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Asterix going to school


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A TeachMeet Int'l presentation, held on Dec 17, 2012

Published in: Education, Technology
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Asterix going to school

  1. 1. TeachMeet Int’l
  2. 2. Asterix going to schoolName: Marin RosandićSchool: IX. gimnazija - generalCity/ Country: Zagreb / HrvatskaRole: Latin language teacher
  3. 3. Where did the idea come from?
  4. 4. What resource or tools did I use?
  5. 5. How did I implement the project?Now, the real challenge...To come up with a story and make itunderstandable for the teaching unit...
  6. 6. The original photograph of the comic...
  7. 7. Manipulated photograph for the teaching lesion...
  8. 8. What where the biggest challenges?
  9. 9. What impact has the project had onmy students?
  10. 10. Be proud about your knowledgeBe more selfconfidentBe satisfied
  11. 11. Has the project enchanced theteaching and learning process?
  12. 12. Quisque volans aliqua fieri praedoctus in artedebebit studium continuare suum.Whoever wishes to be completely taught in certain skills (knowledge), willhave to continuously keep learning.
  13. 13. Useful links: