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Shaping Sheet


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Shaping Sheet

  1. 1. Name_Kristiena Shafer and Tegan Crist ___ Date_16 April 2012_____ Period__3rd__ Shaping Sheet IntroductionFact Statement: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, known as PTSD is a growing issue in the UnitedStates in soldiers and veterans returning from war. Unfortunately most people are not fully awareof this issue and the organizations that help, the treatments they use and what communities cando to help out.Claim Statement: We chose to focus on this particular issue because of the books we have beenreading and the discussions we have been having in our Tenth grade World Literature class. Thebooks we read included: All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, Code Talkerby Joseph Bruchac and Ghosts of War by Ryan Smithson. Our discussions included informationon issues about war that came from our individual books. The issue that really stuck out andinterested us was about PTSD, the effects it has on veterans, and how veterans can receive helpfrom this mental illness.Thesis Sentence: It is very important to understand the severity of this issue because withoutknowing about the organizations that help these veterans, the specific treatments theseorganizations use and what we can do as a community to help; we are letting our countriesveterans down. Body Paragraph 1Topic Sentence 1: What are some of the larger organizations that help veterans that suffer fromPTSD and their families that also feel the effects from PTSD?Concrete Detail 1: The Veterans Association known as the VA helps veterans that suffer fromPTSD and the veterans’ families. They help these veterans and their families to fulfill PresidentLincolns promise, which was: “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for hiswidow, and his orphan” and they do this by serving and honoring the men and women who areAmerica’s veterans. Commentary 1: While on a military mission, Teresa was badly injured by a roadsidebomb and because of this traumatic event, she developed PTSD. Teresa is now doing betterthanks to the treatment from the Veterans Association. Although her problems have notcompletely diminished, she now has a great support team to help her. Without the diagnosis ofPTSD and the treatment for it by the VA, Teresa could have ended up in bad condition or even
  2. 2. dead if she had committed suicide like many other veterans do that suffer from PTSD and are notproperly treated. Commentary 2: In addition to the effects PTSD has on the veterans, PTSD also affectsthe veteran’s family. The VA offers different treatment options for affected families. Treatmentcan include individual treatment for the veteran, as symptom improvement for the personsuffering would also benefit the family. Family therapy is also offered to teach family membershow to help and how to get their own needs met.Concrete Detail 2: The Wounded Warrior Project is an organization aimed at helping veteransreintegrate into society as well as bring in the community to help raise awareness ofinjured(mentally or physically) service members. Commentary 1: This organization has four different programs that they use to help with veterans which include mind, body, economic empowerment, and engagement. The Mind program in particular aims to help combat stress brought about due to battlefield experiences. Commentary 2: Nancy is a veteran that lost her eye in the war and because of it went into isolation. Her counselor talked her into going to a Wounded Warrior Project meeting. "I have to say it saved my life. It really did. Instead of being what I thought was a disappointment to my family, I ended up being their inspiration," says Nancy. She now works with this project to continue giving inspiration to veterans.Concrete Detail 3: The American Legion is a large organization which provides vast support toall areas of veteran’s services. Commentary 1: The American Legion provides current information and resources to all veterans. In the case of PTSD, the organization has a health center dedicated to assisting PTSD victims. It also aids in enrollment in VA (Veteran Affairs) services. Commentary 2: Veteran’s Affairs has dedicated 206 Health Centers to PTSD and other trauma-related illnesses nationwide.Wrap Up Sentence: These larger organizations and many more are the things that keep veteranswith PTSD going.
  3. 3. Body Paragraph 2:Topic Sentence 2: What are some of the less known about or smaller organizations that helpveterans that suffer from PTSD and their families that also suffer from the effects of PTSD?Concrete Detail 1: Veterans for America (VFA), is uniting a new generation of veterans withthose from past wars to address the causes, conduct, and consequences of war. VFA focusesspecifically on the invisible wounds of war that include psychological traumas and traumaticbrain injuries. Commentary 1: The VFA is different because at its core, it is the voice of troops. Fromtestimonials, the VFA is able to identify trends in service-connected injuries. These trends allowthe VFA to identify patterns in causes, symptoms, and treatments of post-combat needs. Commentary 2: Veterans for America’s (VFA) Wounded Warrior Outreach Program is concerned with the staggeringly high levels of mental health problems and neurological injuries experienced by today’s troops, and the lack of resources and rehabilitative programs available for our wounded. We are also especially troubled with the deployment policies that have been used since 9/11. Too many members of our military have been repeatedly exposed to high-intensity combat with insufficient time at home between deployments. These policies have had a profoundly devastating effect on the mental-health of our troops and their families.Concrete Detail 2: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is a 21st century veterans’organization dedicated to standing with the 2.4 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from theday they return home through the rest of their lives. Their mission is to improve the lives of Iraqand Afghanistan veterans and their families. Commentary 1: Rey Leal is a veteran that is a member of IAVA and he says that the IAVA commercial he saw on TV, changed his life. He would rather sit and stare at the TV screen until the sun came up than close his eyes and relive everything. This organization made him feel not alone and gave him a sense of belonging. Commentary 2: Sherman Watson a Marine veteran suffered from a Traumatic brain injury as well as the invisible wounds of war that many other veterans face. Through the IAVA program, Sherman has participated in events across the country and has shared his story with millions from California to Capitol Hill. These are the things that have kept him going and able to face his problems.Concrete Detail 1: The Veterans Crisis Line connects Veterans in crisis and their families andfriends with qualified, caring Department of Veterans Affairs responders through a confidentialtoll-free hotline, online chat, or text. Commentary 1: Family members and loved ones are often the first to realize a Veteran may need help. Responders at the Veterans Crisis Line are specially trained to help
  4. 4. Veterans’ families and friends through any crisis. They will work with families to make sure their loved one gets connected to care. Commentary 2: The Veterans Crisis Line is staffed by caring, qualified VA responders— many who are Veterans themselves. They understand what Veterans have been through and the challenges Veterans of all ages and service eras face.Wrap Up Sentence: These less known about organizations also are a big help to veterans thatsuffer from PTSD. Body Paragraph 3Topic Sentence 3: What are some of the things veterans can see or become involved with thatwill help veterans that suffer from PTSD and their families that also suffer from the effects ofPTSD?Concrete Detail 1: Being part of a spiritual group of people helps veterans that suffer from PTSDgrow spiritually and in other ways. Commentary 1: A spiritual group may be part of a church, synagogue, mosque, or temple. Other spiritual groups include a 12-Step group or a group that meets on a regular basis for prayer, talking about scriptures, or meditation. Some even see their spiritual community as a group of like-minded people who are working for a larger cause. Commentary 2: A spiritual community helps veterans recover from PTSD by giving them social support, rituals and ceremonies to look forward to, a place to volunteer and people to share thoughts and feelings with.Concrete Detail 2: The HEARTS museum is a museum for veterans to honor, remember,educate, inspire, heal and serve veterans and the public. Commentary 1: The museum provides a place that Veterans can congregate and discuss their experiences, and in the process, heal. It also permits them to talk about their experiences with Museum Visitors. Commentary 2: This museum has an inside and an outside exhibit. Inside there is a timeline of wars, an army section, a navy section, a marines section, an air force section, a coastguard section, a women section, a medics section, a prisoner of war and missing in action section, a chapel, a home front section and a library.Concrete Detail 3: Veteran Memorials are a place to honor the veterans that died serving theircountry and for others to come and visit. Commentary 1: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring those who died in the Vietnam War. Since 1996 it has evolved into something more. It is now
  5. 5. also a place of healing for those affected by one of the most divisive wars in our nations history. Commentary 2: With the addition of six names added in 2010 the total of names on the wall is now 58,272. Approximately 1200 of these are listed as missing (MIAs, POWs, and others).Multimedia Elements: Voice Thread or Zen and Wordle/Tagxedo.Wrap Up Sentence: These are just some of the things that veterans can see or be a part of thathelp them recover from PTSD.Body Paragraph 4Topic Sentence 4: What are some of the physical treatments that are available to veterans thatsuffer from PTSD?Concrete Detail 1: Rock climbing is a type of physical treatment to help disabled veterans chasetheir dreams. Commentary 1: One rock climbing clinic for disabled veterans is called “Miracles on a Mountainside” and one veteran says he accomplished something he did not think was possible, to be able to smile again. Commentary 2: Another veteran found himself spiraling into substance abuse and with this rock climbing experience, he is about to reach one year of sobriety.Concrete Detail 2: Yoga is another physical treatment that helps veterans that suffer from PTSDrecover. Commentary 1: Hugo Patrocinio was wounded by a suicide bomber, but he eventually recovered from the physical wounds. The psychological wounds all but went away, so he eventually turned to yoga after learning about it in group therapy. He reports that somehow yoga worked for him. Practicing yoga helps him cope and now he is not afraid to go to sleep. Commentary 2: This particular program of yoga is designed to help veterans that suffer from PTSD and it provides them with body relaxation and breathing exercises which are tools for managing with the emotions, memories and cognitive thoughts that come with war.Concrete Detail 3: Running marathons is a potential physical treatment for PTSD and someveterans are using this treatment to help with PTSD symptoms. Commentary 1: Simon Buckden is a veteran that runs marathons to raise awareness of PTSD.
  6. 6. Commentary 2: Running marathons give veterans something to do, to get out of isolation and to see themselves improve at something.Wrap Up Sentence: Physical activities keep the mind alert and for veterans that suffer fromPTSD, it is a therapy.Body Paragraph 5Topic Sentence 5: What kinds of animals can be used for PTSD treatment?Concrete Detail 1: Horse therapy known as hippo-therapy is a type of therapy that is being usedto help treat veterans that suffer from PTSD. Commentary 1: Aaron Heliker went through six tours of duty in Iraq and he was left with a traumatic brain injury, third-degree burns and nerve damage in his leg. He also developed PTSD and decided he would end his life in one week. Then he started the hippo-therapy and canceled his plans to die and went from taking 42 pills a day to only four. Commentary 2: Working with horses requires the veteran to learn to trust and to stay calm. After learning to do this with the horse, the veteran can then be in control with they have PTSD symptoms.Concrete Detail 2: Dogs and wolfs are being used to help veterans that suffer from PTSD. Commentary 1: David Sharpe developed PTSD from war and when he returned home, he was always looking for a fight and he would find himself beating on the walls. After he adopted a dog from the local animal shelter, he learned to deal with his problems and the dog would wake him from nightmares. Commentary 2: Through a program called “Warriors and Wolves,” the task of taming thewolf-dogs has been given to three U.S. military veterans who say they can relate to the stress oftrying to transition to a normal life. McDonald says he’s learned from the animals and knew if hecould help them, he could help himself. “I made a wonderful change,” he said.Concrete Detail 3: Other animals such as cats, birds and even dolphins are used to help veteransthat suffer from PTSD. Commentary 1: Pets reduce stress, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost theimmune system, and promote exercise. They are now known to help PTSD patients to reducetheir symptoms. Commentary 2: For the PTSD patient, pets are the ever-affectionate friend determined togive and receive comfort and attention.Wrap Up Sentence: Animals are a great way to calm the mind and forget about PTSD symptoms.
  7. 7. Body Paragraph 6Topic Sentence 6: What are some of the mental therapy options available for veterans that sufferfrom PTSD?Concrete Detail 1: Group therapy is a widely used method for veterans that suffer from PTSD. Commentary 1: Expressing your emotions to others helps release inner tension, which iswhy group therapy aids many PTSD afflicted veterans. Being able to tell others how you feel andunderstanding that you aren’t alone really helps the struggle. Commentary 2: Studies suggest that group therapy helps reduce symptoms of PTSD.Concrete Detail 2: Individual counseling is another option for veterans seeking treatment fortheir PTSD symptoms. Commentary 1: It is sometimes uncommon for veterans to feel comfortable about talkingin groups about their PTSD symptoms and problems, so individual counseling can create a morecomfortable environment to speak. Commentary 2: Explaining your problems to another individual can help you understandyour problems a little further in depth, which can bring forth a decrease in symptoms.Concrete Detail 3: Medication that is medically prescribed or self prescribed is used to treatveterans’ symptoms of PTSD. Commentary 1: Studies show that a number of medications are helpful in minimizing thethree symptom clusters of PTSD. Most of the time, medications do not entirely eliminatesymptoms but provide a symptom reduction and are best used in conjunction with an ongoingprogram of trauma specific psychotherapy. Commentary 2: Some that suffer from PTSD self-medicate pain with heroin, prescriptiondrugs, and alcohol.Multimedia Elements: character/issue recipe and found poemWrap Up Sentence: Mental therapy is another way to help the veterans with PTSD.Body Paragraph 7Topic Sentence: What can we as a community do to raise awareness of PTSD and its effects onveterans?Concrete Detail 1: Websites are one way for a large majority of people to access informationpeople add about PTSD.
  8. 8. Commentary 1: One example is the website for the National Institute of Mental Health. Commentary 2: Their website contains information on the illness itself as well as copingtechniques and other information.Concrete Detail 2: Veterans that visit schools and tell about their experiences help teach childrenand young adults about PTSD. Commentary 1: Westly Perkins goes around in his free time speaking to students andother people about PTSD and how it affects the families of the soldier and the soldierhimself/herself. Commentary 2: Perkins also wrote a poem about his experience with PTSD that is veryinsightful to the feelings he was feeling during his fight with PTSD.Concrete Detail 3: Fundraisers are beneficial to raise money for PTSD. Commentary 1: An organization called makes Para-cord bracelets to sell ontheir website to benefit PTSD. The money funds PTSD project and PTSD Survivors of America. Commentary 2: An annual fundraiser occurs on Remembrance Day on November 11th.11/11 PTSD and Trauma Day is a global event founded by Eric Huurre. It plays special tribute tothose affected by PTSD.Wrap Up Sentence: Raising awareness is very important for the community to do for theveterans that suffer from PTSD.Paragraph 8Topic Sentence: What can we as a community do to help the veterans that suffer from PTSD?Concrete Detail 1: A large amount of PTSD treatment centers and programs are funded primarilyby donations. Commentary 1: An organization called PTSD Foundation of America pledges to “Healthe unseen wounds of war” by accepting donations at locations throughout the nation. They alsoprovide education about PTSD through statistics.
  9. 9. Commentary 2: Other organizations collect donations to fund special programs andhousing for PTSD victims in their time of need. These organizations are 100% funded byindividuals.Concrete Detail 2: Volunteering at local PTSD organizations or with other veteran associationscan make a big difference in the veterans that are suffering from PTSD. Commentary 1: Two seniors in Oregon did a project on helping veterans. They began anewsletter that gave information about PTSD and how families can cope. Commentary 2: By volunteering time to the veterans or the organization for veterans, itmakes a difference that money just cannot compete with.Concrete Detail 3: Moral support is something that you can give no matter who you are. Thissmall thing helps veterans by giving them the feeling of welcome. Commentary 1: Bonnie Norwood and friends went to Washington to show moral supportto the veterans. Commentary 2: Moral support is something that is easy to show. Just by a simple smile toa veteran passing by, the veteran feels the moral support.Wrap Up Sentence: Helping veterans that suffer from PTSD is very important and anyone canhelp.Paragraph 9Topic Sentence 9: What are some things that veterans and their families can do to speak out?Concrete Detail 1: Unfortunately many PTSD victims cannot overcome their symptoms whichresults in suicide.This leaves families of the veteran in great need of support. Commentary 1: Support groups for suicide survivors are a very delicate matter. Manyfamilies have a difficult time hearing stories of other survivors. It is important to consider groupsize and parallel life experiences when choosing a group. Commentary 2: Helping these troubled families has become a goal for manyorganizations. Resources
  10. 10. Include the Center for Suicide Prevention Survival Council as well as many other agenciesfunded by Veterans Affairs.Concrete Detail 2: Television is a way to spread information and ideas about veterans and PTSDto a lot of people in a short amount of time. Commentary 1: Commercials about PTSD and veterans are on the television now andthey are helping veterans find themselves again. Commentary 2: Television is also a way for families of veterans to speak aboutsomething such as the loss of a veteran or the injuries of one.Concrete Detail 3: Public speaking about PTSD helps veterans find new treatment options tocope with their symptoms. Commentary 1: D.C. Faber, a retired Afghanistan veteran, has spoken publicly about hisexperiences with PTSD and how he has overcome his symptoms. Using data and experiences ofother PTSD victims,Faber has designed a new model of post-trauma. Commentary 2: Speaking publicly about this disease can help to decrease the suicide rateamong PSTDdiagnosed veterans. In this manner, ideas can be spread quickly thus reaching more victims.These lectures can also allow attendees, both victims and families, to research alternativemethods to coping with post-trauma.Wrap Up Sentence: Speaking about tragic things helps the mind to release some of the built uptension. These are only some of the ways to do this.Multimedia: skit/one act play and free-verse poemConclusion
  11. 11. By being aware of the organizations that help veterans that suffer from PTSD, there is aknowledge gained of where to direct someone you come in contact with that has PTSD or whereto go to learn more about PTSD. The different types of therapy used by these programs areimportant because each has different outcomes and different ones will work better depending onthe veteran. Being an aware community that helps with donations, time or just moral supporthelps these veterans and changes their future.