Initial planning


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Initial planning

  1. 1. Our main idea  We want to focus on how the internet does the internet affects some one’s lifestyle - Is there a life online? - Is it fulfilling?
  2. 2. Interviewed She said “social networking enables me to improve my typing skills and its create source of communication and also a way of entertainment” Oyinda 13 years Where as the other person we interview said “it is an easy source of communication to friends and family but I don't learn anything from it, and it also is a sign of distraction because if you want to do your home work, you cant really concentrate as much.
  3. 3. Possible Titles Life online?! A rhetorical question, gets the audience thinking It’s a catchy title Highlights the whole series and hints what it could be about ?! – Question or Statement YOU DECIDE
  4. 4. Education • Everything being more internet based • How we rely on internet resources Entertainment • To extent can our entertainment go to • How do we view entertainment now than 30 years ago Online Banking • How business’ are growing in the way they diverse Online Shopping • How it has helped us • Why is it so effective in society today Social Networking • How does this impact our lives • How has it affected society today • What are the risks of this in society • Advantages and Disadvantages We chose SOCIAL NETWORKING
  5. 5. What would happen in each episode General Introduction of the whole series Social networking sites Education Entertainment Commercialis m Gaining access for free sites that promotes pornography Websites that you can catch up on if you missed an apisode (Advantages of internet) How do we view entertainment now than 30 years ago •How is the internet being used to promote a product •Employment sectors •Various platform of business to gain easy access Online Banking Online Shopping •Home schooling •Kids learning online e.g. Bite size •Do they really find it useful •How we rely on internet resources • The variety of Social Networking sites •The pros and cons between the main social networking sites •The impact of having a social networking sites •Who are the audiences and how are they attracted
  6. 6. What would happen in each minutes ? 1st Minute 0 – 10 seconds PRESENTER Introducing themselves MUSIC No Music CAMERA Mid Shot of the presenter from the front and from the side 10 – 50 seconds INTRODUCTION 7-10 seconds worth of previews per episodes from future episodes - Education - Entertainment - Commercialism - Online Banking - Online Shopping MUSIC Up-tempo (Loud for the first 3 seconds then decreases whilst the VO starts) PRESENTER Introducing the show as a whole DESCRIPTION When the presenter asks “Is our Life really Online?!” the music stops VO and the title appears 50 – 60 seconds PRESENTER The presenter talks about this episode (Social Networking)
  7. 7. 2nd Minute 0 – 20 seconds PRESENTER The presenter still talking about the episode and the target audience (VO) CAMERA Establishing shot/Panning Shot of Westfield and Zooming in into our target audience (slowly fast-forwarding) MUSIC The same uplifting beat slowly ascending whilst the presenter finishes their sentence 20 – 60 seconds PRESENTER Asking the target audience some general questions (informal interviews) CAMERA Reverse Shot, Close Up, Mid Shot, Long Shot MUSIC Rapidly drops when presenter talks to the audience DESCRIPTION Film 5-6 sets of people but interview 20 3rd Minute 0 – 20 seconds PRESENTER The result of the audiences views (VO) CAMERA A long shot of the result from our research MUSIC The same uplifting beat going on really quietly in the background 20 – 40 seconds PRESENTER Facts about Social Networking Sites – In newspaper and internet (VO) CAMERA Close-up of highlighted phrases and quotes, Slide transition exiting different directions MUSIC The same up lifting beat going on really quietly in the background 40 – 60 seconds PRESENTER Presents Oyinka and introduces her life within social networking CAMERA Mid shot of presenter MUSIC No music
  8. 8. 4th Minute 0 – 60 seconds PRESENTER Conversation with Oyinka CAMERA Reverse Shot, Mid Shot, Close Up, 2 shot MUSIC No music 5th Minute 0 – 15 seconds PRESENTER Conversation still continuing (VO) CAMERA Close up, Extreme close up MUSIC No music DESCRIPTION A key moment that we can show interactively by zooming into the computer 15 – 40 seconds PRESENTER Talks about her thoughts after listening to Oyinka and her advice and what’s happening next week CAMERA Mid Shot of Presenter from different angles MUSIC The same up lifting beat going on really quietly in the background gradually getting louder 40 – 60 seconds CAMERA Videos of the best bits of next weeks episode MUSIC Music
  9. 9. Actor/ actress Name: Oyinda Age: 13 years What role is the actor / actress taken: Getting interviewed some question on social networking.
  10. 10. Costume and prop
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Institution  We want to broadcast our production on channel four as they are a British national channel which is already well known for popular documentaries so in this way many people can watch it, in case if people haven't able to watch it they can catch up later as channel 4 has more than one media platform to reach their audience ( 4od, online viewing)