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Phrasal verbs


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Phrasal verbs presentation with exercises

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Phrasal verbs

  1. 1. FORM: VERB + PARTICLE (PREPOSITION OR ADVERB)Examples:◈ Wake up◈ Turn on◈ Look like
  2. 2. ABOUT:♪ They come from the Vikings.♪ No PV in old Englisn.♪ Phrasal Verbs are not informal.
  3. 3. ♪ PV in most cases are verbs of moviment.♪ In PV the stress falls on the particle, not on the verb: put ON, not PUT on♪ The meaning of the verb affects the meaning of the particle and vice-versa.
  4. 4. Examples: I don’t know if I’ll be able to get that day off. What time do you get off on Fridays? His father hired the top lawyer to get her off. I’m getting off at the next stop.
  5. 5. Some tricky situations: Same PV, different meanings:Bring up a child / Bring upyour lunch Same PV, different grammar, different meanings:Across the river / Get themessage across
  6. 6. Choose the best option:1. He’s not very good at getting his ideas ___________.a)Overb) Throughc) Across
  7. 7. Get Across:Communicate (specially details)
  8. 8. Choose the best option:2. He doesn’t get _______well with his mother-in-law.a)Inb) Alongc) Across
  9. 9. Get along (with):Have a good relationship
  10. 10. Choose the best option:3. The news of his arrestgot _______ quickly.a) Onb) Byc) Around
  11. 11. Get around:Spread / circulate
  12. 12. 3. This weather is gettingme _____.a) Downb) Throughc) Over
  13. 13. Get down:Cause someone to be depressed.
  14. 14. 4. I thought he would neverget ______ his illness.a) Downb) Throughc) Over
  15. 15. Get over:Recover from something.
  16. 16. 5. Paul got ______ the busto go to the store.a) Upb) Onc) At
  17. 17. Get on: Enter
  18. 18. 6. Let’s get ________tomorrow at 9?a)Togetherb) Throughc) Across
  19. 19. Get together: Meet
  21. 21. Someone _______last night and stoleour TV.a)Broke inb) Broke intoc) Broke at
  22. 22. Break in:Force entry to a building
  23. 23. They ________ last night,after 3 years dating.a)Broke inb)Brought inc) Broke up
  24. 24. Break up:End a relationship
  25. 25. Jason ______ thewedding_______ becausehe wasnt in love with hisfiancé.a)Brought inb)Got offc) Called off
  26. 26. Call off:Cancel
  27. 27. Please _______ youranswers before you submityour test.a) Go byb) Go overc) Go along
  28. 28. Go over:Review
  29. 29. Please ______ while Itransfer you to the SalesDepartment.a) Go onb) Hold onc) Try on
  30. 30. Hold on:Wait a short time
  31. 31. We ______of shampoo so Ihad to wash my hair withsoap.a) Ran outb) Ran offc) Ran over
  32. 32. Run out:Have none left