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The Munchable Computer Station was created by Team Gx2 for A Crash Course on Creativity, Spring 2013.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. THE MUNCHABLE COMPUTER STATIONCHINDOGUCreated forA Crash Course in CreativityGroup Gx2Mannie ZellerSusan Lieberman
  2. 2. Think of the computergamer who wants toplay lengthychallenging gamesuninterrupted!!!But, the poor gamergets hungry from timeto timeWhat is to be done?2
  3. 3. First set-upthe computer3
  4. 4. Then findsomenutritiousplants4
  5. 5. Plants + Computer=“MunchableComputer” station5Creating Something New!
  6. 6. HappyGaming!Image retrieved May 16, 2013 from Wikipedia at
  7. 7. Sources of Images Images and sound in this presentation not alreadycited are from the following subscribed (s) or royalty-free (r) sources Microsoft Office clips (s) (s) (s) Wikipedia Commons7