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Hdrf skill training presentation


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Skill Training Project of Our Trust Must watch

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Hdrf skill training presentation

  2. 2. Defination Education, vocational training and lifelong learning are central pillars of employability, employment of workers and sustainable enterprise development within the Decent Work Agenda, and thus contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty. Skills development is key in stimulating a sustainable development process and can make a contribution to facilitating the transition from the informal to the formal economy. Skills development is also essential to address the opportunities and challenges to meet new demands of changing economies and new technologies in the context of globalization. The principles and values of decent work provide guidance for the design and delivery of skills development and are an effective way of efficiently managing socially just transitions.
  3. 3. Human Development & Research Foundation (Reg. no. E/17203/Ahmedabad)
  4. 4. Introduction • Human development & Research Foundation (HDRF) is established in 2005 and register with Government of India through Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), National Trust, Government of Gujarat under ‘The persons with Disabilities (Equal opportunities Protection of Rights and full participation) Act-1995’, VTP ( GCVT ) Online Registration also and all other statutory bodies of Govt. both at the State and Central Level. • HDRF is also exempted to receive donations / funds under Income Tax Act of Govt. of India namely 80-G 35 AC Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010. (FCRA)
  5. 5. Visions • To provide tailor made high quality vocational and skills training to individuals across the sectors optimizing their potential to the fullest resulting in higher employable rate in the industry. • To actively contribute for the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country's human development index. • To create opportunities for children with mental disorders and intellectual impairment to attain optimal level of independence and inculcate in them educational, social, emotional and economic rehabilitation through a multipronged approach.
  6. 6. Objectives The sole objective of HDRF is to offer quality and unique services in following core areas throughout the State of Gujarat such as: • Skills Training & Placement • Women & Child development • Rehabilitation of Mentally Retarded children • Educational & Social activities
  7. 7. Statutory Requirements Sr. No Government Body Registration Detail Registration Date 1. RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) A09495 26/10/2007 2. National Trust 010315171183011 2/3/2010 3. Director of Social Defense(Govt. Of Gujarat) 702-08 18/11/2008 4. Director of Income tax (Exemption) 12AA/939/07-08 1/4/2008 5. Director of Income tax 80G(5)/1162/2007- 08 6/5/2008 6. Govt. Of India (Ministry of Home Affairs) FCRA/041910453 (Educational, Social) 1/11/2013 7. Natonal Committee for Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare Section-35AC 27/05/2015
  8. 8. Detail of Projects under Skill Development Name of the Client Name of the Project Project done under … Duration of the work Number of Candidates Trained Number of Trained Candidates Placement Remarks Government of India Integrated skill development scheme for Textile The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development July 2015 to September 2015 1000 Ongoing Skilled development activities and to generate skilled and trained manpower for Textile Sector Corporate Social Responsibili ty ILFS Sector Council Certification Apr-2014 to March- 2015 100 and expecting more Ongoing Nursing Assistant and B.P.O. Corporate Social Responsibili ty Skill Upgradation Certification Programme Atul Auto, General Motors, Eagle Eye Security, Rajput Security, Technomine Apr-2014 to March- 2015 500 N.A. Automobile Sector, Security Sector, and B.P.O. Skill Enhancement Certificate Programme Government of India (NSDC) National Skill Development Corporation Star Project Everonn Skill Development Ltd. Mar-2013 to June-2014 250 250 Skill Training to Security Guards, Automobile Technicians, Retail persons, IT professionals Government of India ATIRA own project Mar-2013 to Mar-2014 300 300 (Self Employed) Skill Training on Stitching and Dress Making
  9. 9. Name of the Client Name of the Project Project done under … Duration of the work Number of Candidates Trained Number of Trained Candidates Placement Remarks Government of Gujarat GUDM Umeed Project The Orchid, Ahmedabad June – 2010 to March-2014 10,000 6500 approx Skill training in various fields like Motor Driving, Hospitality, Hospital Bed side assistance etc. with Placement (No. of Beneficiaries 10,000) Hospital for Mental Health Government of Gujarat Health Department 2010 to till date 2500 N.A. Counciling, Vocational Training, and Day Care center for M.R. Children Government of India Continuous Education Program (Nirantar Sikshan Yojna) appointed as a Nodal Officer by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation School Board 2003 to 2005 250 250 (Self Employed) Supervision of extra curricular activities for all schools maintained by AMC(Govt. of Gujarat) such as Adult Education, Evening School Government of India Continuous Education Program (Nirantar Sikshan Yojna) appointed as a Nodal Officer by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation School Board 2003 to 2005 N.A. N.A. As Advisor to Course MSW at Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Government of India Jan Shikshan Sansthan Gujarat University Own Project 2003 to 2005 300 300 (Self Employed) Conducted Training Programs for Urban Poor Students in Gujarat British Council Exchange Program Own Project by Founder March 2009 N.A. N.A. Program Co-Ordinator Student and Teacher Exchange program between The UK and India Gov. Of India NIIT NULM NIIT March 2015 to till now 100 Ongoing NULM Project for only BPL Candidate
  10. 10. Details of Association • Core Area : We have an excellent network in Gujarat to provide result oriented skill training program within 7 Municipal Corporations and 65 Nagar Palikas of Gujarat State. • Municipal Corporation : Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Rajkot and Jamnagar. • Sector : We have experience to provide training in Service Sector, Industrial worker and Soft Skill. • Placement : We have gracefully gave placement to our candidates in companies like Big Bazar, Reliance Retail, Jayatma Infotech, Stellion Laboratories, Het-Chint Hospitalities Pvt. Ltd.
  11. 11. • Conducted a workshop for 250 widows in below poverty line (BPL) to impart training and counseling at Sanand in August 2013. • Has involved in Continuous Education Programme, in collaboration with all government schools of Ahmadabad from 2003 to 2005. • Conducted a training programme in Gujarat for Vidhyapith for Adult Education from 2003 to 2005. • Has imparted skill training programme(Technical, Soft and Industry oriented) and successfully placed more than 5000 urban youth in 62 councils/ provinces of 7 municipal corporations of the Gujarat State. Social Skill Development Program
  12. 12. Social Skill Development Program • Conducted various employment oriented training programmes for women for sustainable development though self-help group. • Have been arranging special education, therapy and training sessions for MI and MR children at Hospital for Mental Health, Ahmedabad since 2009. • Organized a seminar for Women Advocacy Advice and Counseling and provided information about Lok Adalat. • Arranged training with Jan Shikshan Sanstha in Ahmedabad Municipal School no. 1 on different subjects like beauty parlour, sivan, adult education and social activities for around 3 months from 2003 to 2005
  13. 13. Additional Social Activities • Under the premises of Hospital for Metal Health, Govt. of Gujarat (Child Psychiatric Department) we are carrying out many educational activities. • Organized health check up camps to identify children who requires more attention and comprehensive training. A team of experts also provided counseling to children. • This is the most suitable facility especially for parents from poor socio-economic status of the society having children with mental disorder and retardation. • Our main focus is to provide counseling (assessment, special education, therapy and training) to both the parents and mentally retarded children.
  14. 14. Future Plan (Skill Development) • We are aiming to provide vocational training, to almost 10,000 beneficiaries in various sectors such as Automobile, Banking, Accounting and Guarding (Security Guard). • We intend to establish a Skill Upgradation Centre (SUC from CED Finance) with an aim to provide a range of training to beneficiaries increasing the chances getting suitable employment. • We also wish to start Umeed Project of Govt. of Gujarat, in various cities where we will provide skills training to various beneficiaries. • We want to organize training sessions for widows from economically weaker section (Department of Women & Child Development).
  15. 15. Future Plan:(Skill Development) • We wish to provide various vocational training programmes to economically weaker section of the society. • We wish to provide counseling training for female police officers serving in various police stations in Ahmadabad to begin with. • We wish to get enrolled as a Human Rights Body & Advisory Committee with a no. of Govt and Semi Govt depts/ boards / agencies. • We wish to provide training & placement in textile sector under ISDS Scheme to more than 10000/- trainees. • We wish to receive permission for assistance for tution fees for enhancement of skill under Gujarat Industrial Policy 2015 “Scheme for Enhancement of Technical Competence and Manpower”
  16. 16. Training Programs:
  17. 17. Training Programs:
  18. 18. Training Programs:
  19. 19. Activities at a glance: