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Final Exam Help


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Final Exam Help

  1. 1. Final Exam Help Foundation Science SC 22102
  2. 2. Unit Conversions Unit conversions will be on the test, so practice them. MAKE SURE YOU SHOW ALL YOUR WORK AND CANCELLED UNITS! It is not just the right answer that gets you points.
  3. 3. Calculators You will need a calculator for the final exam. If you don’t have one, buy one. Any calculator that can multiply and divide is fine.
  4. 4. Concentrate More on Subjects We Studied More This test will focus on water. Unit conversions and rocks will be on the test, but not as much as the properties of water.
  5. 5. WATER For water, study your notes, but also you should be able to graph and understand how the density of water changes with temperature. -Unlike most other substances on earth, solid ice is less dense than liquid water. -Water is less dense as it gets hotter. -Water is most dense at 4 degrees Celsius.
  6. 6. EXTRA CREDIT! There is extra credit on the website! You can add up to 3 points on your final exam score out if 20! Due before final exam, but I may accept up until 28th February.
  7. 7. Retest THERE WILL NOT BE A RETEST. The score you get on the final exam will be your score!! If you get a 3 out of 20 your score will stay a 3. There is extra credit on the website, along with all the notes. No excuse for failing. I don’t think retests are fair for the students who studied. No retest, so study hard! 
  8. 8. Website The class website is your best study tool! You can download the presentations from class from slideshare. Use facebook to login and click on “save”. Tip: print powerpoints as “handouts”. This is a good way to print the notes…….
  9. 9. Website Problem In Google CHROME, if you can’t see the presentations on the website, try clicking the shield, then “load unsafe script”….