I love Europe by Mia Pejić 6a


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Presentation about some EU countries by Mia Pejić, 6a

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I love Europe by Mia Pejić 6a

  1. 1. IEur pe
  2. 2. Europe On the picture you can see Europe. Europe has 42 states. One of them is Croatia.
  3. 3. Ireland• Ireland is an island European country, bordering with Great Britain. According to the constitutional arrangement of Ireland is a parliamentary democracy, is divided into 26counties and the capital is Dublin. Member of the European Union since 1973., And the official currency is the euro, which in 2002. replaced the Irish pound.
  4. 4. United Kingdom• UK is an island in the North Europe.• The capital city is London.• The Queen of UK is Elizabeth II.
  5. 5. Norway• The capital city of Norway is Oslo.• This land area of ​385 252 square kilometers inhabited by some 4.9 million inhabitants.Norway is one of the least populated countries in Europe.
  6. 6. Sweden• Sweden is the fourth largest country in Europe and occupies the southeastern part of theScandinavian peninsula.• The capital city is Stockholm.• Sweden become a member of the EuropeanUnion on 1 of January 1995.
  7. 7. Finland• Most of Finland is low, gently rolling, forested region with many lakes. There are 187.888lakes (larger than 500 m²) and 179.584 of the island. The capital city is Helsinki.• With the official language of the Finnish is also Swedish.• In1995th She became a member of the European Union.
  8. 8. France• France is one of the founding countries of the European Union, the largest mem ber of its territory. It’s also the country that is the founder of the United Nations.• The capital yity is Pariz• One of the most developed, richest and the most state of the world, with 82 million tourists a year and most visited.
  9. 9. Germany• Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world and one of the foundingmembers of the European Union. Member of the United Nations, NATO, G8 and G4. The largest European country in population and has the strongest European economy.• The capital city is Berlin.
  10. 10. Spain• Since 1986 Spain become a member of the European Unije. Glavni city of Spain is Madrid. A city with 3,155,359 people in the Pyrenean peninsula. Other majo r cities are: Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoz a and Malaga.
  11. 11. Croatia• According to the 2001 census. , Croatia has 4,437,460 inhabitants. [1] Croats make up89.6% of the population, the political organization of Croatia is a parliamentarydemocracy. She is a member of the United Nations of 22 May 1992. [3] [4] Croatia is a member of the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, the Central European Free Trade Agreement, North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Since 2004. candidate for EU membership.