Toy dogs


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The presentation was made by the student from group 203.

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Toy dogs

  1. 1. Toy Dogs
  2. 2. About Toy Dogs Group of small and very small breeds of dogs
  3. 3. Yorkshire Terrier: its coat The hair must be glossy, fine, straight, and silky. Traditionally the coat is grown-out long and is parted down the middle of the back.
  4. 4. Yorkshire Terrier: its character A ctive, loves attention, very overprotective
  5. 5. Yorkshire Terrier: its history Originated in Yorkshire and the adjoining Lancashire
  6. 6. Chihuahua: its coat The long-coat, the smooth-coat Colors: from solid blacks to solid whites
  7. 7. Chihuahua: its character A graceful, alert, swift-moving little dog with saucy expression, compact, and with terrier-like qualities of temperament
  8. 8. Chihuahua: its history Country of origin – Mexico
  9. 9. Russian Toy: its coat long haired, smooth coated
  10. 10. Russian Toy: its character Active and cheerful, vocal
  11. 11. Russian Toy: its history Place of origin – Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  12. 12. The best present