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WeVue U


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This deck was created as a concept to pitch to describe how WeVue could be used for universities.

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WeVue U

  1. 1. U Create a better story together
  2. 2. Are you ready for GenZ?
  3. 3. 68% of gen-z uses social media to research colleges 25% growth in college 
 searches on youtube 92% of gen-z online daily top three networks teens use to research schools
  4. 4. of Gen-Z will watch a video from your college 80% 44% find videos posted by your current students 91% want your marketing tailored to their interests
  5. 5. 66% of students said a social media conversation impacted their choice
  6. 6. How can you positively engage GenZ prospects in more of these increasingly important conversations?
  7. 7. Your stories are being told across campus…
 every, single, day
  8. 8. Ambassador shot Make sure we have user stories associated with these campus 
 life her 
 major student
 athletics What if you had a way to create great stories together
  9. 9. And connect those stories with prospects where and how they connect online
  10. 10. User Story Output • Campus Life Microsite While maintaining your brand with consistency and control
  11. 11. Campus Story-telling at Scale Introducing…
  12. 12. Create Content Curate Content Connect Content Marketing Admissions Student Affairs / Life Athletics Affinity Groups Colleges / Faculty Alumni Groups Via Email On Mobile On WebTo Social Ambassadors Pose, Click, & Upload Admins Cut, paste, & publish Community& Prospects learn, engage, & share
  13. 13. Content DevelopmentCreation
  14. 14. Request Content Mashup Content Edit Content Curation
  15. 15. Via Email On Mobile On Web To Social Welcome to Concordia University in Portland The relationships we build with each other, our customers, and our community are the foundation of our business.v Join Our Team Meet Rici Hallstrand Listen to why he chose to study Biology at Concordia As a Cavalier, you will be challenged, encourage, and empowered to ask the hard questions, dig deep, and think with purpose. Are you ready? Sign up for news Interested in studying abroad? We offer programs around the globe, and many of our students take advantage of the opprotunity to study and travel. Take a look inide of our research facilities and see how our students apply their learning with top professors Let’s LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD Connection Admins
  16. 16. WeVue tracks your social engagement so when you create a conversation here you can convert it to here…
  17. 17. Personalized Recruiting Students Create Admins Curate Your school connects WeVue Measures and repeats
  18. 18. Create a better story together U