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Question 1

  1. 1. The language used is conventional for a Top of the Pops is pop magazine because it uses words that produced by BBC would catch the target audience’s eye such magazines, it is as “shocking” and “killer”. conventional to have The masthead for this magazine is their logo on the front conventional because it is brightly cover because it informs coloured, meaning it will catch the the audience of who audiences eye. It is also in a sans produces the magazine. serif font, so it is bold and stands out. The colour scheme for this magazine front cover is effective because it The image is conventional for a pop follows a house magazine because the people in the style and they have picture are smiling, giving off a used bright, eye positive feel for the magazine. The catching colours mise-en-scene is conventional such as light blue, because it is casual clothing that the white and yellow. target audience will be able to relate to. It is also very cluttered. It is also a wide shot, so that they can see all members of the band.The box out is The layout for this front coverconventional because it is effective because it uses thesections off certain route of the eye, having theinformation for the front most important information incover. the shape of a Z, as it is the first thing the audience look at and Having a barcode, price, issue attracts them in. It is also number and date is conventional cluttered which is conventional for a magazine because it is for a pop magazine. informing the audience of all the information they need when buying a magazine.
  2. 2. The masthead for my magazine is The layout for my front cover is conventional because it is bold colours conventional because it follows the The colour scheme for and stands out, which will catch the route of the eye, having the the front cover is audience’s eye. masthead, image, coverlines and free conventional because offerings in the shape of a Z. It also they are bright colours follows the left third because the most such as light blue, pink important information is on the left and white. These are side of the page. It is also cluttered, eye catching colours which is conventional for a pop that will attract the magazine because it is busy and audience to the relates to the music. magazine. The image for my front cover is conventional because the artist is happy and smiling whichThe language used on this front gives off a positive feel for thecover is conventional because it magazine and pop is positivehas words that will stand out to music to listen too. I have alsothe target audience. For used a mid shot which isexample “Secrets” and “Rage”. conventional for a pop magazine because you can seeThe typography for this what the artist is wearing.front cover is conventionalbecause there are a variety The mise-en-scene on thisof both serif and sans serif front cover is conventionalfonts, which will attract because it is casual clothingthe audience to the front but also brightly coloured,cover. meaning that the outfit stands out. Having a box out on the front cover Having a barcode is conventional for the front offering free things inside is cover because it is how the audience will conventional because it sections of purchase the magazine. Also having the date, certain information that the audience issue number and price of the magazine. will be interested in.
  3. 3. Having the masthead on the contents page is conventional because it means that the magazine can get people to recognise the look of the masthead and will be more likely to buy a magazine from them Also having the picture of again if they enjoyed it. the editor is conventional The masthead for this contents for a magazine because the page is conventional because it reader likes to see who is attracts the audience into the writing the magazine. page as it catches their eye. The typography used in this masthead is sans serif, this is conventional for a masthead because it makes it more eye catching.The body copy on thiscontents page isconventional because it is aletter from the editor, The main image for this contents page isinforming the audience of conventional because it is well known popwhat is going to happen in artists and if the reader is interested indetail. them artists then they are more likely to see what is on the other pages and carry on reading. It is also conventional for aHaving the page numbers and contents page because they have used awhat is going to be on them is mid shot.conventional for a magazinebecause it informs the readerof what is going to happen,which means that it is morelikely that they are going to The colours on this contents page arecarry on reading and maybe For the contents page it is conventional to unconventional because they havebuy it. have other images of pop artists that will used a lot of blue, which is more of a appeal to a wide range of people and the masculine colour and orange which people that they like to listen to. isn’t very bright.
  4. 4. The masthead on my contents page is conventional because it is pink which is a feminine and bright colour. It is also in serif font which makes it stand out from the rest of the page. The main image on my contents page The layout for this contents is conventional because it is a mid page is conventional because it shot so the audience can see what the follows the principle of thirds artist is wearing, which is conventional which is when the page is split for a contents page. The artist is also off into three and contain the smiling in the image which gives off a most important information. positive feel for the rest of the magazine. Having a body copy for Having a caption underneath the photos the contents page is are conventional because it is informing conventional because it the audience of who is in the picture and is informing the a quote from an interview inside the audience of what is magazine. going to happen in the rest of the magazine. Having the page numbers andHaving a picture of the editor is what is going to be on thatconventional for a pop page is conventional for amagazine because it is showing contents page because it isthe audience who is writing the informing the audience what ismagazine. going to be in it and to see if it will interest them. The colours for my contents page are Having the website at the end of the page is conventional because they are bright and conventional for a contents page because if they feminine colours, this will attract the audience in enjoy the magazine they are able to go to the to look at the rest of the magazine. website and subscribe to the magazine and get it monthly.
  5. 5. The layout of this double pagespread is conventional because it The headline on this double page spread is conventionalfollows the route of the eye, as it because it is bold and stands out. It is also a quote from thehas the headline, image, body copy text so it will attract the audience in if they are interested in The coloursand the box out following in the the quote. used on thisshape of a Z and it is the first double pageinformation that the audience look spread areat. conventional because they are bright and would The images on catch the this double page audience’s spread are eye. Using conventional the colour because they red as a main having used mid block of the shots for the page is images which effective and means that conventional. audience can see the artists face and can also see what they are wearing. The language used on this double page spread is conventionalThe mise-en-scene is because it isconventional for a pop formal as it ismagazine because it is a Including a box out on the double page an interviewcostume that the audience The body copy is conventional for spread is effective because it attracts the with awill be able to relate to as this double page spread because it is audience to that part of the page, it is also celebrity.they will see the boys at in serif font which is easier to read in small font, it also makes it look like a conventional because it includes atheir school wearing competition.similar clothing. magazine.
  6. 6. I included the masthead on the double page The layout for this doublespread which is conventional but it is usually The headline for my double page spread page spread isincluded on the contents page. I put it on the is conventional for a magazine because it conventional because Idouble page spread because when the reader is is brightly coloured and in sans serif font. have included theon this page, they will see it and will then Although it could be bigger to attract the headline, image, bodyrecognise it if they want to buy it again. audience into the page. copy and other important information in the places that the audience first look. The layout is also ordered, this isThe image on my conventional for a doubledouble page spread are page spread because youconventional because it want the reader to beuses a prop, the able to see andmicrophone, to show understand what they arethe audience that it is a reading, but also havemusic magazine. It is enough on the page for italso a long shot of the too look interesting.artist, which isconventional because The colours on thisthe audience is then double page spreadable to see the costume are conventionalthe artist is wearing. because they are bright, stand out and are feminine which relate to the target audience. Having a box out on my double page The language used in spread is conventional because it sections Having a body copy is conventional for my double this double page spread off information for the audience. I have page spread because it is the information that the is conventional because used a quote in my box which is also audience want to see. It is also in a serif font as it is it is formal language, conventional because a pull quote is used easier to read in a small font and looks more rather than the to bring the reader in to actually read the sophisticated. informal language used interview. on the front cover.
  7. 7. Bright Bold fonts Box out Colours Smiley images Barcode Route of the eye and left thirdSerif font forbody copy Key Conventions for a Casual costumes - relatable pop magazine Bold, eye catching Cluttered layout headlines, masthead and coverlines Range of images A colour scheme throughout Range of shot types – eg. Informal Close up, mid-shot and language long shot
  8. 8. SummaryFrom looking at both my front cover and an actual pop magazine, there are similarities in ourconventions, for example I have used a bold, bright masthead and so has the top of the popsmagazine. This is effective because it catches the audience’s eye and draws them into themagazine. Other similarities between my magazine and an actual magazine is that we have bothused barcodes, issue number and dates. This is effective because it shows the audience that it isactually a magazine that they can buy. Between my magazine and the actual magazinesimilarities are we both have coverlines, a main image, layout and bright colours. All of theseaspects are effective because they attract the audience into the magazine because it catchestheir eye from a distance. Another similarity is that the mode of address is similar throughout thereal magazine and my magazine. For example the magazine speaks to the audience in a positivetone through the images, language and colours.