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  1. 1. <ul><li>Staff Performance Appraisal Policy
  2. 2. Effective Date: 12/03/2011
  3. 3. Review: Dec 1 E2Y</li></ul>POLICY STATEMENT<br /><ul><li>The purpose of this policy is to establish a system for the appraisal, development, and documentation of all regular staff employee performance. </li></ul> The goals of performance appraisal are:- <br /><ul><li>To help ensure that the quality and quantity of work performed by FMS staff members best meets the university's needs;
  4. 4. To allow for continuous communication between supervisor and employee about job performance;
  5. 5. To offer the supervisor and employee the opportunity to develop a set of expectations for future performance;
  6. 6. To provide the opportunity for the supervisor and employee to assess the employee's past performance;
  7. 7. To provide for future development of the employee; and
  8. 8. To provide supporting documentation for pay decisions, promotions, transfers, grievances, complaints, disciplinary actions, and terminations.
  9. 9. Performance of an officer is appraised annually at the close of each calendar year and also on the transfer of the 1st appraiser (reporting officer) or of the appraisee ,if any of them is transferred after three months after the annual appraisal has been made</li></ul>Objectivity Of Performance<br /><ul><li>In order to keep objectivity the 2nd appraiser has to substantiate and justify deviation in rating from that of 1st appraiser in case deviation is more than 30%.
  10. 10. Rating in all parts of performance appraisal should be consistent with and complementary to each other e.g. if an employee is rated high in parts-II & III he should be rated accordingly in part-IV i.e; potential for growth.
  11. 11. Remarks in part-V &VI should be compatible with scores in part-II &III.
  12. 12. If the 1st and 1nd appraisers need to record any negative or outstanding performance of an employee, which is not already mentioned in previous parts , they can write it in parts V and VI, meant for 1st and 2nd appraisers remarks.
  13. 13. 04.09   Scoring of Performance
  14. 14. Rating guide is given at the end of is applicable to both part-II&III. Appraisers should read and follow it while rating the employees.
  15. 15. It has been noticed that some columns or parts of PA forms for the year 2006 were left blank like columns relating to “potential to growth” or “training & development” etc. it should be ensured that all parts are completely and properly filled.
  16. 16. “final score” will be arrived at by adding the net scores of part-II and part-III. The weightage given to part-II & III has been revised .now part-II(personal competencies) will carry 40% weightage and part-III 60% weightage . accordingly, “final score” or the overall rating of an individual will be arrived at in the following manner:-</li></ul> (total average score of part-II X 0.4) + (total average score of part-III X 0.6)<br /> Example :- (75 X 0.4 =30) + (80 X 0.6 =48) =78 out of 100)<br />PROCEDURES FOR APPRAISING TRANSFERRED EMPLOYEES OR EMPLOYEES WHO ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY SUPERVISED BY MORE THAN ONE SUPERVISOR<br /><ul><li>In case of multiple 1st appraiser only that officer is competent to write the appraisal report to whom the appraisee reported for the longest period</li></ul>PROCEDURES FOR APPEAL OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS<br /><ul><li>The employee may, within ten working days of receipt of the final copy of the Performance Appraisal Plan, appeal the results to the department director if he or she disagrees with the appraisal</li></ul>PROCEDURES FOR TIMELINESS OF APPRAISALS AND MAINTENANCE OF RECORDS<br /><ul><li>The 1st appraiser should submit the PA Forms to the concern 2nd appraiser latest by 20th January,2008 and send a certificate to PMD to the effect that he/she has submitted the appraisal forms of all the officers under his/her jurisdiction to the 2nd appraiser timely.
  17. 17. Second appraiser s are responsible to submit performance appraisal forms under their jurisdiction, complete in all respects, strictly in accordance with the instructions, in ONE LOT to performance management department latest by 7th February , 2008 along with a covering letter containing the list of officers whose forms are enclosed. Piece meals submissions of forms should be avoided. He should also submit a certificate to the effect that no PA form is pending with him/her.
  19. 19. All movement of performance appraisal forms should be properly diarized at each stage in order to fix responsibility in case of delay in submission of forms to next authority.</li></ul>Policy statement<br />