W200 final project


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W200 final project

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION Cell Phones/Textin g In relation to educationBy: Taylor Morrison and student’s lives… Click here to START!
  2. 2. Table of Contents Title Slides Click on Number to go to the individual slides about each article Cyberbulling and Sexting 3-5 Cell Phones, Texting in class 6-8 Welcoming Mobile Technology 9-11 Conclusion 12 Resources 13To Start, Click on the cell
  3. 3. yberbullying and Sexting: Technology Abuses of the 21st Century MORE on this article Click Here Expanded forms of technology have emerged in the 21st century, and have been beneficial, for the most part. However, differing formats of information have surfaced, a new discussion of digital safety, abuse, and bullying has emerged in the use of cell phones, and internet technology. Students are Classified Forms of Cyberbullying… into one of four  Harassment: Repeatedly sending nasty, mean, and categories insulting messages. Cyberbullying Non Cyberbullying Victims Cyberbullying Bullies Cyberbullying Both  Impersonation: Pretending to be someone else and sending or posting material to get that person in trouble or danger or to damage that persons reputation or 15% friendships. 6%  Outing: Sharing someones secrets or embarrassing 5% information or images online.  Trickery: Talking someone into revealing secrets or 74% embarrassing information or images online or through cell phones.
  4. 4. More on This Article…  An 18-year-old Ohio girl committed suicide after her ex-boyfriend shared a digital nude photo of her from the neck down that she had sent to him. He shared the image with other students in her school, who in turn distributed it widely. After the Ohio girl sought to have the distribution of the image stopped by reporting it to authorities, students allegedly escalated their harassment of her. Parents and educators play an important role in helping young people understand the consequences of poor decisions in a digital age where favorable, as well as unfavorable, text and images spread exponentially.  Look for warning signs that something abnormal is occurring CLICK with respect to their technology usage. If children become HERE to withdrawn or their Internet use becomes obsessive, they could proceed. either be a victim or a perpetrator of cyberbullying.  Utilize a "Cell Phone Use Contract" to foster a understanding about what is appropriate and what is not with respect to the use of communications technology.
  5. 5. Reflection In relation to these articles, it has made me think about what I can do as a teacher. I will need to look for warning signs and help educate students on the damages cyberbullying and sexting can be. Yes, technology is great, but not if used in the wrong way. Cell phones are a distraction in schools and sending inappropriate messages during school can make students not focus on their education.Next Article… CLICKHERE!
  6. 6. Cell Phones and Texting For the pros on this article Click HERE ConsAccording to a survey, 9 out of 59 In the results of the survey given tostudents, or 15.3 percent of students students at Southern Lee Highadmit to using text messaging to cheat School, 51 out of 59 students, or 86.4on assignments and tests. percent, text while in class.Even though most school rules state NO cell phones, teachers say is very difficult tocatch the students in the act. These students are very good at hiding their phones whiletexting.One teacher says she has even seen students looking directly at me and texting at thesame time. Nothing I do stops the behavior – taking the phone just delays their habit. Teens are very distracted and according to several studies by insurance companies, distractions in general are the leading cause of teenaged crashes .
  7. 7. Pros One British study found that children who text and use abbreviations scored higher on reading and vocabulary tests. The same study also found that the children who had the highest scores were the same children who were given a cell phone before their peers.For every article that says texting is ruiningthe way teens write there are two that say texting is in fact helping our youth write. A student at UNLV says she actually uses texting concepts to take notes. She says that it helps her write faster NEXT…
  8. 8. Reflection This article shows the different benefits and distractions of cell phones in class. Also, this article discusses the distractions and benefits of texting in school, and outside of school. Even though there are many pros, I believe the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to texting in class to be used to cheat and texting while driving. To view the last article click on any of the pictures!
  9. 9. Welcoming Mobile Technology This article is about Port Clinton High school and how they are fixing their cell phone problem.  During a nine-week period, teachers and administrators at Port Clinton High School reported more than 600 discipline issues related to The teachers at the school were technology and the use of cell asked for their input on how to phones. integrate technology without disrupting classroom and learning time. Instead of banning these forms of technology such as cellphones, this school system is making changes to have a positive outlook on the use of these devices during school to To find out more, click on the decrease the discipline issues. title! 
  10. 10. More on This Article… Now, the students are making Click on changes to their use of technology at Port Clinton High this boy to School, with a few restrictions. go next! Every device must be "approved" for use on the Port Clinton High network prior to logging on and School is already marked with a sticker that seeing positive administrators place on the results from its back of each approved smart contrarian approach. phone, iPad, iPod touch, or Since the start of the laptop. current school year, for example, there have been fewer than 20 technology-related
  11. 11. Reflection This article has a positive outlook on technology in the classroom. The teachers and administrators wanted to put a stop to the negative discipline use of technology and make it in use for students to learn. I think this is a good idea, but the school would most likely need a lot of school funding for this opportunity. Click In
  12. 12. In Conclusion… All three of these articles discuss the use of cell phone technology in schools. As well as outside of school. The cons consist of cyberbullying, sexting, texting to cheat, and other texting distractions. There can also be pros with cell phones in schools such as texting to help take notes and better your writing skills. As well as new, up to date technology which allows students to use cell phones in school in a safe and fun learning environment!
  13. 13. Resources Siegle, D.. (2010, April). Cyberbullying and Sexting: Technology Abuses of the 21st Century. Gifted Child Today, 33(2), 14- 16,65,4. Retrieved December 9, 2010, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document I D: 2004721241). Loftis, K. (2009, January 8). The Pros and Cons of Texting and IM by Kelley Loftis. Classroom Tech Learning, Education, Math, Science, Mac, PC, iPad, Lighting - Techlearning.com . Retrieved December 10, 2010, from http://www.techlearning.com/article/15078 McCrea, B. (2010, October 28). Welcoming Mobile Technology -- THE Journal. THE Journal: Technological Horizons in Education -- THE Journal. Retrieved December 10, 2010, from http://thejournal.com/articles/2010/10/28/welcoming-mobile- technology.aspx?sc_lang=en