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Analysing Magazine Front Covers!


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Analysing Magazine Front Covers!

  1. 1. Analysing magazine front covers !
  2. 2. This magazine has a dull background and the text stands out because of its bright colours like “ green, blue and red” these colours don’t particularly match but seem to go well together, giving this magazine a unique style. The background is very detailed but the text takes your attention away from this and is very eye grabbing. The text is also a unusual design and is centred straight across the top of the page with the skyline above it. This magazine contains little text but still is fit for purpose. The front cover image is placed right in the middle so that is the first thing you look at. The cover lines are plotted around the image.
  3. 3. The name of the magazine “g” is centred to the left of the magazine very noticeably. It stands out and is of a large size. The cover lines are in capital letters and are bold. The magazine has a clear design but it works well, also another magazine that uses the colours red and black. The red colour draws your eye to the magazine. Some of the text is placed on a slant with a box of colour surrounding it. The image looks serious and facial expressions also show a rebel/attitude behaviour.
  4. 4. The red and black colours that they use are recognisable because the colours run throughout the magazine including in the double page spread and the contents page. The image is very clear in the middle of the magazine and gives you a sense and feel of attitude. You can see this by her facial expressions. The writing has a bold black outlining. The black outline contrasting with the white block text. The text stands out and is of a large size which makes it very clear. The cover line is centred to the left and positioned almost in the middle.