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Research Of Existing Analysis.
Music Magazines.
3 x Front Covers, Cotents Pages and Double Page Spreads.

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Research PowerPoint

  1. 1. Research
  2. 2. The photograph used for this The colour scheme on this Front Cover is Black, White and Red. Front Cover show the band These colours run in sync with the punk, indie & emo all of which socializing outside what NME covers and contains. The colour scheme, led by this Front appears to be one of there Cover is continued throughout and allows the audience to homes. The shot is a mid- familiarize themselves with the magazine and feel as if it is their shot and this gives the own. audience a sense of being on the same level as the band. There is only one main This closeness is re-enforced font used on this Front by the eye contact given by Cover. The font for the all 4 members within the main articles title and picture. The choice of black magazine title are both and white emphasizes the around the same larger class of the photograph and size. This is to obtain the gives the overall front cover audiences attention. One an unusual sense of territory. is a chunkier version of the other. This clear style• The front cover has the look of font is a convention of the an old photo album, this helps music genre featured here. add to the intimacy of the For the subheadings/pull photography and appeals to quotes the same text is audience. It is eye used but in a smaller size. catching, particularly with the The large size and in red use of red, to emphasize the text help focus the reader black and white of the rest of towards the words which the page. advertises the article Front Cover inside.
  3. 3. The are several photographs used in this ContentsPage. This signifies to the audience that there is a lot within the magazine and advertises a wide range of topics covered. The shots are all ofdifferent people and emphasize the wide range of music genres covered. NME is stereotypically known for being a broad music magazine. Because of the differences in the colours of the separate photographs, there is a simple black and white colour scheme. It lacks the typical third colour of red and this is so it doesn’t clash with any of the colours in the pictures. There are a lot of pull quotes on this page for specific reasons; - To advertise the vast range of materials within the magazine. - To emphasize the separate articles. - - To make it easier for the audience to find the specific page they’re looking for. Contents PageThere have been several different fonts used on this Contents page. The font for the main body of thearticle is a simple font which is easy for the audience to read. The pull quotes use two versions of thesame font. One is an italics version of the other. For the adverts and extras a new font has been used but it is not overly bold or in italics. Contents Page continued…
  4. 4. Contents Page continued… This contents page relies heavily on images to fill the space. The writing is quite bare and there is even an advert to fill some more of the space. This could be reflective of the audience and the amount of time they are prepared to spend reading . A short pull quote in the centre of the page has been used to focus the audiences attention towards there. The contents page has the look of a scrapbook in places. It is eye catching, particularly with the use of black and white. The contents page follows many conventions of a broad music genre with the use of distressed fonts. Contents Page
  5. 5. The photographs used on this DPS show the band performing live.This supports the article. The shots are a mixture of mid-shots and close-ups. This gives a sense of closeness between the band andthe audience. This natural intimacyis emphasized through the down to earth style of photography. Thechoice of black , white and green is simple but works in sending a healthy message to the audience. The article is mainly a description of the bands music from the beginningright up to the present. The language is plain and fairly informal. A lot ofthe article is made up of quotes from the band. The reading age is around21 years old which fits with the both Double Page Spread the style of magazine and the band. The colour scheme on this double page spread is Key uses of slang and similar black, white and white. These colours are stereotypical oflanguage include the words ‘magical’ the punk, rock and indie genres of music which NME and ‘veiled’. This kind of language covers. By following this convention the magazine allows paints a picture of the band, their the audience to feel at home with the colour scheme. It music and their audience. helps an audience see that this magazine is made for them
  6. 6. This double page spread is full of text. The article itself is quite long and even with the addition of a timeline there is still a lot of reading material on the page. This could be reflective of the audience and the amount of time they are prepared to spend reading . A random short pull quote has been used to focus the audiences attention and this has been followed up with a sub heading to give an insight into what the article is about Double Page Spread The double page spread appeals to the audience through the vast amount of text which fits the audiences reading capacitys. It is eye catching, particularly with the use of green, anatural and earthy colour to emphasize the stark black and white of the rest of the page. The double page spread follows many conventions of the broad rock music genre, informal photography at live gigs bands shown performing and use of distressed fonts.
  7. 7. The photograph is a set of separate images that set the band apart. Each image is a different band member all put onto the same front cover. The shot is a mid-shot and this gives the audience asense of being on the same level as the band. This closeness is then questioned by the lack of eyecontact given by all 4 members within the picture. They are all wearing sunglasses.The front cover has a layered and collaged look, this helps add to the differences of the separate bandmembers and appeals to audience. It is eye catching but surprisingly eye-catching. This is because the front cover is made of simple and dull colourswhich fits in with they stereotypes of this particular music genre. There is only one main font used on this Front Cover. The font for the main articles title and magazine title are both around the same larger size. This is to obtain the audiences attention. One is a chunkier version of the other. This clear style font is a convention of the music genre featured here. For the subheadings/pull quotes the same text is used but in a smaller size. The large size and in grey text help focus the reader towards the words which advertises the article inside.
  8. 8. This photograph is perfect for a contents page because it is laid out as if to suggest that the articles within the magazine are presented to us as a door into another music genre. The colour scheme issimple. The black and white There are several main fontsphotography allows the red within this double page title texts and headings spread. The pull quote at the stand out even more. bottom of this page is in a totally different and enlarged font to advertise it better and make it more noticeable. The title of the magazine is even more The smaller main text emphasized at the top of the which describes the page and is the biggest word articles signals the on the page. This allows the amount the intended audience to become more at audience is willing to read. home with the magazine and so to speak, make it their own. Contents Page The text to picture ratio is pretty even, the body on the right hand side kind of balances out the text on the left hand side.
  9. 9. This double page spread looks as if it could be two separate pages. This works well in distancing the artist from what they says. The black and white of the photograph and thetext and background fully brings out the big red L which stands for Gaga. Double Page Spread The image is of a naked Lady Gaga and is possibly The chains in the photograph lead us to signalling a no-bars-hold believe they will be discussed in the interview. This shows how interview. much the target audience are willing to take in and read.
  10. 10. MastheadTitle of Magazine Pull Quotes IMAGE IMAGE Tile of Main Article
  11. 11. This suggests a There is a very simple and easy to digest younger target layout to this contents page. There is nothingaudience, possibly too difficult in the layout which may bore arebellious teenage reader into stopping reading. through the main image shown on this page. Thearticles and blocks of texts are separated intosmaller chunks for the target audience. The magazine wouldnot work as well ifit didn’t do this. It works well in aiding the audience in growing to feel Contents Page part of the magazine as a whole.
  12. 12. The whole double pagespread looks like a form of scrapbook and fits Double Page Spread the genre of rock and roll and rock music. The Pull quote is purposely placed right in the middle to gather the audiences attention. Once they have read this they will continue to read the full interview.