“2001: A Space Odyssey” Worksheet
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1. What kills one of the apes at...
23. Why doesn’t Hal open the pod bay doors? ____________________________________
24. What tool does the astronaut use to...
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2001 A Space Odyssey follow along worksheet


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Follow along worksheet written by yours truly. Ask if you aren't sure of the answers.

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2001 A Space Odyssey follow along worksheet

  1. 1. 1 “2001: A Space Odyssey” Worksheet Name __________________________ Class_____ ID #______ 1. What kills one of the apes at the start of the movie? _____________________________ 2. What are the apes fighting for? ______________________________________________ 3. The apes find a large monolith when they wake up. What color is the monolith? ______ 4. Do the apes touch the monolith? ____________________ 5. What is the first tool that man’s ancestors use (according to the movie)? ___________________________ 6. Name 2 things the apes are able to do with their new tool. ________________________ ___________________________ 7. Did the monolith change the apes? _________ How? ____________________________ 8. What are man’s newest tools (the movie shows them to you right after the apes)? ___________________________ 9. Who Does Dr. Floyd call on the videophone? ___________________________________ 10. Man is now master of the earth, but does it seem to you that man is the master of space? _____________ 11. What is the base on the moon called? ________________________ 12. Why did Dr. Floyd travel to the moon? _________________________________________ 13. Can you see a difference between the way men acted when they saw the monolith, and the way the apes acted when they saw it? __________ What was the difference? _____________________________________ 14. What happens when the men try to take a picture of the 2nd monolith? ______________ ________________________________________________________________________ 15. What planet do the astronauts go to after the men see the 2nd monolith on the moon? _________________________. 16. What is the name of the computer on the spaceship mission? _____________________ 17. Much of this movie is about man’s reliance on tools. What is the most advanced tool they have on their spaceship? _______________________________________________ 18. The astronaut goes out and tries to fix the spaceship’s ___________________________ 19. What was Hal’s mistake?___________________________________________________ 20. Hal says the mistake “can only be attributable to _______________ error”. 21. Did Hal ever make a mistake before this? ____________ 22. How does Hal figure out what the astronauts are saying while they are in the space pod? _____________________________
  2. 2. 2 23. Why doesn’t Hal open the pod bay doors? ____________________________________ 24. What tool does the astronaut use to “kill” Hal? _________________________________ Is that a simple, or a very complex tool? _____________________ 25. Where does the astronaut go after Hal dies? ___________________________________ 26. The astronaut has conquered his tools, what is the one last thing he must conquer in the movie before he takes his next evolutionary step? _______________________________ 27. At the end, you see a child and he is coming to earth. What changes do you think this child will bring with him? How do you think the earth will change when the child arrives? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ POST QUESTIONS 1. Who directed “2001: A Space Odyssey”? ______________________________________ 2. What country is the director from? __________________________________ 3. Where do you think the monoliths came from? ________________________________________________________________________ 4. What year was “2001: A Space Odyssey” made? _________________ 5. One of the main points of the film was man’s overreliance on technology. Do you think that is coming true today? ____________ 6. How was the spaceship to Jupiter able to simulate gravity? ________________________ 7. Why do you think Hal made a mistake? ________________________________________ 8. Why do you think Hal didn’t know the astronaut could shoot himself through the airlock and enter the ship? _______________________________________________________ 9. Why did the astronauts go to Jupiter? _________________________________________ 10. The astronaut puts himself into space without a spacesuit after HAL will not open the doors. Is it really possible to live in space for a few seconds without a space suit (research this, NASA is a good source for information)? ________________________________________________________________________ 11. The movie shows the astronaut in space, and there is no sound. Is there really no sound in space? __________________________ 12. In the movie you saw spaceships in space, which were miniature models. Did you like seeing the models, or do you prefer the look of the modern computer generated images? ________________________________________________________________ 13. How many monoliths appear in the movie? ___________________ 14. What do you think the monoliths mean in the movie. What do they represent? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________