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The Culture of Remote Working & Learning

  1. The Culture of Remote Working & Learning How to put visual stories at the heart of your vision
 and connect teams anywhere in the world Taylor Wallace @Taywall
  2. What’s Your Story? How do you tell it?
  3. WeVue brings culture to life 
 via a digital water cooler that connects remote teamsand engages people through 
 the power of visual storytelling.
  4. Where Culture Comes to What is Culture? Who What Why Where How When
  5. Remote cultures are designed around: Trust Communication Technology
  6. –Recep Tayyip Erdoğan “Type a quote here.” How to end a Coup…
  7. Synchronous Communication
  8. Helpscout & Automattic: 
 Remote Requires FaceTime
  9. How Do We Connect?
  10. Asynchronous (Async) Communication
  11. gothamCulture: Remote is about Space & Time
  12. What does Google do?
  13. Github: 
 Remote Needs Empathy
  14. The Tools of the Remote Trade PROJECT MGM: What and When • Async vs. Real Time CHAT: How • Video Vs. Text COLLABORATION: Where > the work happens • Dependent on the work you do SOCIAL: Who and Why • Visual Vs. Text
  15. Why Remote? The global Talent Pool Work-life Balance $ Necessity
  16. The Open-Source Model 01001010101 010010100110101 010010100110101 Developer Developer Developer Owner
  17. The Open-Source Model WordWordsWor W ordsW ordsW ords Writer Writer Writer You W ordsW ordsW ords
  18. High Degree of Trust Designed Communication The Right Technology $$$$ Low Degree of Trust Precise Communication The Right Contributors Time $ Talent Tasks Time Talent Engaged Teams
  19. Great Remote Cultures… Design Sync and Async Find time for FaceTime Create a digital water cooler Document Process & Transparency
  20. Does technology 
 change society? Does societyinvent 
 the technologyit needs? TECHNOLOGICAL
  21. Is your culturea product of your technology
 or does your technology enhance your culture? What’s the story of your culture?
  22. Resources • • WeVue Blog • Remote - Jason Fried • • FlexJobs • Google Project Aristotle (The Rework Blog) • • Zapier - The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work
  23. Taylor Wallace @taywall 610.724.5129 Where Culture Comes to Life