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MVP For Teens


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I was invited by the Teen Business Challenge to give a presentation on creating minimum viable products. The exercise forced me to utilize objects the students would be familiar with and illustrate how prototyping has been integral in business for the last 100 years. I then lead the group in a workshop to help them create paper prototypes.

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MVP For Teens

  1. 1. THE MVP Think quick Build fast Fail well Taylor Wallace @taywall
  2. 2. ART VS. DESIGN
  3. 3. hacking VS. development / engineering
  4. 4. product or service
  5. 5. the bare minimum How quickly can you build it? How much does it cost? Hack it!
  6. 6. viable things work Does your product solve the problem? Design it!
  7. 7. product is a thing people want What can you learn about what comes next?
  8. 8. its all about evolution Can you learn enough to build the next big thing?
  9. 9. the lean startup Can you work like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter?
  10. 10. IDEAS are worthless No one worthy will steal your idea, they’re too busy building their own dreams - so execute COME UP WITH LOTS OF IDEAS. MAKE ENDLESS LISTS
  11. 11. building is expensive But a waffle iron is not…so leave out the pretty stuff and use the tools you have…
  12. 12. Data comes in many forms Quantitative vs. Qualitative 7% 8% 10% 11% 29% 35%
  13. 13. the lean startup The science of success
  14. 14. learn-to-act OR BURN Not can it be built… SHOULD IT BE BUILT??? WILL PEOPLE PAY YOU FOR IT? not every idea is great and that’s ok
  15. 15. How I did it… I used too many ideas I built too much I didn’t learn fast enough
  16. 16. what i learned Think big, build small Spend as little time and money to learn if you can make money MOVE REALLY FAST
  17. 17. How I work now 1. Ask questions - look for answers in the data 2. Pick one feature - simplify it 3. Draw it 4. Design it 5. Build it 6. Ask questions - collect data
  18. 18. List all your ideas draw them show people Learn…
  19. 19. Album 1 Album 1 Album 1 Album 1Album 1Album 1 Album 1 Album 1 Album 1
  20. 20. Design And SHOw before you build
  21. 21. get people to use it and then pay for it
  22. 22. if they wont use it and they won't pay… Do you have a ‘User Experience’ Issue? Are you solving a non-problem? Do you have a marketing or a pitch problem? SHOULD YOU KEEP ITERATING ON THIS?
  23. 23. Lets solve a problem From an MVP to a Million Dollars… We have a stack of paper, and we want to hold it together…
  24. 24. start with your user story Who is this person and how will they use your product?
  25. 25. paperclip