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Grav Presentation


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This slideshow represents part of our final year project to design, pitch and create a working computer game.

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Grav Presentation

  1. 1. Matthew Teague<br />James Walton<br />Gary Pollock<br />
  2. 2. Game Overview<br />iPhone / iPod Touch Operating System<br /> Single Player<br />Physics and Gravity<br />2D Puzzle Platformer<br />50 Levels (with room for Expansion)<br /> Social Network Integration<br />Reward System with Achievements <br />Unlockable Content<br />
  3. 3. Core Player Experience<br />Aims and Goals<br /><ul><li>To complete each level and advance to next level.
  4. 4. To get a 3 star rating on each level using least gravity changes.
  5. 5. Collect all the gravity shards to restore the gravity orb and unlock content.</li></ul>Parameters and Skills<br /><ul><li>Tactics
  6. 6. Enemies
  7. 7. Death areas
  8. 8. Use of gravity
  9. 9. Timing
  10. 10. Jumping
  11. 11. Star rating</li></ul>Game Pillars<br /><ul><li> Intuitive use of gravity
  12. 12. Fun and interesting puzzles
  13. 13. Solid platform game play</li></ul>Challenge<br /><ul><li> Avoid various obstacles and enemies.
  14. 14. Complete each level using least gravity changes possible.</li></li></ul><li>Design Outline<br />Theme – Bold, Bright colour palette.<br />50 Levels - Forest, Ice, Fire, Rock, Castles, Desert, Volcanic, Bosses<br />Star System – Less gravity changes per level, more stars earned.<br />Reward System– Hidden items and amount of stars unlocks new content. <br />Enemies – Different enemies killed in different ways to utilize mechanics. <br />Game Play – Light hearted fun for casual players with intricate and tactical puzzles to ensure replayability.<br />Walking on ceilings and walls help produce a fresh and unique experience for the platform genre and the player.<br />Story – A world of peace is disrupted by an evil and greedy magician.<br />Sound – Upbeat, simple and catchy SFX to help capture the essence of each area.<br />
  15. 15. Visual Concept<br />
  16. 16. Unique Selling Points<br />Interesting, addictive and unique game play involving gravity to solve levels<br />Visually appealing art work<br />Communication with the players through a forum and other media devices<br />Free 5 level demo available to download<br />Updates including new levels and features every few months (free of charge)<br />Linked to Social Network to upload high scores and achievements<br />
  17. 17. Team Size and Organisation<br />Matthew Teague<br /><ul><li> Game Design
  18. 18. Programming on Game Maker
  19. 19. Artwork
  20. 20. QA Testing
  21. 21. Character/Enemy Design
  22. 22. Digital Advertising
  23. 23. Photoshop Design Work
  24. 24. Story Design
  25. 25. Digital Advertising
  26. 26. Programming on Game Maker</li></ul>Gary Pollock<br /><ul><li> Game Design
  27. 27. Photoshop
  28. 28. Animation
  29. 29. QA Testing
  30. 30. Level Design
  31. 31. Digital Advertising
  32. 32. Programming on Game Maker</li></ul>James Walton<br /><ul><li> Game Design
  33. 33. Sound
  34. 34. Animation
  35. 35. QA Testing</li></li></ul><li>Technologies to be implemented<br />Adobe Photoshop <br />CS5<br />Microsoft Office<br />2010<br />Magix Music<br />Maker<br />
  36. 36. Technical Challenges<br />Adobe Photoshop <br />CS5<br />Programming<br />Magix Music<br />Maker<br />Animation<br />
  37. 37. Estimated Schedule<br />
  38. 38. Milestones<br />Week 5 - Initial Design Process Complete<br />Week 7 – All character and enemy models complete. A basic prototype demo to show mechanics working<br />Week 10 – All initial backdrop and menu screens complete<br />Week 14 – All levels created with mechanics (Alpha)<br />Week 27 – Game programmed entering quality assurance stage (Beta)<br />Week 32 – Game certified Gold<br />
  39. 39. The End<br />Thank you for listening!<br />Any Questions?<br />