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writing a letter


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writing a letter

  1. 1. Hi, My name is ………….
  2. 2. IS or ARE My favorite sport is soccer. My favorite sport s are soccer and basketball. <ul><li>My favorite sports are play soccer and tennis. </li></ul>2. My favorite sports are playing soccer and tennis. 1. My favorite sport is play soccer 2. My favorite sport is playing soccer.
  3. 3. Have vs. Having 1. Carnota is known for have the ……………… 2. Carnota is known for having the ……………..
  4. 4. Carnota is known for having the longest beach . Carnota has a beautiful beach . The children and the adults can play games or run on the beach. The beach is long and the sand is white. In summer, many people come to enjoy the beach. In winter and in summer people walk on the beach.
  5. 5. Do you have a favorite sport? Do you have a favorite player?
  6. 6. Carnota is known for the longest hórreo. A hórreo is a granary. People store their potatoes in these granaries. This is an ancient tradition in Galicia.
  7. 7. 1. Carnota is near the Atlantic Ocean. 2. Carnota is near Cee. Carnota is near Finisterra. A long time ago, Finisterra was considered the end of the land on our continent.
  8. 8. ? What sports do you like? What sports do you like?
  9. 9. Best wishes, Violeta Take care, Violeta All the best, Violeta Kisses and hugs, Violeta