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9 Ways to Gamify Your Customer Engagement

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9 Ways to Gamify Your Customer Engagement

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Gamification belongs in your marketing strategy. You can increase your retention, engagement and ROI using social media and a customer loyalty programs such as Perkville.

Gamification belongs in your marketing strategy. You can increase your retention, engagement and ROI using social media and a customer loyalty programs such as Perkville.


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9 Ways to Gamify Your Customer Engagement

  1. 1. 9 Ways to Gamify Your Customer Engagement
  2. 2. What is gamification?
  3. 3. the act of applying aspects of playing games – competition, rules, scoring points, and more – to other areas of life, incentivizing people to take specific actions. Gamification:
  4. 4. Gamification belongs in your marketing strategy. Why?
  5. 5. Directly influences customer retention. Works with human psychology and basic needs. Customer options grow daily – you need to stand out. Gamification:
  6. 6. How does gamification affect retention?
  7. 7. Retention is…. The average time length your customer base is remaining actively with you as a customer or member.
  8. 8. Gamification helps with retention by... Making visiting your business a habit Humanizing your brand and making you more “fun” Increasing customer engagement with your brand
  9. 9. Gamification keeps your customers actively engaging with you.
  10. 10. Customer Engagement
  11. 11. Engagement is key to retention. Gamification incentives engagement.
  12. 12. First impressions are the most important. They habitualize further engagement.
  13. 13. How can you use gamification to keep your customers engaging with you?
  14. 14. Reference Pop Culture + Current Events
  15. 15. Pop Culture + Current Events Schedule out posts for big events (Olympics, holidays). Leave room in your editorial calendar for spontaneity. Capitalize on trending topics, viral videos and news. Prioritize time-sensitive over evergreen posts. There will always be time for evergreen content.
  16. 16. Get on Pokemon Go
  17. 17. Pokemon Go Set up a lure or host a Pokemon Go crawl. Post photos of Pokemon sightings. And repost your customers’ sightings. Rewards those who catch Pokemon at your business. More on that later.
  18. 18. Use Hashtags
  19. 19. Trending hashtags are your friend. They’re easy to find, easy to use and capitalize on real-time engagement.
  20. 20. Trending Hashtags Find ways to make the trending hashtags relatable. Tie them back to your business’s ethos. Keep the quality of your content high. This will help you get above the trending hashtag noise.
  21. 21. Give Celebs a Shoutout
  22. 22. Humanize your brand by tagging celebs in relevant posts. Bonus: you’ll show up in searches for that person.
  23. 23. Contests
  24. 24. Contests are a great way to boost your social interactions. And remember, engagement is key here.
  25. 25. Contests Focus on Twitter and Instagram for contests. Facebook likes lots of comments, but dislikes brand promotion, so contests can be tricky Give away partner merchandise or low cost memberships This will help you save on contest cost.
  26. 26. Use Polls and Questions
  27. 27. Polls and questions prompt direct engagement with your customers. Plus, they boost leads and can help you make business decisions.
  28. 28. Use the features that each social platform wants you to use. Psst! Twitter wants you to use polls.
  29. 29. Polls + Questions Show your brand personality off when making a poll. Get creative with polls! Make them something fun to be a part of. Mix business-specific polls with more fun polls. You can also use polls to learn about what your customers really want from your business.
  30. 30. Focus on long-term engagement and brand personality over ROI when it comes to polls.
  31. 31. Snapchat Takeovers
  32. 32. Use your brand influencers to generate social media. Genius, right?
  33. 33. Snapchat Takeovers Give your social media advocates the reigns. It’s mutually beneficial for you to create content together. Let those actually interacting with your product create lifestyle social media for you. As interesting as you are… they’re the ones using your product or service.
  34. 34. Snapchat Takeovers Consider buying a Geo-Filter for your location. Use the platform the way your users do: with filters! Be funny and human – don’t sell right off the bat. Nobody will want to interact with that.
  35. 35. Interact with your customers
  36. 36. Social media gives you the opportunity to build relationships with your customers. Take advantage of that!
  37. 37. Respond to questions with the personality you want your customers to associate with your brand. Don’t spend all your time apologizing or dealing with support, either.
  38. 38. How often should you engage? New businesses + small teams Businesses w/ bandwidth Minimum 1 hr / day Focus on profiles that relate to your audience All day, every day Keep active during the hours that people are online
  39. 39. Get a Loyalty Program
  40. 40. Loyalty programs work because they use the principles of gamification, goal setting, and progression. Plus, they’re fun.
  41. 41. Loyalty Program Points can be rewarded for performing actions specified by you: Facebook checkins Dollars spent Time-based points Frequency of attendance Attending a class Referring a friend (and more!)
  42. 42. Plus, they can help you make money and increase customer retention. How?
  43. 43. Loyalty Programs Make more noise about your business. Make money off of your customers’ earning activities. Coming in for classes, spending money in your business, etc. Make money off of the perks you offer. Offer discounts on poorly selling items and generate referrals. Your customers will generate social media and local buzz.
  44. 44. When in doubt, always remember... V I P
  45. 45. V I P Visits Retention is about actively visiting customers Interactions Positive interactions keep customers around longer Programs Develop habits through programs
  46. 46. Want more tips on using gamification? Check out our webinar with an engagement expert at
  47. 47. Head to Schedule a free consultation with a retention expert.