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Čakovec by Ana Meglić 6b


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Presentation of Čakovec by Ana Meglić, 6.B

Published in: Education, Travel
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Čakovec by Ana Meglić 6b

  1. 1. Čakovec
  2. 2. I live in small place Strahoninec next to Čakovec.Čakovec is situated in the north west of Croatia.
  3. 3. I live in small settlement Strahoninec next to Čakovec.Čakovec is situated in the north west of Croatia.
  4. 4.  My town Čakovec is not too big and not too small.There live about 16 thousand people.It has older and new part.Older part is around centre and new,younger that is called South,over the railroad tracks.
  5. 5.  For longer than 5 centuries here stay an old castle called"Zrinski castle".Today we use this building as central history museum.
  6. 6.  All around castle is big park with children´s playgrounds,walking paths and the playgrounds, oldest three,acacia,next to the public library.
  7. 7.  Čakovec has lot of places for education:3 primary schools,5 high schools (gymnasium,economic,GOC,TIOŠ and economic and trade school) and universities:pedagogic academy and Polytechnic Čakovec.
  8. 8. Famous people in Čakovec: Filip Ude Bojan Jambrošić
  9. 9. I would tell tourist that Čakovec is nice town with lot of interesting places and activities:swimming pool,skate park,culture centre,museum"Zrinski",park,shopping centres, Hotel"Park",St.Nikola´s church and centre.
  10. 10. fo r k g n n s ath chi w a t