Optimizing the CEREC Practice


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August 12-13th, 2011
The Scottsdale Center for Dentistry

Align your team, drive patient value, maximize the "same-day" value, energize patient interest, stimulate patient invitations and new patient flow, adjust team job roles to integrate CEREC, implement proven strategies and techniques, master CEREC best practices, understand the clinical possibilities and optimize your clinical workflow to utilize CEREC as effectively as possible to deliver the best clinical care to patients.

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Optimizing the CEREC Practice

  1. 1. OPTIMIZINGTHE CEREC PRACTICETEAM STRATEGIES FOR DRIVING PRACTICE GROWTHTHROUGH EFFECTIVE CEREC INTEGRATIONAN IMTIAZ MANJI EVENTIn this all-new program by practicegrowth expert Imtiaz Manji andexpert CEREC clinician Dr. SameerPuri, dental practices will learn team-driven strategies for driving practicegrowth in today’s marketplace, andhow successful CEREC integrationat all levels can play a central role inachieving that success.OPTIMIZED CEREC INTEGRATIONWITH AN EDGE.Practices that effectively master CEREC integrationundergo powerful transformations. By effectivelyintegrating CEREC at every level, practices are able togo deeper in their clinical mastery, to engage patientsat a higher level of dental care, and to energize theteam’s passion for dentistry.For these practices, CEREC serves as a strategic vehiclefor delivering the best clinical care possible for patients,while providing those patients with undisputable valueand convenience. And when integrated effectively,CEREC’s unique technology can significantly enhancea practice’s productivity and optimization.Ultimately, the optimized CEREC practice recognizesone simple truth: CEREC is more than a technicaladd-on – it’s a technology-driven catalyst that canbe leveraged successfully to spark profound practicegrowth in a sustained way.
  2. 2. COMPREHENSIVE, TEAM-DRIVEN STRATEGIES LEARNING OBJECTIVES Over the course of two intensive and inspiring days, Upon completion of the course, you and your team doctors and their teams will gain powerful insight into will have knowledge and skills necessary to: all areas of CEREC integration, including clinical mastery, value creation, productivity enhancement and team • Align the entire team around a profound vision for alignment. the success of the practice and the highest standards for patient care Optimizing the CEREC Practice delivers comprehensive team-driven training that showcases how incorporating • Drive patient value for care and improve acceptance by integrating CEREC values and benefits into your the technology into three key areas of every practice case presentation techniques will result in significant practice growth and success: • Maximizethe “same-day” value of CEREC to get patient commitment to care on the day it is presented CLINICAL CARE CEREC technology is an essential tool for doctors who • Energize patient interest in esthetics and discretionary dentistry with CEREC strategies that help patients embrace want to achieve a higher level of clinical mastery and a vision for comprehensive care deliver the best clinical care possible for patients. • Stimulate patient invitations and new patient flow PATIENT VALUE through internal and external CEREC marketing techniques, CEREC offers a unique opportunity for practices including social media through its ability to add value to comprehensive cases • Adjust team job roles to integrate CEREC ideally in your daily in a way that is incredibly convenient for patients. practice workflow CEREC strategies inspire a higher level of patient interest and engagement, resulting in increased acceptence • Implement proven strategies and techniques to increase clinical productivity through CEREC-driven scheduling and new patient flow. strategies and tools PRACTICE OPTIMIZATION • Master CEREC best practices used by top CEREC Effective CEREC integration can significantly enhance practices and clinicians a practice’s workflow, and powerfully drive productivity with enhanced scheduling choices and strategies. • Understandthe clinical possibilities of CEREC and how to become more agile and competitive in today’s consumer-market • Optimize your clinical workflow to utilize CEREC as effectively as possible to deliver the best clinical care to patientsPROGRAM DETAILS TUITION AUGUST 2011 12 13 $1,495 $1,250 AUGUST 2011 FRIDAY PER DOCTOR SATURDAY PER TEAM MEMBER CE CREDITS7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. 16 HOURSBreakfast (and Registration on Aug. 12)8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.Program session (includes 30-minute break) TO REGISTER12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.Lunch included1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.Program session (includes 30-minute break) CALL OR EMAIL SHAYNA PHIPPS ATEvening of Day One6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.Reception 1-800-781-0072 SPHIPPS@SCOTTSDALECENTER.COM
  3. 3. Imtiaz Manji Sameer Puri, D.D.S.Founder and CEO, Scottsdale Center for Dentistry Co-Director, CAD/CAM, Scottsdale Center for DentistryCEO, Spear Education Co-Founder of cerecdoctors.comImtiaz Manji is a visionary with a passion for teaching A certified trainer and educator in CEREC proficiency,dentists how to fulfill their goals for personal and Dr. Sameer Puri co-founded cerecdoctors.com inprofessional success. With more than 25 years of direct 2006, growing the website into what is today’s largesthands-on experience in healthcare leadership, he online resource for CEREC owners in the world. Dr.has coached some of the most successful practices Puri also conducts hands-on CEREC training coursesin dentistry. He is past CEO of Mercer Advisors, where and seminars for clinicians from around the worldhe built one of the most successful dental consulting, as Scottsdale Center for Dentistry’s co-director offinancial planning and transition services companies CAD/CAM. Additionally, as a trusted CEREC expert, Dr.in the world. As CEO of Scottsdale Center for Dentistry Puri is heavily involved in the beta testing of the CERECand Spear Education, Manji leverages his wide-ranging software and hardware and is one of the few alphaknowledge of dentistry, dental technology and testers of the CEREC software.practical strategies for growth into an environmentdedicated to the best level of clinical excellence, dentaltechnology and quality patient care.LOCATIONSCOTTSDALE CENTER FOR DENTISTRYScottsdale Center for Dentistry brings together clinicalexcellence, leading-edge technology and practicesuccess to create a complete learning experiencefor doctors and their teams. The state-of-the-art campus offers a truly uniquelearning environment in whichdental professionals can notonly gain clinical training that issecond-to-none but also reconnectwith their passion for dentistry.
  4. 4. AN IMTIAZ MANJI EVENTWHATPEOPLE ARESAYINGFrom proven business strategies that drive practice growth topowerful tools that revive and energize dental teams, Imtiaz “Thank you, Imtiaz! You’ve provided so much informationManji knows what it takes for dental practitioners to achieve and so many ideas that enhancethe ultimate level of success in their professional and personallives. He understands that dentistry is a relationship business. my practice and really my life inDoctors and teams who have attended his trend-setting general. Your excitement andworkshops will testify that his powerful insight has helped enthusiasm are infectious!” – Dr. Janet Lawlerthem reach levels of success and fulfillment that were notthought possible. “It doesn’t compare! Other programs do not have Imtiaz!” “Very inspirational! Not only in – Mary Danboise a dental aspect, but also Office Administrator, about life.” Dr. Reginald Danboise, D.M.D. Misty Trujillo – Office Manager, Mirage Dental Associates “Imtiaz is a master. He makes you want to be not only the best dentist but the “Imtiaz has the best mind best person you can be.” –Dr. Jeff Buxton when it comes to modifying “This course has … your behavior and the be- reinforced the recognition havior of others to say “yes” that core values and beliefs when important decisions can truly translate to need to be made.” “Imtiaz, thank you for shar- economic success.” – Dr. Ernie Thompson ing the vision, charisma – Dr. Tim Christian and enthusiasm to realize the passion I always knew I had!” – Dr. Richard Curotto