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Designing an Experience


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I was invited by the Tampa Product Owners group to give a lecture and create a workshop on Experience Design and Journey mapping. I emphasized the importance of sketching in my process and incited the group to draw their ideas throughout the session.

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Designing an Experience

  1. 1. Designing an Experience Start with a Map XTaylor Wallace @Taywall
  2. 2. Our Objectives Get Creative Doodle Map “Doodlers retain 30% more information…”
  3. 3. My Product Journey
  4. 4. The Maps 1.Discover 2. Plot 3. Communicate 4. Empower
  5. 5. The “Product Owner” BUSINESS UX TECHNOLGY YOU
  6. 6. A Non-Linear Journey… XA B A B C Q Y R How it really happens… How we think it happens…
  7. 7. Mind the Gaps X A B C Q Y R ? ? ? ? ? “Customers are like teeth…if you ignore their pain, they’ll go away and trendy startup dentists will fix them.
  8. 8. Think Visually “The real process behind solving problems with pictures starts with opening our eyes…”
  9. 9. Drawing Tips iPHONE Person! BUTTON! Car! “Visual thinking is about clarifying what is in our own heads so we can help people get their heads around it too. ”
  10. 10. The Rules… THERE ARE NO RULES WE’VE MADE THEM ALL UP ….but be nice to your teammates… YES AND! NO BUT
  11. 11. Our Key User Actions Product Interactions Holes X End Results
  12. 12. Step 1 (5 minutes) X X X Possible Xs: Taylor Needs to get to St. Pete… X Taylor takes public transport Taylor buys a car and drives Taylor uses a ride sharing app Taylor Walks
  13. 13. Step 2 (10 minutes) User Actions / Wants User Actions & Wants • Taylor doesn’t want to walk • Taylor can’t afford a car • Taylor is too posh for the bus…
  14. 14. Step 3 (10 minutes) Product Interactions Product Interactions • Taylor uses apps… • Mike has a car… • Mike wants to make money • Taylor can pay for things with apps
  15. 15. Step 4 (10 minutes) Where do product interactions meet user actions? Taylor wants a ride Mike has a car!
  16. 16. Step 4 (15 minutes) Find the holes…tell the story Taylor wants a ride Mike has a car! How’s that work?
  17. 17. An app that lets riders and drivers rate each other Present Findings Taylor wants a ride Mike has a car! An app to connect riders and drivers! Taylor wants to feel safe XTaylor uses a ride sharing app to get to St. Pete
  18. 18. Resources • • -> Product Management / Ownership • Drunk User Experiences… • User Onboarding • Pttterns • How to Draw in 30 Days • Drawing your Ideas • Back of the Napkin • Wayfinding
  19. 19. Shameless Plug: Need help?
  20. 20. THANKS Taylor Wallace @Taywall