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Patricia polacco powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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Patricia polacco powerpoint

  1. 1. Patricia Polacco
  2. 2. Grampa took Mary Ellen inside awayfrom the crowd. "Now, child, I am goingto show you what my father showedme, and his father before," he saidquietly.He spooned the honey onto the coverof one of her books. "Taste," he said,almost in a whisper. . . ."There is such sweetness inside of thatbook too!" he said thoughtfully. "Suchthings...adventure, knowledge andwisdom. But these things do not comeeasily. You have to pursue them. Justlike we ran after the bees to find theirtree, so you must also chase thesethings through the pages of a book!
  3. 3. • Joy, family, learning• Social Issues• Child interactionwith an elderlyperson
  4. 4. • Born in 1944, Michigan• Parents divorced when she was3 years old• School Year withmom/grandparents in Oakland, CA• Summers with dad/grandparentsin Union City, MI
  5. 5. • Struggled in school.• Teased.• Teacher/Hero• Learned to read whenshe was 14 years old.• Recounted thismemory in Thank You,Mr. Falker
  6. 6. Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln * Bun Bun Button * The Junkyard WondersJanuarys Sparrow * In Our Mothers House * Someone for Mr. SussmanFor the Love of Autumn * The Lemonade Club * Ginger and PetuniaSomething About Hensleys * Rotten Richie and the Ultimate DareEmma Kate * Mommies Say Shhh * An Orange for FrankieJohn Philip Duck * Oh Look! * The Graves Family"G" is for Goat * Christmas Tapestry * When Lightning Comes in a JarMr. Lincolns Way * Betty Doll * The Butterfly * Luba and the WrenWelcome Comfort * Mrs. MacK * Thank You, Mr. FalkerIn Enzos Splendid Gardens * The Trees of the Dancing GoatsI Can Hear the Sun : A Modern Myth * Aunt Chip and the Great Triple CreekDam AffairBabushkas Mother Goose * Babushkas Doll * My Ol ManMy Rotten Redheaded Older Brother * Pink and SayTikvah Means Hope * Babushka Baba Yaga * The Bee TreePicnic at Mudsock Meadow * Mrs. Katz and Tush * Chicken SundaySome Birthday! * Appelemandos Dreams * Uncle Vovas TreeJust Plain Fancy * Boat Ride With Lillian Two BlossomThunder Cake * The Keeping Quilt * Casey at the Bat * Rechenkas Eggs *Meteor!
  7. 7. Polacco’s Stories• A reflective autobiography of her life• Children learn to respect others and care about people olderthan themselves.• Respect and Joy• Multicultural• Intergenerational• Stories about the power of stories
  8. 8. Polacco’s Illustrations• Warm and humorous• Vivid palette of colors• Mixed-media: acrylic, watercolors, pencils and even realphotographs of family members.
  9. 9.