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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Parts of the body arm tummy bottom foot fingers hand leg toes
  2. 2. We all have eyes ears nose mouth © Ediciones Bilingües, S.L. u n it 1 eyelashes © Ediciones Bilingües, S.L. u n it 1 eyebrows © EdicionesBilingües, S.L. u n it 1 chin © EdicionesBilingües, S.L. cheeks
  3. 3. Joints help your body move
  4. 4. Hip, knee and ankle are joints in your leg ankle knee hip leg
  5. 5. Shoulder, elbow and wrist are joints in your arm shoulder wrist elbow arm neck
  6. 6. jaw
  7. 7. elbow neck knee shoulder ankle wrist jaw hip