Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. Question 2 How does your media productrepresent particular social groups?
  2. 2. Representations in similar musicmagazines.
  3. 3. Psychographic: How artists are portrayed:The interests of the target On this front cover the artists areaudience would be listening to portrayed to be down to earth boysmusic, socialising with their that the target audience couldfriends, shopping and being relate to. For example the costumesinterested in the latest that they are wearing are costumescelebrity gossip. The interests that the target audience would seeof the artists on the front boys around school wearing. Thecover would be singing, lighting also portrays this because ithanging out with friends, is high key which makes it brightfamily and playing sports. and bubbly just like pop music and the artists being portrayed. Use of costume: The use of costume on Demographic: this front cover The age of the target audience represents down to earth would be between the age of 12- boys, but it also relates to 16 years of age and it would the target audience mostly appeal to females. The because they are like the social class that are represented is typical boys they know, middle class because the they seem as if they are costumes used represent what from middle class the target audience would be able because they aren’t to afford, they havent used any wearing any designer designer clothing. The subculture.. clothing. Key Elements: The use of shot types, mise-en-scene, locations and emotions this front cover represents typical teenage boys, for example all of them are smiling which gives off a positive feel for the magazine. They have used suitable mise-en-scene to relate to the target audience and the use of shot type is effective because you are able to se their costumes, facial expressions and all members of the band, meaning the audience can
  4. 4. In this contents page the This contents page can relategender is represented by The use of costumes on this contents page to all ethnicities through thethe use of images because represents age because the artists are use of mise-en-scene,they have used images of wearing casual clothing that the audience language, typography andyoung male artists that will would see boys at their school wearing. camera angles.attract the femaleaudience in. Also, in theimages they have usedclose-ups and mid-shots.These are effective The typography relates to thebecause the audience are age of the audience, becauseable to see the artists face teenagers are will only readand also see what they are something if it catches theirwearing. eye. So, using sans serif text for the headline is effective because it will attract them in. Also, using serif font for the body copy is effective because They have represented age if the headline does attract on this contents page by them in, using a smaller font the use of language means that it can fit for writing because they are using in that will interest the reader. slang a lot of the time which relates to the audience. The body language used in the images on this contents page relates to the gender and age because they are very confident in the images which means that it could make the reader more confident and female teenagers are usually insecure.
  5. 5. The use of lighting and body language represents age because it is high key lighting meaning that it is bright and will stand out. This appeals to the age range because they will want to read something that catches their eyeFrom this double pagespread the gender it is This double page spreadaimed at is represented represents age through thethrough colour, use of costumes, props, usecostumes, typography of language, lighting andand camera angle. For body language. Age isexample the majority of represented throughthe colours are pink and costumes because it is ayellow, these are known casual outfit, but alsoas more feminine colours bright and appealing to theso it is aimed more at a younger audience. The usefemale audience. of props is effective for theThrough costume it age it is aimed at because arepresents a female camera is something thataudience because it is they could possibly owncasual clothing (working and use daily when outclass) but it is also with their friends.effective to stand out. The typography also represents the The language represents the age of gender as female because it has used a 12-16 year olds because they will be sans serif font for the headline and then interested in the celebrity gossip and the serif font is more feminine and why parents blame Cher Lloyd. Aiming attracts the female audience in. the language at a particular age group is important because they have to be able to understand what is being said and also to be interested in the topic.
  6. 6. Representations in mymagazine.Psychographic: Demographic:The psychographic for my The demographic for myfront cover would be people magazine would be mostlywho are interested in females aged 12-16. It is aimed atlistening to music and the working class people andhearing about the latest there isnt any specific ethnicitycelebrity gossip. There other because it could appeal tointerests would be shopping, anyone who enjoys pop music.socialising with friends andgoing to the cinema. How artists are portrayed: Use of Costume: The artist on my front cover is On my front cover the use of portrayed as a down to earth, costume is effective when smiley and confident person representing a pop artist .This is portrayed by her body because she is wearing a language, shot type and bright red dress, this is bright costume. As the artists is and will stand out when they smiling it shows the audience are looking through the that it is a positive magazine magazines. based around pop music. Key elements: The use of shot type, which is a mid shot, represents to the social class that there isnt a brand name on any of the clothing, which means they could afford the costume that she is wearing. Also, the use of colour is bright using bright pink and blue, this stands out to the audience because they are automatically attracted to the coverlines. The model is twiddling her hair and smiling giving off the impression she is confident. Looking at the body language means that she is relatable to some of the audience and also others will look up to her and want to be like her. Lastly, the layout represents the age of the target audience because it is cluttered they will want to see and know everything that is going to be in the magazine.
  7. 7. This contents page The images used on my represents the target contents page represent the audience’s gender which is gender that the magazine is female by the use of aimed at because I have used colours, having bright pink, a mostly female models to be yellow and bright blue in my magazine because the relate because they are audience would then be able bright and feminine. to look up to them and want to be like them. They are also mostly mid-shots which is effective to represent the ageThe typography relates to that it is aimed at becausethe age of the target they are then able to see theaudience because I have emotions on the models faceused a sans serif font for the and clearly see who they areheadline which will attract and what they are wearing.them in. At the ages of 12-16they would rather have someattract their attention thenfor them to have to look for The background on thisit. The body copy is in a serif contents page alsofont which is typical for a pop represents the gender thatmagazine because it is a would be reading thissmaller font you are able to magazine because it is afit more information in, pale yellow , it is a femininegiving the reader more to colour which would attractlearn about the magazine. them into reading the contents page.
  8. 8. The use of colour on this double page spreadThe typography I have The use of costumes on this double represents that it is aimed mostly at a femaleused on my double page page spread catches the audience’s audience because the dominant colour isspread represents the eye because it is a bright and different bright pink. It is also a bright colour thatage and gender of my colour compared to the rest of the stands out from the rest of the page and willtarget audience because page which means that it makes them attract them in while they are flicking throughI have used a bold, sans look at it. the magazine.serif font for myheadline, and I have alsoused a quote from thearticle which will The background on thisinterest the reader double page spread isbecause they will find it white, I used whiteinteresting and want to because for the age ofread on to find out why the target audienceshe said it. because they are more interested when something stands out andThe use of a using bright pink as themicrophone in the main colour means thatimage as a prop is they are more likely toeffective because it read the article. Theshows the audience double page spread hasthat it is a music also got high key lighting,magazine, it also shows this also represents thethe artist doing what age that it is aimed atthey love. This relates because it makes theto all social groups page a lot brighter andbecause it is something would catch the eye ofthey can look up to and the audience.admire. The body language of the artist represents the The camerawork on my double page spread represents gender and age of the target audience because she gender because I used a long shot, so that the audience is standing the way she is with her microphone, you were able to see what the artist was wearing, this can tell she is confident and loves what she does. represents the gender because females will be interested to This would appeal to the target audience because see what she is wearing so they can follow her trend. they would aspire to be like her.
  9. 9. SUMMARYFrom looking at the representations in both my magazine and an actual magazine, the people arerepresented in similar ways as they are smiley, friendly and feminine. It also represents social groups ofpeople who are in middle class, because they isn’t any designer clothing that they would look at and thinkthey couldn’t afford and it is a reasonable priced magazine. Also, with the use of shot types, mise-en-scene,locations, use of language and colour the overall representation of social groups are middle class becausethe way I used language and actual magazines, to relate to the target audience there is the use of slang,when you shorten down words. It is effective to use this because it makes it easier for the reader to readwhen they take a first glance at the pages. Overall my magazine is aimed at all ethnicities, it doesn’t aim atjust one ethnicity in particular.