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China Plan 2020 Australia Tourism


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Plan de Turismo de Australia para fomentar el crecimiento del turismo chino de cara al año 2020.

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China Plan 2020 Australia Tourism

  1. 1. 2020 Domestic International Summary of Tourism Australia’s China 2020 Strategic Plan $7-9billionWHY CHINA? • elped build a broad and robust H distribution network, having trainedChina is Australia’s most valuable and qualified over 2,000 Chinese agentsinbound tourism market. In through the Aussie Specialist Program and Potential spend by Chinese visitors in 2020 developed 70 Premier Aussie Specialist2010 the China inbound market agents;contributed $3.26 billion to theAustralian economy. By 2020,this market has the potential to 2009 2020 • riven over 3 million online users to D in a single year; • enerated significant publicity through a G 860,000 Potential Chinese visitors to Australia in 2020 range of public relations activity (valued atcontribute $7 to $9 billion annually. 100million more than $13 million in 2009/10);Australia has experienced faster arrivals • rovided marketing support for seasonal Pgrowth from China than any other market. air charters and supplementary servicesIn 2010, China was Australia’s fourth largest Outbound Chinese travellers by 20202 from China and Hong Kong to Cairns,source of visitor arrivals with 454,000 Chinesevisitor arrivals to Australia, 24 per cent higher Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide (35 over the us$838bnthan 2009.1 last two years);Tourism Australia (formerly the Australian • orked with and supported Australian and WTourist Commission) opened an office in Chinese Governments on visa processing-Shanghai in 1999 after Australia received Predicted value of China’s outbound Australia is recognised by the ChinaApproved Destination Status. Since then, in market by 20203China, Tourism Australia has: National Tourism Administration as ‘Best Practice’ and the benchmark for other ADS 2 Tourism Economics and United Nations World Tourism Organization • olled out major campaigns with key R 3 Boston Consulting Group, 30 March 2011 partners such as Visa for the landmark destinations. ‘Australia Prefers Visa’ campaign, Qantas, 1 Tourism Research Australia, International Visitors in Australia and China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines Australian Bureau of Statistics, Overseas Arrivals and Departures and State Tourism Organisations; (cat. no. 3401.0)WHAT WILL SUCCESS LOOK LIKE IN 2020?CHART 1: CHINA POTENTIAL FOR OVERNIGHT TOURISM EXPENDITURE 10000000 9022012 Upper Senario Upper Scenario $9.0 billion 8000000 7405787 Trend Lower Scenario Lower Senario Potential $7.4 billion 6000000 $Billions, nominal Linear Trend 5026945billion $5.0 Linear Trend 4000000 2000000 0 99 000 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019 020 19 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 China 2020 Strategic Plan – 2011
  2. 2. HOW WILL WE ACHIEVE THE CHINA MARKET’S TOURISM POTENTIAL?KEYS TO SUCCESSThe five areas pivotal to achieving China’s 2020 tourism potentialand winning market share are:1. KNOW THE CUSTOMER 2. GEOGRAPHIC STRATEGYDuring the first year of implementation, The Geographic Strategy identifies the focusTourism Australia will increase its direct for Tourism Australia’s resources to maximisemarketing effort in China, doubling the the Chinese market growth opportunities andmarketing budget for China in 2011/12. achieve the 2020 goal.Tourism Australia’s target audience is affluent Tourism Australia is currently active in 13Chinese couples who have an independent cities, with distribution development in alltravel mindset and want to explore and 13 and consumer marketing in five (Chart 2).experience local culture. This group delivers Over time Tourism Australia will develop andhigh volume and spend and are geographically implement a competitive expansion strategyconcentrated in Tourism Australia’s current (Chart 3) informed by an analysis of over 600priority cities. Tourism Australia will use this Chinese cities using economic, demographic,consumer knowledge to understand what distribution, visa and aviation data.Chinese couples read, watch and listen to and In the short to medium term the focus willhow they research, plan and book holidays to remain in Greater Beijing, Greater Shanghaiour competitive advantage. and Guangdong to allow marketing and tradeOngoing consumer research conducted by efficiencies. Tourism Australia will ultimatelyTourism Australia in existing and new targeted extend marketing into the rising wealth areascities will provide the base for digital, media of Greater China.and distribution strategies and help ensure the Trade and distribution development will be thestrategy remains relevant to the needs of the initial focus in new cities. Tourism Australiamarket. will build upon the strong distribution networkTourism Australia will leverage the strong of over 2,000 qualified Aussie Specialistdigital and social network channels in China to Program agents in line with this geographicreach our target segment. strategy to ensure consumers have access to well trained and knowledgeable distribution.Business Events Australia and the Associationof Australian Convention Bureaux areundertaking research to provide a thoroughevaluation of the potential, distribution,motivations and channels for the BusinessEvents market in China. This research willsupport the development of a three-year CHART 2: EXISTING MARKETSBusiness Events Plan for China which willcommence in 2011/12. BEIJING TIANJIN QINGDAO NANJING SHANGHAI HANGZHOU NINGBO CHONGQING XIAMEN GUANGZHOU DONGGUAN FOSHAN SHENZHEN
  3. 3. CHART 3: PHASED CITY EXPANSION STRATEGY Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Setting the Foundation Seeing the Results Achieving the Potential 13-24 Cities 24+ Cities 30+ Cities RMB 120,000 in priority cities (millions) Estimated households with income 21.95 + 9.41 + 3.78 - 9.41 2011 2014 2017 20203. QUALITY AUSTRALIAN EXPERIENCES 4. AVIATION DEVELOPMENT 5. PARTNERSHIPSWhile Chinese consumers generally rate A healthy aviation environment will be critical Tourism Australia’s success in the ChineseAustralia as a highly desirable destination, to the success of the China 2020 goal. More market has been achieved through effectivethere are instances where visitor expectations planes, with more connections to more partnerships with Government and industryhave not been met – particularly relating to destinations in Australia, aligned to the including Qantas, China Southern Airlines andgroup travel and shopping experiences. Geographic strategy will be essential to bring other carriers along with States and Territories. the increase in economic value to Australia. Expanding and strengthening our partnershipsOther issues impacting visitor satisfaction will be integral as Tourism Australia expandsinclude the availability of Mandarin speaking Tourism Australia has strong co-operative to new cities in China.guides and relevant product for Chinese partnerships with the major carriers servicingvisitors. Australia – Qantas, China Southern, Air China Tourism Australia will continue to work with and Hainan Airlines – and will look to extend its partners by leading the:Tourism Australia’s Chinese customer insights these relationships in the short term.will help the industry to deliver targeted • hina Industry Advisory Group Cproducts and experiences. Through its support The first priority is to work with relevant (based in China)for both the extended ADS Scheme and the partners to ensure sufficient capacity to • hina Market Advisory Panel CTQUAL tourism accreditation mark, Tourism meet demand from existing and immediate (based in Australia)Australia will be working with Governments growth markets. Focus will be on securingand industry to address quality issues. more direct services, expanding routes, new To streamline consultation and engagement airlines (including third country carriers and on whole of government issues andTourism Australia’s work with Austrade and low cost carriers) and partnering with airlines approaches to market development, Tourismthe State and Territory Tourism Organisations in cooperative marketing to ensure new and Australia will be involved in:will aim to drive infrastructure investment existing services are commercially sustainable. • overnment Reference Group (based in Gin Australia. Charter programs will continue to be used to Australia to consider whole of government maximise opportunities such as Chinese New issues and approaches) Year, and as a way to prove viability of new • overnment Advisory Panel G services and open up new destinations. (based in China) China 2020 Strategic Plan – 2011
  4. 4. WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU? HOW DO YOU GET INVOLVED?The China 2020 Strategic Plan means being For more detail, please contact thepart of a bigger picture for Australian tourism. International Markets team in Sydney.It means: • xpanding your reach and cut-through in the E Contact: world’s fastest growing outbound market; Heidi Andrews, Business Support Manager Asia • aving greater access to Tourism H Email: Australia’s research and insights on the Phone: +61 2 9361 1264 Chinese target customer; Tourism Australia’s corporate site • eing able to more confidently enter new B ( contains markets within China with the benefit of information on the market and the Chinese Tourism Australia’s market analysis and consumer. Updates on Tourism Australia established distribution networks; activities and the China market are published • nderstanding where and how to invest in U in Tourism Australia’s industry newsletter, your product to attract and retain Chinese Essentials. customers; and For more information on the Approved • orking together with the tourism industry W Destination Status scheme, please refer to to maximise the China opportunity. ‘Tourism Programs’ at State and regional tourism organisations are also a source of market intelligence on China.WHO IS ON BOARD?In October 2010, Federal, State and Territorytourism ministers committed to workingtowards achieving the 2020 TourismIndustry Potential and called on industry andGovernment to work together to addressdemand and supply side challenges.The China Strategic Plan is the result ofthis government and industry partnership.Significant engagement and consultation wasundertaken to develop the Plan, including: • ourism industry leaders in China T and Australia • Industry associations • State and territory tourism organisations • overnment stakeholders in China G and AustraliaThe China 2020 Strategic Plan has the fullsupport of key industry players and State andTerritory Tourism Organisations. China 2020 Strategic Plan – 2011