the month ahead


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As the zodiac cycle moves into Pisces today, let us take a look at what is in store for you in the month ahead.

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pisces - the month ahead

  1. 1. Pisces – The Month AheadAs the zodiac cycle moves into Pisces today, let us take a look at what is in store foryou in the month ahead.OverviewThe moving of the Sun into Pisces brings along a bright new phase in your life. This isthe time when your life will be full of fun and adventure. Rest assured it will beanything but dull. You may also go ahead with any new venture that you have beenplanning of late as the coming times are deemed as auspicious for starting freshprojects. The pending tasks will also get completed during this phase. Gradually whenthe Sun starts to fade away and Mars takes over, you will begin to look at the brighterside of life. You might need to take a stand for something that you have been avoidingso far. Do not back away and face it upfront. You will be able to overcome all obstaclesin your path with ease. You also need to remain alert and cautious as the monthmoves into its mid phase, warns Ketu. Stay focused and do not get distracted by trivialmatters. As the moon replaces Ketu, your personal life might get affected due to yourprofessional one. However, you only stand to gain from it as rewards and recognitionat work are predicted around this time for you.RomanceRomance is highly likely to take the front seat in your life during the initial few days.The singles are indicated to meet their special someone during this time and areadvised to take this relationship seriously as this has the chance to last really long.Married couples should work on their relationship and not allow difference of opinionsto crop up between themselves. Be careful with your words and actions at this time orelse you might unknowingly end up hurting the feelings of your beloved. If you areconstantly facing problems with your love life, then probably its time you give yourrelationship a second thought. As the month progresses to an end, it is likely to getbetter for the separated ones as you are likely to meet an interesting person.CareerThe career front brings along some good news for the Pisceans in the month ahead.Your career will sail smoothly through this period and you will be able to fulfill all yourtargets. You are also in for high praises and recognition at work. The unemployed onesare likely to crack an interview that they have been anxiously waiting for. If you areplanning to make a shift in your career to an alternate profession, then this is theright time to do so. Starting new projects will be lot easier for you around this time asyou stand to get adequate support from your colleagues. The upcoming days suggestgood times ahead for people in sales and marketing, artistic work and the fashionindustry.Finance
  2. 2. Even though the month ahead indicates a stable period for you financially, you needto remain alert and careful as far as your finances are concerned. Lack of attention orcaution might see you spending a lot on unnecessary stuff. Lending or borrowingmoney at this time is strictly advised against. You may, however, invest your money inthe share market as the risks are at an all-time low. Be careful with your moneyaround the second week as some unexpected situations may require you to loosenyour pockets suddenly. Pay attention to your savings during this period for a securedfuture. People in the import-export business are likely to do well financially aroundthis time. You may also start any new business if you wish to as the times ahead areindicated to be auspicious for the same.HealthThe days ahead seem a little tough for you on the health front. Remain careful withyour health or else you might end up falling sick. You need to be extra-cautious withbackaches and stomach ailments during this period. Follow a proper diet and doregular exercises. You may get stressed a bit around this time due to your professionalresponsibilities and work load. Do not over-burden yourself and take necessaryprecautionary measures to stay away from trouble. Avoid travelling, if you can, as theyare likely to add to your stress levels. Skin problems are also indicated for some of youat this time, so be careful. As the month comes to an end, parents are required to takeextra precautions for their children if they are to keep them away from sickness andailments.Complete information abouthoroscope, health, finance, love, career of the pisces horoscopesun signand personal traits and characteristics of pisces man and woman. For more visit
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