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Summative Review/Help

  1. 1. Summative Help/Review Foundation Science SC 22101
  2. 2. “Exam Content” form on Internet is WRONG! Midterm will be: -Digestive System -Excretory System -Reproductive System Stimuli and Health will NOT be on midterm!!
  3. 3. Latin and Greek PREFIXES What is a prefix? We studied many prefixes….. Homeo, hypo, hyper, iso, exo, endo. Homeostasis  Homeo is a prefix Sometimes people write prefixes like this: Endo- Hyper- Iso- The dash (-) shows you it is used as a prefix. Know ALL of the prefixes we studied in the “questions” in class. Is “pre” a prefix? YES! “Pre” means “before”. How do we use prefixes to help our English?
  4. 4. Concentrate More on Subjects We Studied More This test will focus on the digestive system and excretory system. The reproductive system WILL be on the test, but not as much as the above two.
  5. 5. Website The class website is your best study tool! You can download the presentations from class from slideshare…….. Tip: print powerpoints as “handouts”. This is a good way to print the notes…….